Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

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Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Professional Mattress Cleaning Services You Can Count On

The mattress is an investment. You sleep on it every night, and it needs proper care just like the rest of the surfaces in the house. Washing the sheets and duvets is barely enough. The dust, sweat, mites, pollutants and other substances in the mattress make it the most soiled item in the bedroom. Considering that you spend hours of every day on it, you want to ensure that it is in a healthy state. Why? Your sleep is on the line. Just like good nutrition and exercise, sleep is an important contributor to a person’s general health and well-being. Low quality sleep is associated with poor concentration and depression, to stress and its numerous related ailments. Let’s not forget that, without a decent night’s rest, you are more likely to be in a foul mood the next day. The simple act of taking care of your mattress will enable you to look forward to a soothing bed, and one that will relax and comfort you through the night. Seeing that you spent loads of funds to purchase the right mattresses for your family members, you want them to be able to enjoy them. You don’t want them constantly complaining about irritants, and odours coming from their beds. Even in areas like hotels, nursing homes and student houses, quality mattress care is needed for the health of the persons using them. With commercial establishments, there is also more at stake, such as your reputation and profits. You don’t want to lose out on customers simply because they booked a room at your hotel, and walked in only to find a soiled mattress waiting for them. Then there are the health codes and regulations to consider- with the fines of not being compliant. Moreover, you don’t want to keep setting a budget every couple of months to replace mattresses due to damages that could have been easily avoided. Call in the professionals to breathe new life into your mattresses, and enable you to get the most out of your investment. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

The Dirt In Your Mattress

So, what exactly is in your bed, and why should you be concerned? Here’s what forms the grime that’s hidden in the mattress:

• Body waste

As you sleep, you shed about half a kilogram of dry skin annually. These skin cells end up in the bedding and the mattress, causing a build up of grime. That’s barely the gist of it. The cosmetics that you use- those oils, creams and other skin care treatments, add to the soiling as you roll around in bed at night. What’s more, the greasy residue attracts dirt, trapping the dust particles floating around. Then there are all sorts of excrements from within the body itself, including sweat, sputum, vaginal, and anal excretions and urine milieu. All these cause odours to begin coming from the mattress- the intensity increasing the longer it remains unattended to. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

• Dust

It’s all around us- tiny particles floating in the air and settling on various surfaces under the influence of gravity. The mattress is not spared. Gradually, the dust builds up, and you’ll be inhaling these particles through the 8 hours you spend asleep each night. The dust is an allergen, responsible for those irritations that you experience while you sleep- from the stuffy nose and watery eyes, to the sneezing and coughing. There are also allergens such as pollen particles that could have very easily been blown through the windows and into the bedroom by wind, and they end up on your bedding causing similar reactions. They can trigger asthma attacks, and exacerbate pre-existing conditions such as bronchitis. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

• Dust mites

The humidity from the gallons of sweat that are produced in bed annually, the heat from the sleeping body, plus the millions of skin flakes that are shed daily, provide dust mites with the survival kit they need to grow and thrive in your mattress. They multiply rapidly. A single egg-laying female can shore up the population by about 30 new mites every week. Much smaller than a grain of sand, the mites are too tiny to be seen by the naked human eye. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have an impact. The faecal residue of these arachnids is an allergen, that exacerbates existing respiratory conditions and asthma. A gram of dust -just about half a teaspoon- can contain as many as 1,000 dust mites and 250,000 of the allergenic dust mite faecal pellets. They cause symptoms such as breathing difficulties, watery and itchy eyes, sinus problems, hoarseness, and a sore throat. In fact, the dust mite allergen is the leading cause of perennial allergic rhinitis. Those with sensitive skin can develop rashes or hives, and have incessant scratching. That’s not how you want to spend each night. The discomfort takes away your beauty sleep, which has a negative impact on your quality of life. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

• Pet waste

This particularly affects those with cats and dogs in the household. Pets that keep hopping onto the bed bring along their body waste, from fur and saliva to dander. These increase the amount of dirt in the mattress. For those that allow their pets to sleep on the bed through the night, the risk increases. The dander is an allergen, contributing to the effects of the dust and waste from the dust mites. What’s more, there are those that may have pests like fleas. Bringing them into the bed increases the rate of infestation, since the pests will find the conditions in the mattress suitable to lay their eggs and form their habitats, only coming out occasionally at night to feed on the sleeping body: you. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

