Stain Problems On Your Carpet? We’ll Deal With Them

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Stain Problems On Your Carpet? We’ll Deal With Them

Stain Problems On Your Carpet? We’ll Deal With Them

Stains mess up any carpet that is affected. Those unsightly patches clash with the colours and patterns of your stylish carpet. They can be caused by a myriad of things. Do you have kids? Then milk spills, yoghurt and soda end up being poured- yes, even deliberately- on the carpet, issues like chocolate smudges that are smeared onto the fibres- these can be frustrating. During date-night, as you curl up with your significant other, the glass of wine in your hand may slip. It’s a momentary blunder- but one that leaves its mark on your elegant carpet. Tea and coffee stains are common, be it from the morning rush as you prepare for work or that brunch where you had your friends come over to catch up on the going ons in your different lives. Have you just held a party in your home? Here it will actually be a surprise if there aren’t any stains. During all that merry-making, the games being played, occasional arguments- it’s common for cups to get knocked over, some wine sloshing off the tips of the glasses, beer bottles getting accidentally kicked while still containing some of the liquid- the carpet readily absorbs the contents that wind up on it. 

Don’t panic

First, if the spot is still wet, you can prevent the situation from getting worse by bringing out the absorbent clothes, towels or sponges that you may have lying around. Use these to blot up the excess liquid. Focus here is on blotting, not rubbing the spot. The last thing you want is to drive the liquid deeper into the carpet. After this, the appropriate stain remover is needed to deal with the spot. The different liquids that cause the spills from water-based to oil-based stains, each have their preferred mode of approach. You don’t want to be in a situation where the cleaning product that is used ends up causing the stain to bond more strongly to the fibres of the carpet. 

Remember that the sooner that you can attend to the stain, the easier it will be to remove. Ideally, you should deal with it immediately it is formed- but this is usually not practical. Sometimes the person who caused the stain will be wary about bringing it up- especially if it’s the kids, and will wait for you to “stumble” upon it later.  There are those who go out of their way to actually hide the stain- such as by shifting the furniture slightly to cover up the blemish. You may not even be around- like those moments when you’re at work all day, and come home to find that your little ones made a mess. The accident may have even been directly caused by you- like that nail polish that drips onto the carpet or the coffee mug that slips out of your hand as you hurriedly put things together to make it out of the house in time to beat the morning traffic- and you simply don’t have time to deal with the stain. When the liquids are allowed to remain on the carpet, it abrades more if it, and the stain sets deeper into the material. Don’t fret. Things are not all gloom and doom. Our professional team have been tackling stubborn stains for both our residential and commercial clients over the years, and are ready to take care of the situation for you. 

Why you should turn to the experts for the stain removal services

This is not one area that you want to gamble with. The carpet is a pricy installation, and going the DIY route with the cleaning can wreak havoc on your unit. With rookie services- those companies offering rock-bottom prices, there are usually ramifications. In order to offer the cheap price, there have been compromises that have been made. Perhaps the company uses unskilled personnel to get the task done, poorly maintained or low capacity machinery, or the company may even not be insured. Each of these will have an impact. Without sufficient skill, the wrong products may end up being used, which can result in anything from the stains simply not being removed, or outright damage to the carpet, especially when harsh chemicals are employed- which end up corroding the carpet. Issues like overwetting the carpet can lead to delamination or shrinkage of your carpet, and overshampooing, on the other hand, will leave behind too much residue, such that the carpet gets resoiled at a faster rate. When the machinery being used does not have sufficient power and capacity for the task, the extraction process will be compromised, meaning that the cleaning will not be effectively done- and it will need to be repeated. Without insurance coverage for the carpet cleaning, you will be exposed to liabilities, where the costs of repair and replacements will be met straight out of your own wallet. In fact, carpet manufacturers insist that their units should be cleaned by the professionals, putting this as a requirement in the warranty of the products. 

With professional carpet cleaning series, you get safety and reliability. Powerful truck-mounted systems are used for the process, providing the power needed to remove the heavy dirt build-ups and tough stains that are riddling your unit.  Powerful formulations are incorporated into the process, used to treat the stains and chemically weaken them, before the chemical scrubbing and extraction process follow. From coffee and tea stains, to wine spots, tar, rust and even those scenarios where you have pet stains on your carpet, our team will deal with them all. The in-depth clean gives your carpet a fresh new look, one that you can be proud of. This is done without putting the structural integrity of your carpet at risk. Our personnel have the skill and experience needed to identify the appropriate cleaning method, one that will deliver the desired results in moments. This is carried out at affordable rates, where the competitive pricing of the services offered ensures that you get value for the amount that you have spent. 

Stain Problems On Your Carpet? We’ll Deal With Them

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