5 Carpet Cleaning Methods Every Home Owner Should Know About

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5 Carpet Cleaning Methods Every Home Owner Should Know About
5 Carpet Cleaning Methods Every Home Owner Should Know About

Professional carpet cleaning has numerous benefits for you as the client to look forward to. One of the best of these is the wide variety of cleaning methods at your disposal. These address different carpet cleanliness needs and have different benefits to offer. In order to ensure that you get full value for your money, you as the home owner have to get a basic understanding of the different cleaning techniques used. This allows you to have an idea of what to expect from the crew while also being in a position to identify substandard work. Without further ado, below is a description of 5 of the most commonly used carpet cleaning methods in the domestic setting. 

1. Steam cleaning

How it works
As the name suggest, this carpet cleaning technique involves use of water vapor at high temperature and pressure. Contrary to popular belief, steam cleaning a carpet is relatively dry with no soaking and rinsing steps during the cleaning process. The machine is usually loaded with pure water which is then heated to boiling point. Once it evaporates, steam jets project the vapor to the fibers as the cleaner passes over the carpet. It is a very effective method when it comes to eradicating organic colonies on the carpet. These could be in the form of bacteria from pet poop or even fungus from water damage. Whatever the case, the high temperature steam ensures that nothing in its path survives. 

– It disinfects the carpet.
– It is great at getting rid of grease and oil-based grime. 

– It is not effective in stain removal and dirt clearance as there is no rinsing of fibers. 

2. Hot water extraction cleaning

How it works
This is one of the most popular and effective deep cleaning techniques for domestic carpets. With this method, a cleaner loaded with water heats it up to very high temperature but not high enough to cause evaporation. The crew then sprinkles cleaning detergents and other conditioners onto the surface of the carpet. Once this is done, the cleaner is passed over the carpet evenly until every part is cleaned.
The actual cleaning process can be divided into three steps. The first is the release of hot water from squirting jets in the cleaner’s nozzle. The second step involves the water and conditioner in the fabric mixing with scrubbers on the cleaner scrubbing the fibers. Finally, the fibers are rinsed and all the dirty water collected in the extraction cleaning device through a suction system. 

– It is effective for all types of carpet messes and stains. 
– It allows deep cleaning and conditioning of the fibers.
– The high temperature water has some disinfecting effects. 

– You need to give the carpet more time to dry before you can use it again. 
– It is relatively expensive.

3. Encapsulation cleaning

How it works
Encapsulation cleaning for carpets is in a lot of way similar to dry carpet cleaning but with few very important differences. In this case, cleaning is done using synthetic detergent foam and simple vacuum cleaners.
The foam is applied onto the fibers of the carpet. They literally encapsulate dirt and other loose particles on the surface and between he carpet’s fibers. Once this happens, the foam solidifies and forms crystals distinct and completely separate from the carpet fibers. Finally, the cleaners use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the encapsulated dirt which is detangled from the mesh of fibers. 

– It is an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning method. 
– It is fast, easy and cheap.
– It is effective for routine cleanup of soiled carpets. 
– It is simple and straightforward. 

– It is not effective on deep stains.
– It is not effective for cleaning up greasy accumulations on the carpet. 

4. Dry Carpet cleaning with absorbent powder

How it works
Dry carpet cleaning on the other hand involves the use of special cleaning machines with rotating brushes. As with most other water-less carpet cleaning methods, it involves the use of absorbent material to bind the dirt and separate it from the fibers. In this case, these compounds happen to be biodegradable and highly absorbent. Unlike encapsulation, the powder absorbs the dirt as opposed to engulfing it in its foamy state. This makes all the difference and is responsible for the dry cleaning technique’s improved effectiveness on deep carpet stains. 
Another standout feature of this cleaning technique is the use of mechanical brushes. These help to incorporate the powder evenly within the fibers. They also brush the powder-dirt mixture to the surface for easier collection by the vacuum machine. 

– It is fast as there is no rinsing or drying time to be allocated. 
– It is cheap. 
– It is very effective for deep layers of dirt on carpeting. 

– It is ineffective against thing like germs and odors on carpets. 
– There is always a risk of powder residue being left in the carpet if not effectively brushed to the surface or suctioned. 

5. Rotary Carpet Shampoo method

How it works
This cleaning method is very similar to dry cleaning and encapsulation but also very distinct. Like the other two methods, it involves application of a cleaning agent with the ability to bind dirt and other particles on the carpet surface. However, it is unique in that it involves the use of a little moisture. Once the powder is sprinkled onto the carpet and mixed in, a little water is added using the cleaning machine. This turns the detergent into foam that is left to settle for a while. The foam binds the contaminants on the soiled carpet and is later on suctioned off the carpet fibers using a vacuum cleaner. 

– It is fast and cheap. 
– The moisture allows removal of greasy stains.
– It allows thorough deep cleaning of the carpet. 

– There is always a risk of the carpet not being dried well enough after the foam is suctioned. 

Bottom line

After all is said and done, every one of these methods is effective for carpet cleaning at home. The important thing is to understand what your carpet needs in order to make the right decision. For the most part, it is the cleaning crew that will advise you on the best method to settle for based on their assessment. This means that all you have to do is to be present and vigilant to ensure that your carpet is getting treatment worth your investment.
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