• Fungi

Fungi are insidious, and tend to spread fast. There are spores in the air and all they need is a warm damp surface to settle on for them to be able to thrive. The moisture from sweating and other bodily fluids in the mattress makes it a favourable option. By the time you notice stains from mould in the mattress, you already have an infestation. From Cladosporium and Penicillium, to Alternaria, and Aspergillus, there can be different species of fungi growing in the mattress. They come with different effects. For starters, they produce spores that increase the amount of the allergens in the bedroom’s air space. There are also those that produce mycotoxins. These are harmful to the body organs and systems. For instance, mycotoxins can damage the central nervous system. There are also those species that cause infections. For instance, Aspergillosis, the leading infectious cause of death in leukaemia and bone marrow transplant patients, is caused by Aspergillus fumigatus, the most common species found in pillows, bedding and mattresses. Persons with compromised immune systems are at a higher risk of being affected. Since you spend plenty of time in bed on a daily basis, the constant exposure to fungi can cause it get into the lung cavities, leading to further damage. Regular mattress cleaning will enable you to prevent the fungi from taking over the mattress and putting the health of the persons using it at risk. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

• Food particles

Do you enjoy the occasional snack in bed? Whether it’s in the middle of the night as you take some munchies while texting your buddies, the occasional breakfast-in-bed brought by your significant other, all through to those crumbs that you bring with you from the dinner table clinging onto your clothes- these get deposited onto the bed . The constant movement as you sleep and roll around at night will cause them to end up in the mattress, where they will gradually decompose and contribute to the odours emanating from the mattress. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

• Pathogens

There could be everything from bacteria to viruses in your bedding and mattress. The bacteria can include: Micrococcus, that can cause some serious skin infections and issues ranging from septic shock to meningitis, Staphylococcus that can cause systematic infections and boils to those with those with respiratory illnesses or skin infections, superbugs like MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) that can be carried around by a healthy person for years, Enterococcus that’s responsible for intestinal infections, Pseudomonads that is known for causing the spread of infection through hospital beds, all through to Bacillus and Coliforms. Some pathogens even last for days on the mattress, still retaining their potency. For instance, the Norwalk virus (Norovirus) that causes symptoms that resemble those of stomach flu or food poisoning, can live in the mattress for 4-6 weeks. It gets airborne as you toss and turn in bed at night, and gets into the body system. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

• Ants

Yes, you read that right. There could be ants in your mattress, especially if you snack a lot on the bed, leaving behind food crumbs. In some cases they’ll just be a slight annoyance and will gross you out; and in other cases there mattress can get infested with stinging ants such as red fire ants, whose bites are itchy and very painful. Getting rid the magnet that is attracting them to the bed- the food particles- requires thorough mattress cleaning. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Problems With DIY Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning is not your everyday chore. Taking it up as a DIY task puts it at risk of plenty of damage. Here are common mistakes made during these cleaning sessions:

1. Wetting the mattress

We’ve all been there- enjoying a cool drink while watching a late-night show in bed, only for some of it to spill onto the mattress. It can be a glass of wine that simply tipped over as you were relaxing with your significant other, or it’s in the kid’s bedroom where they were playing around and some liquid stains ended up on the mattress. There are also those cases of urine stains, be they from young children or you have a pet that spent its time in bed. The sudden urge to drench the mattress in water and cleaning solutions to remove the stains, grabbing some soap to scrub away at the mess, is actually ill-advised. This approach is warned against by mattress manufacturers around the world, since the water can damage the mattress upholstery. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

2. Beating the mattress

Our forefathers did it- using a beater on the mattress and putting it out in the sun. While you may notice plenty of dust particles coming out of it and into the air space, the process is not as effective. First, those particles simply float back down onto the mattress. It’s also hazardous seeing that the person doing the beating will be at a direct threat of inhaling the particles that are being produced from the mattress. With each strike, dust, mites, and allergens are bellowed into the air. In addition, as the mattress is sunned out to kill the microorganisms, more particles from the environment will be settling on it, from spores and pollutants to other allergens, and these will be brought back to the bed.Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

3. Using a multi-purpose vacuum

These units are designed for vacuuming up the dust and loose soiling from furniture upholstery, the floor, walls, and even the ceilings. However, when it comes to the mattress, they don’t have the power needed to perform optimally. This is because the features and capacity that they come with are intended for general cleaning, and not specialised for working with the unique design of the mattress. Unlike flooring and other surfaces around the establishment, the dirt particles get buried deep within the mattress, and the multipurpose vacuums simply fall short of the effectiveness needed to get them out. The soiling and microorganisms deeply embedded within the thick mattress may not even budge after spending hours vacuuming it. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

