10 Key Carpet Cleaning Questions To Ask

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10 Key Carpet Cleaning Questions To Ask

10 Key Carpet Cleaning Questions To Ask

When hiring carpet cleaning services, you want to ensure that you get things off on a right footing. For this, a careful determination of the company that you will work with is needed. In order to enable you to establish the reliability of the business, here are a couple of questions that you should ask:


  • How long have you been in operation?


The amount of time that the company has been providing the carpet cleaning services is an indication of the level of experience they have. While this does not negate on the impact that young start-ups have on the scene, it is a vital metric to consider. The longer that a business has been in operation, the more expertise it is likely to have gathered along the way. With a long track record, you are also able to analyse the successes and shortcomings of the company based on the reviews they have received from the customers. If the company has been successful after years of operating in this competitive industry, then that’s because they are keen on delivering on their mandate.


  • Are you duly licensed?


Dealing with a fly-by-night firm can bring you lots of frustrations. Hiring an inexperienced contractor who simply put together information from a couple of blogs and went out and rented a carpet cleaning machine is not how you really want to go. You want an established business that you can follow up, not one where you would have to spend ages tracking down their offices and customer support should there be an issue with the services being rendered. The shadier a business appears, the more you should dread engaging it. Besides, you will be letting the contractor into your home to carry out the task. Do you really want people whose background cannot be verified walking around your home?


  • What type of cleaning method will be used?


Different companies have different techniques that they use for the process. From wet cleaning to dry cleaning methods- getting a detailed explanation of the particular methods that will be employed will enable you to make a well-informed decision. Are the cleaning products approved by regulatory bodies- and do they come with the certification to prove it? Are the methods safe for kids and pets? There are also the companies that put emphasis on eco-friendly cleaning methods, giving you the welcome bonus of reducing your carbon footprint. Note that a site visit to assess the condition of the carpet is recommended, that way you can be provided with the different options available for dealing with the dirt and stain problems that are bedevilling it. You should also ask for an estimation of how long it will take to complete the entire carpet cleaning job. 


  • Are your personnel certified?


What kind of training has the carpet cleaning personnel received? A company that invests in the professional development of their staff is recommended, as it seeks to enhance the quality of its service delivery. This goes hand-in-hand with the amount of experience that the crew have. 


  • Are your technicians insured and/or bonded?


Accidents can happen- even with the most professional of companies. It cuts across the board. While safety measures are put in place to avert them, no job is ever 100% safe, hence the need for insurance coverage. It’s just like driving. You may be an experienced driver, having been on the road for half a century- and are now in a vehicle fitted with the latest in safety systems, but you still need to move around with auto insurance. The same case applies to the cleaning industry. The machinery utilised for the task, your property itself, plus the cleaners, need to have insurance coverage in case anything goes off the rails. 


  • Is your work guaranteed?


If it is guaranteed, is it in writing? Guarantees are provided as an assurance of the quality of work that will be done, and they provide structures that are used to address cases where you are not satisfied with the carpet cleaning results. What set up does the company have in place to address your concerns, and what will you need to follow up on? Getting this clarified beforehand will enable you to know what to expect from the company.


  • Can you provide references for your recent satisfied customers?


This works to the benefit of the company. Satisfied customers show that company has actually carried out quality work before. If the references permit their contact information to be shared, you can get this as well and personally conduct follow-up queries, calling them up to ask them about their experience with the company. An established business with happy customers will be more than willing to give you references. 


  • What is included in your carpet cleaning package?


What offers are provided by the company? What does the typical carpet cleaning job entail, and what will it cost? Situations vary from one establishment to the next. Residential and commercial clients have their unique carpet cleaning needs, from the type of material, the size of the carpet, all through to the time that the session is being scheduled. Getting details on the package that you will be offered, will give you a picture of what to expect. A site visit can be conducted for a more detailed quotation to be provided.


  • Do you move the furniture? 


While it is primarily a carpet cleaning business, does it move the furniture? If it does, will there be extra charges or has it been included in the price provided? Get this carried out beforehand, that way you will be in a position to make the necessary arrangements in preparation for the carpet cleaning. 


  • Do you provide a written quotation?


You don’t want nasty surprises later on, or hidden costs being brought up. A written quotation, breaking down what exactly will be paid for, will avert disagreements later on. The entire project will be clear right from the word go. 

10 Key Carpet Cleaning Questions To Ask

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