Thinking Of DIY Carpet Cleaning? Here's Why You Should Pause Your Plans

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Thinking Of DIY Carpet Cleaning? Here's Why You Should Pause Your Plans

Thinking Of DIY Carpet Cleaning? Here’s Why You Should Pause Your Plans

The DIY wave is all around nowadays. People are looking into handling maintenance tasks on their own, and there are loads of tutorials online on how to go about it. From repairing appliances to pest control- DIY enthusiasts are more involved in taking things into their own hands, and saving money while at it. While this is all fine, there are aspects where going the DIY route poses more harm than good- such as with carpet cleaning. In fact, the carpet manufacturers are on the frontline in discouraging DIY cleaning, since the improper techniques and solutions used result in damage to the material, and void the warranty. The message put across is basically “DIY carpet cleaning at your own risk”. There is a wide range of issues that can occur, ranging from mould and mildew growth, and the carpet separating from its secondary backing, the dye fading, all through to shrinking of the unit. Just what causes this occurrences? Here is a breakdown of common mistakes made during the DIY carpet cleaning:


  • Using too much water


In a bid to tackle the heavy build-ups of grime, or perhaps from overzealous rinsing, the DIYer may soak the carpet in water. This poses different threats to the unit. For starters, too much water during the carpet cleaning means that material will take longer to dry. This, in turn, encourages mould and mildew to grow, and water can even end up seeping into the subfloors. With the fungi, issues such as allergen concentration increase, due to the spores that are released into the airspace. Some of the fungi can even produce mycotoxins, putting the health of the occupants of the building into more jeopardy. The stains caused by the fungi also ruin the decor that has been set up, clashing with the colour of the carpet. Speaking of which, overwetting during the carpet cleaning can also result in colour bleeding. Here, the dyes used on the fibres simply get leached out, ruining your unit. Such cases are usually caused by the DIYer not knowing the quantities of carpet cleaning solution to use, or factors such as the extraction equipment that is rented from stores not having enough suction power to remove the moisture from the plush fibres.


  • Using the wrong carpet cleaning chemicals


Carpets come in different designs and materials. From those with natural fibres to the synthetic alternatives, they each have their unique carpet cleaning methods. The detergents used, pre-spotters and stain removers, odour neutralisers all through to after-care conditioning products- these vary from one type of carpet to the next. What’s more, just because a certain reagent was suitable from removing those stains on the countertops and floors, doesn’t mean it should be used when handling the same type of stain on the carpet. The chemical can react with the carpet material, weakening the fibres and corroding them, which reduces the life of your unit. This is not how you want things to play out. Get them done right by using professional carpet cleaning services.


  • Resource wastage


Your own time and energy are on the line. You can end up spending hours on the task, using up loads of carpet cleaning solutions. Without the requisite skills and equipment, a carpet cleaning job that could have taken mere hours can end up consuming your entire weekend- which you could have otherwise spent relaxing and bonding with your family members. It’s worse when you take up so much of your time, and still end up with unsatisfactory results. No one fancies being made to redo an arduous chore. Costs incurred to repair or make replacements in case of irrevocable damage will outweigh the expenses that would have been incurred had you hired the carpet cleaning professionals for the task. You also cannot put a price to peace of mind.

Call in the experts

Our crew are here to take care of your carpet cleaning needs. We have made heavy invested in state-of-the-art machinery, that ensures your carpet is given a deep clean. The systems used get to the dirt buried within the fibres, and tough acting cleaning agents dissolve those stains that are strewn all over the material. Our carpet cleaning personnel have the training and experience needed to apply the appropriate methods for your particular type of unit. They will tackle the dirt, stains and odours without putting your investment at risk. With their skill level, coupled with the high efficiency of the machinery that is utilised, the job gets done in a fraction of the time that a DIY carpet cleaning would have taken up. Powerful vacuuming systems extract the bulk of the moisture content from the carpet after the cleaning and rinsing. It’s left slightly damp to the touch, and will dry within the same day- just a couple of hours in fact. This enables normalcy to resume quickly, which is beneficial since you don’t want extensive disruptions in your home or business premises. This also prevents fungi from getting a chance to grow in your carpet. You also want to get the carpet clean without harming the environment. The products used for by our carpet cleaning crew have been certified to be safe, and will not put the biodiversity around you at risk. Measures like using fragranced products can also be carried out upon request, in order to accentuate the interior air space- that way you get to see, feel and smell the difference in your newly cleaned carpet.  

Our carpet cleaning crew are timely, and will stick to schedule, allowing you to accurately plan your activities. They will arrive at your premises punctually, with the equipment needed to carry out the cleaning. Any questions that you have about the processes being carried out will be answered, and our personnel will also point out issues in your establishment that are affecting your carpet, that way you can arrange to have them resolved and avoid hefty repair costs later on. Licensed and insured, with a solid track record and numerous reviews and testimonials from our satisfied customers, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with the professionals. Our goal is to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the entire spectrum of our carpet cleaning services. After all, the success of our business wholly depends on ensuring that your needs as our esteemed customer are fully met.

Thinking Of DIY Carpet Cleaning? Here’s Why You Should Pause Your Plans

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