When The Dirty Carpet Wreaks Havoc

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When The Dirty Carpet Wreaks Havoc

When The Dirty Carpet Wreaks Havoc

You got the carpet set up in your household to spruce up the space. With its elegant design – including the colours and patterns it has been styled with, it accentuates the décor. However, as a result of day-to-day traffic, the carpet builds up loads of grime that affects its functionality and puts its lifespan on the line.

Spills and stains

The absorbent nature of carpets causes them to readily soak up the liquids that wind up on them. This ranges from beverage spills like coffee and tea from the mugs that get knocked over, milk and yoghurt that the kids make a mess with while taking, nail polish that accidentally drips on the floor perhaps due to one applying it in a rush, all through to issues like urine for those households with pets that are yet to get used to their potty training. These liquids end up leaving behind unsightly stains, which will be a stark contrast to the colours and patterns of the rest of the carpet.

Health Problems

A soiled carpet puts the heath of those in the building at risk. From being a wall-to-all germ farm to containing a cocktail of allergens and pollutants, there are different ways that the household members can be affected by the contents of the carpet. Take bacteria for instance. These include the strains that are breaking down the organic matter that is in the carpet, and pathogens like E. Coli and Campylobacter that are deposited onto the carpet. For example, pets coming in from their escapades into the outdoors and at the dog park can have stepped on bits of poop, which then get transferred onto the carpet when they come waltzing in. Contaminated shoes as people navigate outdoors in public spaces, office restrooms and the like also bring over strains of pathogens on the soles of their shoes, and these wind up in the carpet. Kids and pets, later on, playing on the carpet, rolling around and touching the fibres, then putting their hands in the mouth or licking their paws, get these pathogens into their bodies, putting them at risk of infection. Adults too are at risk, especially those who pick up food items that are dropped onto the carpet “quickly before they get contaminated” and proceed to consume them. That 5-second rule is inaccurate, as the food items will already have got loaded with germs in that short duration in which they were on the carpet.

Allergens accumulating in the carpet trigger reactions when the particles get raised into the airspace. These range from pollen grains to the dust and oil particles that were tracked into the building. Those fine particles cause irritation of the respiratory systems, with issues like nasal congestion, coughs and sneezes, all through to triggering asthma attacks. The dust mite is notorious here as well – more on that in a moment.

Fungal infections are also a concern. Take Athlete’s foot for instance. All it takes is an infected person walking barefoot on the carpet to put others at risk of contracting it. For the apartment buildings with mice or roach problems, these pests can bring over the fungi from someone else’s apartment into your premises. With regular carpet cleaning, you will be able to protect the occupants of your household, reducing the contaminants and skin irritants that are in your carpet.

Dust mites

Let’s delve deeper into how this infamous microscopic creature affects household members. The mite itself is not a direct threat. It doesn’t bite humans – though the thought of having hordes of them crawling around in that lush carpet is not necessarily exciting either. Moreover, the dead dust mites remain in the carpet, essentially making it a large graveyard for the microorganisms, and contributing to

the accumulation of decaying organic matter. The main problem with the dust mites is the faecal material they produce. The faeces contain Der p 1 protein substrates, which is a risk factor contributing to the development of allergic sensitization and asthma. In fact, dust mite waste is a leading cause of allergic rhinitis. Regular vacuuming is vital to keep the concentration of the dust mite waste low, coupled with deep carpet cleaning that flushes out the dust mites and their residue from the pile.

Wear effects

The gritty soiling that is piling up in the carpet gradually abrades the fibres of the material. It’s like tiny bits of sandpaper getting rubbed against the carpet with the effect being greater on the highly traffic sections. Crushed pile, worn out traffic lanes – these affect the longevity of the unit. Certainly, you spent lots of funds to get the ideal carpet for your interior space, and you don’t want to watch it deteriorate quickly. The wear effects can be drastically minimised by implementing a routine carpet cleaning program, getting rid of the source of the problem.

Go The Pro Route With The Carpet Cleaning

Who will handle the task itself? Carrying it out as a DIY job comes with its risks, since plenty of skill is needed to determine the right balance of cleaning formulations and methods to use for the task. Mistakes can be costly. Whether it is overwetting the carpet such that it takes days to dry and mould grows in it, using harsh cleaners in a bid to break down stains but in the process end up corroding the carpet material, colour bleeding or delamination that comes in when the carpet is soaked in too much solution, or even stains wicking back up after you’re already done with the cleaning – these are not issues you want to face.

By hiring professionals for the carpet cleaning, you get to ensure that the task is done appropriately, and in a fraction of the duration that you would have taken handling it as a DIY job. Moreover, it comes with the peace of mind that the safe products are being used, and the powerful extraction machinery that is employed ensures that there is no residue left behind, thus the carpet remains clean for longer.

When The Dirty Carpet Wreaks Havoc

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