Telling If Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned

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Telling If Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned

Telling If Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned

Carpets add to the elegance of the home, coming in different colours, patterns and fabric types. They are usually some of the expensive furnishing items in the household – and it’s worth it given the comfort and warmth they bring to the space, accentuating your style and giving the house a homely feel. However, the very nature of the carpet makes them highly absorbent, loading up dirt and contaminants, and soaking up spills that occur on them. Proper maintenance is required to keep your unit in top condition, and this includes the regular carpet cleaning. Neglecting the process will cause the unit to get deteriorated fast, repair costs to increase, and you may even be forced to buy a whole new carpet prematurely. 

Signs That The Carpet Cleaning Is Due



A stuffy nose, frequent sneezing, watery eyes and other “flu-like” symptoms that occur when you’re indoors point to an increased concentration of allergens in the carpet. These include the dust that accumulates on it, the faecal pellets that are left behind by dust mites all over the carpet material, pollen grains, pet fur and dander, and even mould spores. While the routine vacuuming removes a majority of the allergens, the concentration will gradually pile up deep within the carpet material as material as long as the carpet cleaning is put off. Over time, it becomes easier for more of the allergens to be dislodged from the fibres and kicked up into the airspace – which will occur whenever there is someone walking on the carpet. Once these are inhaled, they trigger allergic reactions, and persons with existing respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis are at a higher risk. 



The odours being produced by the carpet have varying ranges of intensity. For instance, there could a “house smell” that family members don’t pick on since they get used to it as time progresses – but visitors will immediately notice it when they walk into the house. In case there is a musky smell that crops up especially if the carpet has been wet for a while, then this could point to mould and mildew that has begun growing in the matieral – which is an immediate concern that should be addressed to prevent an all-out infestation in your carpet. Once the fungi spreads through the material, it will increase the chances of the carpet getting permanently damaged and you’ll need to buy a new one, and through this time there will be the health concerns that feature due to the increased concentration of mould spores that are produced. When it comes to pungent stenches like those from pet urine stains, it will even be difficult to stay in the same room. Moreover, as the urine chemically breaks down, the process causes the stench to get worse over time. Whichever kinds of odours you’re dealing with, they are not conditions that you want for your family members and guests. An in-depth carpet cleaning will be important to get rid of the source of the smell, and neutralise the odours themselves, leaving the space all freshened up.



If the carpet already looks all dull and dirty, there is already a huge build-up of grime buried within that lush pile. The material can hold in more than three times its own weight in dirt, and by the time the soiling is getting largely visible all through the material, then you should already be looking through different carpet cleaning companies that you can call in to restore the vibrant look and feel of the carpet. Dealing with professionals is preferable to taking it on as a DIY carpet cleaning task, especially with all the risks that are involved with the process. Working with the wrong chemicals can easily lead to damage to your unit, from the dyes that it had been treated with getting bleached out, the fibres getting corroded by acidic formulations, all through to the protective treatments such as those that had been applied to increase its resistance to staining getting dilapidated. Overshampooing that results in too much residue remaining in the carpet, overwetting which can cause shrinkage of the material or delamination of the carpet – you don’t want these issues occurring and affecting your unit. You can prevent this from being the case by leaving the task to the carpet cleaning professionals. 

Issues That Affect How Often You Should Clean The Carpet

First, there’s the number of people in the household. For singles living alone or couples that have recently moved in together, there’s bound to be higher levels of grime compared to households with kids running around. This means that the latter will need more vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning sessions. In case you’re fond of having guests over, then there’ll be more carpet cleaning required, to protect your unit and to ensure that the guests that you’re hosting are comfortable. 

Pets factor in as well. The fur and dander that they leave behind is held by the fibres of the carpet, and continues accumulating as your furry friend play and roll around on the cosy carpet. If you have a cat or dog, you can likely tell where they spend most of their time simply by looking at the carpet. 

Even weather comes into the picture. For instance, during winter, there is more snow tracked into house. For areas that experience lots of rainfall, cases of muddy shoes and paws transferring the grime onto the carpet are also more common. This will necessitate more deep carpet cleaning in order to remove the debris that gets into the fibres and dries, as it poses a risk to the structural integrity of the carpet. 

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Telling If Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned

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