Carpet Trouble? We’re Here To Help<

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Carpet Trouble? We’re Here To Help<

Carpet Trouble? We’re Here To Help

Routine carpet cleaning is needed to keep it in optimal condition. The frequency with which this is scheduled largely depends on the kind of traffic that is handled by the establishments. For instance, the modern-day busy homes- especially those with kids and pets running around, and even commercial establishments with customers and employees from all walks of life trooping in and out on a daily basis, will require more frequent sessions. There are those scenarios that call for immediate attention from the pros. Here are a couple of situations that one may find themselves in:


  • A case of Canine Parvo


Have your dogs recently been affected by canine parvovirus? This highly contagious virus brings a healthy and energetic dog into an inch of its life within just a couple of days. It’s every dog owner’s nightmare, especially due to how quickly it spreads through the canine population. Your furry friend can be contaminated by direct contact by a dog that’s already infected, or when it goes sniffing or licking a surface that has been contaminated with faecal residue from an infected dog- or the poop itself.  After the visits to the veterinarian and recovery of your pet, it’s time to disinfect the home, as it will likely already be infected with the virus- and you don’t want your dog getting reinfected. One of the main areas of attention is the carpet- where the Parvo virus can live in for over a month. During the illness, your pet may have vomited or had diarrhoea on the carpets and rugs as well. Professional cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning aid in this. The heat from the hot water or outright steam will kill the viruses, and this, coupled with the sanitizing agents that are sprayed onto the carpet during the cleaning process, will further aid in preparing your home for your pet’s safety.


  • Urine stains


When Fluffy makes a mess on your carpet, it can be exasperating. Whether it’s housebreaking the new puppy that you have just brought home, or you’re dealing with a house-trained dog that suddenly began peeing on your carpet due to a medical condition like a UTI, or stress-based response – the situation needs to be rectified. Urine stains are problematic in different ways. First, there is the immediate discomfort that they bring. That foul odour reeks up the premises, and only gets worse with time as the urea decomposes. In addition, the chemical action of the urine on the carpet fabric will corrode the material, weakening the fibres of your unit. Our team is ready to give your carpet a thorough clean, utilising product and processes that will get rid of the urine stain without posing a risk to the carpet material itself. The tough-acting formulations selected will dissolve the stains and neutralise the odours, while preserving the structural integrity of the carpet itself. You also need to ensure that you get to the root cause of your pet peeing on the carpet- be it giving it more training or getting to the vet to determine the medical condition behind it and treat your furry friend, to prevent the cases from recurring in future. 


  • A bout of Norovirus in your home


It spreads like wildfire, especially in the fine mist released when one coughs or sneezes. Touching infected surfaces, be it the doors, tables, toilet and faucet handles can also lead to contamination. This stomach fly causes nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhoea. After you feel better with medication, you’re still contagious. One can keep passing along the virus to other persons up to two weeks later. After there has been an infection, it is vital to have the living environment thoroughly cleaned and conditioned. When it comes to working on the carpet in such scenarios, vacuuming the area can cause the pathogens to get airborne and spread. Instead, steam cleaning is carried out, where temperatures like 170°F (77 °C) for five minutes or 212°F (100°C) for one minute will cause the virus to be inactivated.


  • Flooding incidences


Here, time is of the essence. Getting rid of the moisture as soon as possible is important to protect the carpet, prevent water damage, and fungal growth. Powerful wet vacuums are used to extract the moisture, which is key to speed up the drying process. Certainly, the cause of the flooding needs to be resolved as well, otherwise it will be all for naught. From plumbing accidents to leaking roofs, they need to be addressed to prevent the issue from recurring. Shutting off the water from the mains supply as you wait to have this addressed will come in handy. The drying systems used by our carpet cleaning company will extract the bulk of the moisture from your unit, and other measures like using fans in your home will enable it to dry faster. The hot water extraction will remove the dirt that came with the flooding, and additional sanitisation formulations may need to be incorporated into the process. Air out the room by opening the windows, and if you have a dehumidifier this is one situation that calls for you to rev it up. Basically, any equipment that is available in the residence to dry out the ground and air will be beneficial in speeding things up. 

When getting carpet cleaning services, you want to be sure that your unit is in the hands of the professionals. With us, you can rest assured that your carpet will be catered for to quality standards, and that protective measures will be put in place during the task, preserving the structural integrity of the carpet while ensuring that it receives a thorough clean. Our personnel are well trained, and have been operating in the industry for years, providing both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. They bring this experience on board when dealing with your unit. What’s more, we have made heavy investments in their personal and professional development, in order to ensure that they deliver on their mandate to the expected standards each time. Fully equipped with industrial-grade machinery, licensed and insured, and with a keen respect for your time, we aim to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience when you turn to us for your carpet cleaning needs.  

Carpet Trouble? We’re Here To Help

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