Sofa Cleaning Kildare

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Sofa Cleaning Kildare

Sofa Cleaning Kildare

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Sofa Cleaning Kildare

Sofas should be deep cleaned and disinfected at least once per year to keep them clean, fresh and bacteria free. Whatever you do and regardless of how careful you are, your sofa will absorb hair, dust, skin flakes, food residue, drink spillages, body grease, etc. This can cause bad odours and staining. When it is time for a deep sofa cleaning you will need to start looking for a professional local sofa cleaning company and book an appointment. A professional sofa cleaning company will have your sofa clean, fresh, stain & bacteria free in no time. Your badly stained sofa CAN be restored. 

Sofa Cleaning Kildare – Types of sofas

A professional sofa cleaning company can deep clean any type of sofa. Some sofas will require sofer shampoos, some sofas will require less water, some sofas will require dry cleaning & some sofas will be uncleanable due to bad damage beyond repair. If you book Sofa Cleaning Dublin, we will be able to assess your project and recommend the best cleaning system. If your sofa is too damaged to be able to restore it, we will let you know before we even start.

Sofa Cleaning Kildare – Technology

Sofa Cleaning Dublin specialises in hot water extraction sofa cleaning. In other words, we will shampoo your sofa. We use 100% eco friendly sofa cleaning shampoos locally manufactured. Basically we will pre-spray your sofa with a mixture of warm water, a strong disinfectant, a low foam deodoriser & stain remover. Then we will scrub your sofa with a soft brush to break the stains apart and then we will spray and extract dirt with an upholstery hand tool. There is a fine process required to achieve great results but with Sofa Cleaning Dublin you are in good hands.

Leather sofa cleaning is done totally differently. We will use a low alkaline leather cleaner to break the dirt and then we will use a special wax to buff and increase shine on the leather. The wax will also waterproof and stain proof the leather. A number of microfiber cloths of different thickness will be used to polish the leather.

Sofa Cleaning Kildare – Drying times

Of course most sofa cleaning companies will guarantee super fast drying times but the reality is that not all sofas are made from the same type of materials and not all sofas require the same level of cleaning. A sofa manufactured from a very thick and absorbent material is likely to take longer to dry than a very thin material sofa that only requires a light cleaning. How well ventilated the room is,  the temperature of the room and the material itself can increase and decrease the drying periods. As an estimate, we can tell you that a sofa that receives a light clean will dry in 1-3 hours. A thick sofa that receives a deep clean will take 3-6 hours to dry. Assuming that the area has the heating on and is well ventilated.

Sofa Cleaning Kildare – Prices

Most people choose their service provider based on price. A low cost sofa cleaning company with a nice website would be the perfect candidate. Low cost does not always guarantee a quality service. For a sofa cleaning company to be able to achieve great results, they need to use highly trained staff, premium sofa cleaning machines and the best quality sofa cleaning products. Quality stuff costs big money and that will reflect in the final price. We provide “affordable” sofa cleaning services and top quality results, we are not the cheapest but we pride ourselves on the service we provide. We have a minimum charge of 50 euro per project. If you are looking for commercial sofa cleaning services we will need to do a site survey before providing an estimate.

Sofa Cleaning Kildare – Stain Removal

Most standard grime and general dirt stains can be removed without any special treatments. But some very dark stains and some very old acidic stains might require special treatments and stain removers. There is not a single sofa cleaning company out there that can guarantee full stain removal for “all” stains. We have a great success rate in removing coffee stains, some tea stains, wine stains, urine stains, blood stains, vomit stains & all types of oil stains, including some fake tan stains. We use excellent stain removers from Craftex and Cleanfast.

Sofa Cleaning Kildare – Deodorising

Bad odours coming from your sofa are a sure sign that your sofa needs to be professionally cleaned. You may want to relax on your sofa but if there is a strong urine like odour it will not be a very pleasant experience. Not a big issue. We will use bactericidal deodorisers and strong odour neutralisers to cancel the odour generating bacteria and restore the balance. You do not need to book odour neutralising as an extra service, it is included in our standard sofa cleaning price. We can neutralise pet odours, urine odours, food odours, damp odours, smoke odours, fire odours & others.

Sofa Cleaning Kildare – Insurance

Sofa cleaning is not a very risky business but accidents can sometimes happen so insurance is a must. Accidents can happen to even the most well experienced sofa cleaning companies. Sometimes a sofa will have been treated with different types of protectors and stain removers prior to being professionally cleaned and these can react with the sofa cleaning detergent. Some sofas have only sentimental value but some sofas can cost thousands of euros. With Sofa Cleaning Dublin you are in good hands. We have you covered for accidental damage should it ever happen. We are claim free but we are covered for your peace of mind. A copy of our insurance cert can be provided to any interested party.

Sofa Cleaning Kildare – Payments

We accept payment in a number of ways to suit everyone. After the job is completed you can pay cash, you can pay by EFT, you can pay with a card, you can pay with a cheque or you can pay through Revolut. We need to receive payment after the job is completed. We will issue invoices via email.

Visit our website and check out our reviews. We are a local sofa cleaning company with over 13 years experience. We do not cut corners and we do not overcharge. Sofa Cleaning Dublin provides clear pricing, detailed invoices and second to none customer services. Our company is very customer focused and we will do all we can to work with any budget and any special requirements.

Sofa Cleaning Kildare

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