Your couch has another chance: sofa cleaning

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Your couch has another chance: sofa cleaning

You’re a proud mother of some amazing children, but sometimes they make you little, tiny surprises like painting the walls or messing up the kitchen, or worse, stain the sofa?

I have been there too. And before I realized I was doing it wrong I must tell you I have bought no less than 4 sofas. I was on the verge of buying the fifth one when I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper about a team of sofa cleaning experts. I thought they will not handle the mess, but I decided to call them in anyway, the cleaning is far cheaper than the sofa, so there wasn’t much to loose.

I decided to call them in while my children (all three of them) where away, so that there would be quiet.  When they arrived, they didn’t seem surprised at all at the sight of the monstrosity my couch was turning into. They quickly began working, they explained what they were doing, so that was interesting to see and they even gave me a few tips for the less catastrophical events that would happen later.

So there they were, an hour and a half later, leaving a clean sofa behind. They said they could have taken the sofa back to the headquarters, but the mess was not as big as they have expected. Therefore they decided to clean it on the spot. They used a dry cleaning technique that proved to be very effective. It was quick and after they left I could actually sit on the couch because I didn’t have to wait for it to dry.

I know who I should call next time my children are making a mess and I need sofa cleaning again, that’s for sure.

Professional sofa cleaning services for reasonable prices. Outstanding quality and very short drying times!

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