4 Reasons Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning Matters

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4 Reasons Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning Matters

4 Reasons Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning Matters

The condition of the carpets in your business premises has a huge impact on your operations. However with the numerous activities going on, clients to engage with, sales targets to reach, projects to launch and pitches to make, invoices to chase and disputes to handle, the carpet cleaning usually slips form the mind of the business owner – up until the deterioration gets to such levels that it shocks anyone walking into the building. Getting commercial carpet cleaning services is vital for different reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them:



Whether you’re looking to make the clients who are accessing the facility comfortable, or you’re having investors come over to look at your business plan, you want to make a good first impression. The condition of the workspace is key here, and this includes the setup, the staff, all through to the cleanliness of the space. When the carpet is all soiled, it portrays you in negative light, shaking the confidence of those seeking your services, those looking to supply you with inventory, or investors funding you require. Like they say, “You don’t get a second chance at a first impression”. 

You don’t want to lose customers because of the sorry state of the carpet. On the other hand, regular carpet cleaning keeps it in optimal condition, enabling you to make a positive impression on those walking into the facility.  It sets a welcoming ambience that encourages more engagement with the different parties, which bodes well for your business. 



A dirty carpet and increased allergies go hand in hand. The dust and fine debris that is in the lush carpet pile get into the air when the carpet is disturbed, which will occur quite frequently due to all the foot traffic that is typical in commercial spaces. Sneezes, watery eyes, nasal congestion and other symptoms will be prevalent, as well as asthma attacks for those who are affected by the condition. This is certainly not the environment that you want your clients to find you in, or for your employees to carry out their duties in. A routine carpet cleaning that flushes out the allergens is key to improve on the indoor air quality. 

Using harsh chemicals for the carpet cleaning is also a contributory factor to reduced air quality – such as the formulations that release toxic chemicals into the interior space. This is usually in a bid to tackle the stubborn stains, where people wrongly apply potent chemicals to remove the spots, but end up putting the persons on the premises at risk. Dealing with a professional carpet cleaning team ensures that only safe and effective cleaning products are used, that will get rid of the troublesome stains without putting the occupants of the building at risk. 



The carpet cleaning entails more than just spraying a detergent onto the fibres and scrubbing away the grime. The wrong approach during the process can easily damage the carpet. For instance, drenching it in too much water can cause the material to shrink, or get separated from its backing. There are also delicate carpet materials that shouldn’t be worked on with water at all. What’s more, the overwetting – which is frequently witnessed during the DIY carpet cleaning tasks, causes the drying time to increase, which in turn brings about the risks of mould and mildew growth. These will form stains on the carpet, and increase the health risks facing the occupants in the building. 

Overshampooing is another issue that often occurs when rookie carpet cleaning personnel are handling the task. Here, too much product is used, which results in resource waste and residue remaining in the carpet. The residue can also be attributed to the extraction machinery not having sufficient power. With the residue being a dirt magnet, the carpet ends up getting resoiled much faster, forcing you to schedule another round of carpet cleaning much sooner than you had anticipated. Even the chemicals used for the process factor in. Products that are too acidic can easily corrode the carpet fibres. The wrong chemicals can also lead to stains being set more permanently into the material, and others will deteriorate the protective treatments that had been applied onto the carpet. You also wouldn’t want a case of the dyes that carpet has been treated with getting bleached out. Such incidences can be avoided by ensuring that the carpet cleaning is being carried out by qualified professionals. 

What’s more, the expenses that come with buying the carpet cleaning machinery will make a dent on your business balance sheet – that and the cost of maintaining them. There are those who may choose to rent the equipment, but this also brings about the issue of working with substandard carpet cleaning machinery, or low capacity units that end up causing the task to take far much longer than had been anticipated. Save your resources, and get the quality results you desire, by bringing in the commercial carpet cleaning experts. 



Installing the carpets in your business premises must have cost you quite the load of funds. It was worth it, given that it spruced up the décor, and set up a warm environment for both your employees and customers. However, neglecting the carpet cleaning causes the material to deteriorate, and you end up being forced to spend more money on repairs. With extensive damage, replacement will be required, resulting in a hit on your balance sheet. On the other hand, with routine carpet cleaning services, you get to ensure that your unit will retain its optimal condition for longer. 

When hiring the commercial carpet cleaning services, ensure that you have clarified on the nitty-gritty of the processes with the company you’re bringing on board. This includes everything from the booking time, to the particular carpet cleaning products and methods that will be used. This should be tailored to suit your business’s needs, given that the different commercial establishments each have their own carpet cleaning requirements. 

4 Reasons Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning Matters

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