Your Carpet Is A Favourite Playground For Mites

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Your Carpet Is A Favourite Playground For Mites

Your Carpet Is A Favourite Playground For Mites

This infamous tiny creature is perfectly at home in the carpet. Within those lush fibres, it finds everything it needs to survive. For food, there are loads of skin flakes that are shed by people in the house, with the average person shedding enough dead skin to feed a million dust mites on a daily basis. For households with pets, there will be a greater supply of nourishment for the dust mites, given that they also feed on the dander that cats and dogs produce. For moisture, the mites absorb it directly from the air around them. Then there is the warmth, of which is sufficient enough in the carpet. This allows the dust mite population in the carpet to grow, increasing exponentially the longer that the carpet remains without being given a thorough wash. 

Just how many dust mites are there in the carpet? Well, just one ounce of carpet material can have around 2000 mites. A square yard of carpeting alone can host 100,000 mites. The mites particularly like the fall and winter months, given that their concentration dramatically increases with more people being indoors. The reproduction rate peaks during the warm and humid months. 

Why are dust mites a problem?

Well, the mites themselves are actually not parasites. They won’t go biting, stinging or burrowing into your body. However, they are still a threat, primarily because of the faecal residue they produce, as well as their body fragments. These contain protein elements that trigger allergic reactions. A single dust mute can produce about 20 waste droppings per day. Actually, this is one of the leading causes of allergic rhinitis. The particles are raised into the air space when the carpet’s fibres are disturbed – which happens when people walk on it, and even as the kids and pets play around on the carpet. 

Vacuuming alone isn’t enough

The vacuuming process removes the loose debris that is in the carpet, and is not an effective mode of cutting down those dust mite populations. In fact, the mites themselves will cling onto the material, resisting the suction force. Sure, the larger particles and waste will be removed, but there will still be a copious amount of gunk that remains within the carpet. A deep cleaning, especially with processes like hot water extraction where the heat involved kills the dust mites, and they are removed together with the rest of the soiling, is needed to complement the routine vacuuming. 

When it comes to giving your carpet a thorough wash, you want to ensure that this is done to quality standards. Here, it is highly recommended that you hire professionals for the task. Going the DIY route can be frustrating, with all the risks involved, from the damage to the material, to winding up with subpar results. On the other hand, the professionals have the skills and experience needed for the task. Let’s delve into how this is advantageous.

Different Ways How Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Beneficial

Firstly, it saves you money. The grime that accumulates on the carpet on a daily basis causes the fibres to get worn down, reducing its lifespan. This is accelerated when the carpet cleaning is neglected, forcing you to start budgeting to have the carpet replaced far much sooner than you had anticipated. You don’t want your carpet’s life being cut short by a couple of years due to an issue that could have been easily avoided by having a cleaning program in place. Letting the professionals work on your carpet enables them to keep it looking its best, whilst simultaneously preserving the fibres of the unit and restoring the vibrance of the carpet. This ends up bringing you more savings in the long run. 

Next, the carpet cleaning prolongs the life of the flooring. One of the main roles of carpets is to actually protect the floor, which is especially important for the high traffic areas. Ensuring that the carpet is in optimal condition enables it retain its functionality here. 

The health of the household members also comes into focus. Given that the carpet soaks in everything from spills to toxic chemicals, and accumulates allergens and bacteria, it is imperative to have it regularly cleaned to get rid of these agents. With allergens, pathogens and contaminants getting into the body – whether it’s from particles that are kicked up from the carpet and breathed in, or the kids crawling on the carpet ingested them by touching the soiled carpet and putting their hands into their mouths – these can cause serious effects and health concerns. Protect your loved ones by having a routine carpet cleaning program in place. Remember that the house dust is not limited to the body waste of the dust mites alone. There’s everything from fibre particles, fingernail filings, food crumbs, oil, soot, pollen, salt and sugar crystals, spores, soiling tracked in from the outdoors, paint chips, or even textile fibres. All these need to be flushed out of the carpet, to prolong the lifespan of the unit and reduce the wearing down of the material. 

By hiring professionals for the carpet cleaning, you also avoid the workloads involved. Dealing with those stubborn stains and spending hours scrubbing the heavy dirt spots is not how you really want to spend your weekend. Note that the different types of carpets and levels of soiling involved call for various modes of cleaning. When deciding on the detergents to use for the process, the material of the carpet needs to be taken into consideration, since you don’t want a case of harsh cleaner being used that will corrode the fibres. Taking more time to research on the kinds of solutions to use, even heading out to the dealership and waiting in line to rent equipment for the task, adds to the workloads. It is even more frustrating when you take your time and energy to work on the carpet, and end up with low quality results that force you to repeat the process. Avoid all this by simply dialling up the pros.

Your Carpet Is A Favourite Playground For Mites

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