Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is Worth It

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Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is Worth It

Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is Worth It

That sofa that your family members like sitting on accumulates its fair share of dirt and grime as the months go by. It can hide in anything from food crumbs deposited as people take their sacks on it, fur dander from Kitty sleeping on the cosy cushions, all through to paint stains that the kids leave behind while playing on the furniture. As the months pass by, the need for a deep upholstery cleaning becomes more crucial, especially for the busy households with kids and pets. While tackling it as a DIY project is definitely an option, it comes off as being too much hassle. This is not the usual household chore. Different factors come into force for the task to be successful.

Drawbacks of DIY Upholstery Cleaning

While the goal is getting rid of the dirt and stains it’s not clear-cut as simply adding a detergent to a bucket, spreading the solution on the upholstery and scrubbing away. For starters, the choice of chemical used needs to be compatible with the particular upholstery. From the natural fabric units like wool and cotton sets and the synthetic nylon, all through to aniline and semi-aniline leather furnishings, they each have their cleaning requirements. For instance, water – which one would assume is safe for sofas given that it is a universal cleaning agent, can end up leaving behind water stains on the leather units, and damage linen upholsteries. The upholstery cleaning chemicals that are used on the stronger synthetic fabrics are different from those that work on the delicate natural units. Using popular DIY solutions like vinegar, lemon juice or ammonia solutions can end up wreaking havoc on your furnishing items. So, the very first hurdle to overcome during the DIY process is researching on the specific upholstery cleaning product that will be suitable for your particular task. 

Next is sourcing for the equipment. After all, the brush and cloths will barely be enough for the job. Powerful cleaning gear like hot water extraction systems are used. However, the choice of equipment here also depends on the particular upholstery being dealt with, since the high temperatures and pressures used for this wet cleaning method can end up ruining delicate fabrics. So, more research will be needed here as well, with precious time being spent on blogs and YouTube vlogs combing for content. After narrowing down to the ideal system for your particular solfa, finding a place to rent fit from will be the next step. After all, purchasing a whole new set-up won’t be feasible given that the upholstery cleaning is not a regular chore, and you don’t want bulky equipment taking up space in the house yet it is not used often. 

After putting together cleaning solutions and equipment, then comes that actual cleaning task. Skill is needed to operate the machinery, otherwise there is the risk of damage to the upholstery being worked on, the gear itself, as well as the individual carrying out the cleaning. Cases of the furnishings getting soaked in too much water such that the dyes of the upholstery get bleached out are common. With overwetting, there is also the risk of too much moisture being left behind in the upholstery, which prolongs that drying time and encourages mould to grow. 

The capacity of the equipment used is also key. For instance, when it comes to the extraction process, the gear that is usually available for rent from local dealerships comes with a lower capacity compared to the industrial-grade machinery that the professionals use. This causes more moisture to remain in the upholstery, meaning that it can take days for the furnishing items to dry. Should there be residue being left in the upholstery, then this a dirt magnet, causing more soiling to accumulate in the unit.

One can jump through all the hurdles and still wind up with subpar results. This ranges from dirt spots that refuse to budge, all through to stains that wick right back up as the upholstery dries. They are frustrating, since you are forced to repeat the task much earlier than you had anticipated. These are not issues that you want to find yourself facing. 

Call in the Experts To Clean Your Upholstery 

For the professional cleaning companies, this is their daily routine. They handle upholstery cleaning tasks in both residential and commercial settings and have the manpower and equipment that is needed to carry out the task quickly and effectively. This puts them in a position to ensure that quality results are obtained, yet taking only a fraction of the time that you would have taken handling it as a DIY job. 

When done regularly, the upholstery cleaning keeps your furnishings looking elegant. Those dirt spots and stains that were riddling the units are a major reason for their dilapidated look. When left unchecked, the sofas and other upholstered units in the household begin looking old and neglected, which drags down the rest of the décor. You may have even forgotten the original look that the furniture had when you first brought it back home from the store. A deep and thorough upholstery cleaning session will restore the charm and appeal to your units, enhancing the ambience of the premises in the process. Moreover, those substances that are causing odours to develop, from the decaying food crumbs, the sweat that was rubbed onto the future, body oils, vomit and even urine stains – these are all removed as part of the upholstery cleaning process. That way you won’t have nasty smells assaulting you whenever you want to sit back and relax. 

Routine cleaning also prolongs the life of your upholstered items. The dirt and grime that accumulate in it accelerate the deterioration, due to the wear that results when they are grinded against the fibres of the material. Certainly, you don’t want your elegant future getting ruined such that you’re forced to replace it. Keep it in good condition by having the professionals take care of it, applying the right cleaning techniques in each session.

Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is Worth It

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