When Your Sofa Loses Its Beauty

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When Your Sofa Loses Its Beauty

When Your Sofa Loses Its Beauty

No one likes their furniture looking dejected. That dilapidated look on your favourite set will drag down the décor of the entire room. The sofa is large, and holds the room together. It’s state- whether good or bad, will have an impact on the rest of the space. Is it due for a clean? When did you last have your sofa attended to? There are those who go for years, and the look of the furniture gradually changes until the original colours and patterns can barely be remembered. Others put it off until that moment when the stains or odours become unbearable. When neglected, the furniture gets ruined, and becomes a candidate for disposal. Your sofa no doubt cost a pretty penny to purchase, and you don’t want to see the funds spent on it going down the drain.  Coming home to a dull and forlorn couch will dampen your mood Having your guests question whenever the stains or pet fur on the cushions will get transferred onto their clothes is embarrassing to say the least. The ever-critical in-laws will be sure to point out flaws on your furniture, and you don’t want to keep dreading having them over. Some even go as far as cancelling the visits because of the sorry state of affairs. Of course, it puts a strain on relationships- even indirectly. For instance, during couple arguments that were started by something completely unrelated, the “dirty sofa” may get dragged in, adding fuel to the argument. This is especially common when one feels that their significant other is not pulling their weight in the house enough, or one insinuates that the sofa is that way on purpose, with the spouse not putting effort as a means of getting back to them for ‘past sins’. Things get icy. Then there is the loss of your own peace of mind. A sofa that is riddled in stains, or one where there are odours emanating from the cushions, is uncomfortable to use. You can barely sit back to relax, or curl up for a nap on those cosy cushions, when your senses are being assaulted by smells from the decaying organic matter. You may have state-of-the-art electronics, beautiful artwork and an elegant carpet- but when the sofa is all soiled up, it will reflect negatively on them. You don’t have to live like this. Get your unit worked don by the professionals, to restore its charm and appeal. 

Why DIY sofa cleaning is ill-advised


  • Risks of damage


Manufacturers insist on the buyer of the sofa to have the unit cleaned by the professional for plenty of reasons. In fact, many include this requirement in the warranty of the product. Why? DIY jobs have gone awry numerous times. Its starts of as an exciting challenge- one where you aim to pick up a new skill and make some savings along the way. However, oversights that are made in the process often end up to the sofa getting ruined. Take the cleaning reagents that are used for instance. There are different chemicals that the DIYers turn to when tackling the various stains and dirt spots. From vinegar to lemon juice solutions, ammonia-based products and the like- these are quite popular when handling other hard surfaces around the home. However, when it come to the sofa upholstery, the material that is being worked on is key. The different units- from the natural and synthetic fabric sofas, to those that have been constructed with leather, each have their own requirements. Working with cleaning products that are too acidic or alkaline can corrode the material, and discolour the upholstery as well. Then there are blunders such as simply using too much water for the sofa cleaning. This results in a prolonged drying time- which encourages mould and mildew to grow. The fungi will cause the upholstery to deteriorate, and not to mention the health risks that are involved- with the spores and mycotoxins that are being released into the interior space. Colour bleeding, shrinkage of the fabric- these will ruin your furniture. In some cases, the damage is so extensive that you’ll be forced to purchase a whole new sofa. Since it will have been as a result of the DIY process, lack of coverage by the warranty will mean that the costs will be footed out of your own wallet. Why take these risks? Given that one may spend hours on the task, and still wind up with low quality results, it makes it more frustrating. 


  • Expenses involved


Going the DIY sofa cleaning route isn’t as cheap as it is touted to be. Sourcing for the various cleaning products, renting machinery from the local dealership that will be used for the task- these will cost a pretty penny. Dealing with any damages that result from the process sends the costs through the roof. Ruined upholstery, machine failure due to it being poorly tuned- these add to the cost burden. Hiring rookie sofa cleaning companies due to their rock-bottom prices isn’t much better either. Why? In order to offer those cheap quotations, it means that there have been shortcuts that have been made, and this will be shown during the course of the operations. It can be anything from working with unskilled personnel who end up using inappropriate methods for the sofa cleaning- that either prolong the time taken for the task or outrightly damage the furniture; working with low capacity machinery that causes the sofa cleaning to take ages, and leaves behind residue in the unit; all through to the company itself not being insured- meaning that you will be exposed to liabilities should there be an accident while the job is being done, or the furniture itself needs repairs. Of course, there are also those bait-and-switch scams, where you are reeled in by the attractive price, only for it to get hiked later on or hidden prices cropping up down the road. These all lead to you getting frustrated with the process. Things don’t have to be like this. You can get the job done to quality results, without the hassle and stresses involved, by turning to the professionals- who work with a certified crew, and are licenced for the job, with a track record of delivering on their mandate.  

When Your Sofa Loses Its Beauty

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