Signs That Tell You Your Sofa Needs Cleaning

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Signs That Tell You Your Sofa Needs Cleaning

Signs That Tell You Your Sofa Needs Cleaning

How long has it been since you last had your furniture washed? While the routine house chores involve wiping surfaces and mopping floors, the sofas usually get ignored, yet they are amongst the most used items in the household. From the loveseats, chaise lounges to the luxurious multi-seater sets, they all need to be worked on. It’s where you hang out with your friends and family, spend those cosy nights cuddled up with your significant other, the kids enjoy hopping up and down the cushions, and if you have a pet then no doubt your furry friend enjoys napping on those cushions. Over time, there will be a build-up of grime in the furniture. Neglecting the sofa cleaning puts your units at risk. Let’s look at some of the tell-tale signs that show your sofa is due for a thorough clean.

– It smells

While a stain can be covered up, odours can’t. They make it uncomfortable to use the furniture. No one likes going to sit down only to be hit with a whiff of a foul odour from the cushions. The smells have different sources. From the decaying organic matter like the food crumbs and insect waste that are in the cushions, the sweat and body oils that were absorbed by the upholstery, all through to those cases where you have urine stains – these will be difficult to ignore, and are definitely not a state you want your favourite sofa in. It even affects your hosting confidence. Concerns about what guests coming over will think when they find the furnishings all fouled up make you edgy and uncertain about hosting them. Get back control of your living space by hiring a professional sofa cleaning crew to bring back the charm and appeal to your unit. 

– Increasing allergic reactions

The indoor environment is usually more polluted compared to the outdoors – even 5 times more. The higher concentration of allergens and pollutants in the space puts the persons on the premises at risk. With soiled furnishings, there will bound to be allergic reactions. These are triggered by the dust, pollen, pet dander and such material that is in the fibres of the furniture, and gets raised into the immediate airspace when one uses the sofa. Simply fluffing the cushions near a source of light will show you lots of particulate matter that comes off the material. For instance, the infamous dust mite, whose faecal residue is a leading cause of allergic rhinitis, will be at home in your sofa, feeding on the dead skin cells that are shed by the persons using it. As the coughs, sneezes, itchy skin, watery eyes and similar symptoms keep increasing, then it is a pointer to the growing amount of allergens that are in the space, with the furniture being a prime candidate for it. Get rid of the matter by bringing in the sofa cleaning pros to work on your unit. 

– Stains galore

Those meals that are occasionally had while on the sofa don’t always go as planned. All it takes is a loosened grip on a mug of tea or coffee to send its contents all over the cushions. Juice and yoghurt spills, the kids making messes with the milk they take while on the sofa, that glass of wine that got knocked over during that raunchy dinner date without significant other – it all leads to unsightly stains being formed on the furniture. It’s important to try and get the stain out as soon as possible, by blotting out the excess liquid and using the appropriate stain remover for the task. This product is one that should be effective in breaking down the stain, while still being safe for the underlying upholstery. Over time, there will be more stains setting into the material, some of which may have got overlooked, and others where you don’t find a DIY method that could effectively work. Don’t fret. By hiring a professional sofa cleaning company, you get to leverage on the training and expertise of the crew, who are well versed with the different stain problems and upholstery types, enabling them to apply the most optimal solution for your stain problems.

Get A Pro To Work On Your Sofa

Who will you entrust the sofa cleaning to? This is a pricy investment, and you want to ensure that it is in the right hands. Hiring a rookie cleaner simply because they offer rock bottom prices can end up being costly in the long run. Mistakes made during the sofa cleaning, from using the wrong products to working with low-capacity machinery that leaves behind residue or too much moisture in the furniture will put you in a difficult spot. Rapid resoiling, the sofa taking too long to dry such that mould gains a footing and begins spreading through the upholstery, staining from the wrong chemicals being applied onto the furniture, stains being forced deeper into the fabrics – these are not issues that you want to find yourself facing. Colour bleeding, fabric shrinkage, to corrosion of the material due to working with products with an incompatible pH will all be expensive to resolve. Moreover, with the cheap sofa cleaning services that are way below market rates, it can be a pointer to the company not having insurance. This means that you will have exposed yourself to liabilities that will be footed out of your own pocket. Add the frustrations that come with the arguments that will ensue in the course of the job. You will have more peace of mind if you simply hire a proven professional from the word go.

Here, look into the track record of the sofa cleaning company. How long has it been providing the services, and how experienced are the personnel? When you check out the reviews from clients on their social media pages and business directories, what do they have to say about the quality of services that they received? Doing some digging into the performance of the company will enable you to choose between the different sofa cleaning services in your locality, to ensure that you settle on one that will deliver on its mandate.

Signs That Tell You Your Sofa Needs Cleaning

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