There are also those cases where one cleans the bedding, from the linen to the mattress protector, and ignore the mattress itself. The assumption is that having the bedding washed regularly will take away the need to take care of the mattress. After all, “it’s not getting dirty”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The mattress is like a giant sponge. It absorbs the dirt, both solid and liquids, that end up in the bedding, and hoards it within its structure. Mattress cleaning should be a core aspect of the residential and commercial establishment’s regular maintenance program. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Value Of Using Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

1. High powered machinery

We have heavily invested in quality machinery that is uniquely specialised to take care of your mattress cleaning needs. The dead skin, pet dander, body fluids, stains, all through to the colonies of microorganisms will be removed from your mattress. Our services are mobile, and are conducted right on site. The equipment packs a punch, designed to deliver the power needed to provide a thorough and in-depth clean effectively. Tough cleaning agents are used to sanitise the mattress and destroy those breeding grounds of pests and pathogens, preventing infections from cropping up. Our personnel comes on site with the latest in mattress cleaning technology, capable of getting to the dirt and grime that is buried deep within the mattress, and flush it out to leave it fresh and spruced up. The high powered machinery can get through dozens of mattresses in a couple hours, providing even those busy commercial establishments that need large volumes catered to efficient mattress cleaning. The drying time is also reduced. In fact, the mattresses will be ready to use by the time our team has completed the service, allowing normalcy to resume in your establishment. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about being forced to find space to air out the mattresses to dry. This also prevents issues such as fungal growth from arising. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

2. Prevent allergic reactions

Anytime you lay down to sleep on the mattress, you’ll be breathing the air that is around it. You want to keep your family members safe, and not worry about the guests visiting your hotel getting reactions to their sleeping environment. Issues like asthma, eczema and rhinitis are common with the allergens in the bed. The deep cleaning and sanitisation of the mattress through our processes enables you to ensure that the bed is a safe haven. From the mould spores and dust particles, to even those pollen grains and dust mite faecal pellets- they are removed to prevent irritations as you sleep, and enable sensitive persons to avoid issues like asthma attacks in the middle of the night. By warding off eye, nasal and skin irritations, you also get to avoid the medical costs that could have resulted. For commercial establishments, apartments, and areas like campus halls of residence that are high traffic areas hence witness high levels of occupancy, this is vital in ensuring a healthy environment for all who use the premises. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

3. Odour removal

Your bedroom should be a place where you can comfortably relax. The average adult spends 8 hours a day sleeping, which comes close to 1/3 of your lifetime. You don’t want to spend it all having your nostrils pervaded by the stenches coming out of the mattress. The organic matter that’s within, from the skin flakes, food crumbs, carcasses and body waste of dust mites, all through to the faecal residue left behind by the occasional insects, contributes to the stench as they decompose. Then there are the body fluids, from the sweat to urine accidents especially with children. Any fluid that gets to the mattress becomes a part of it, and the odours become stronger over time. Masking agents simply counter the smell, and when they wear off the problem remains. With professional mattress cleaning, both the source of the odours and the smell itself get removed. Thorough cleaning action removes the grime and those body fluids, while the cleaning solutions used come with neutralising agents that make the odours inert. Moreover, fragranced products that can be used, that further enhance the freshness of the mattress. This improves the indoor air quality of your bedroom, and transforming it from a disturbing state to one that welcomes you in for good night’s sleep. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

4. Eco friendly processes

In this day and age, a building’s maintenance program and environmental care go hand in hand. There is more emphasis on employing products and systems that are both effective and sustainable. They should be processes that provide the required results without putting the establishment’s biodiversity in harm’s way. You don’t want toxic chemicals being pumped into your mattress, that while they will destroy the pathogens, they will put your very own health at risk. With our mattress cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about that. The processes employed by our personnel pose no risk to Mother Nature. They are tough on the dirt and grime, and safe for your mattress and the persons who will use it. The cleaning solutions themselves have undergone stringent testing and come with certifications on adherence to EU regulations on environmental sustainability. The cleaning systems employed will leave you with a grime-free, odour-free mattress and sanitized mattress that you can comfortably sleep on al through the night. Whether you’re sensitive or allergic to specific chemicals, you’re expectant, or are simply concerned about the environment you’re exposed to, you can have the peace of mind that our processes will not put you at risk.

5. Residential and commercial mattress cleaning

We do them all- from homes, attending to the mattress cleaning needs of the busy modern family and enabling you to protect your loved ones, to commercial establishments such as hotels, healthcare facilities, assisted living communities, nursing homes, all through to student housing. Proper coordination is carried out on all levels during the service delivery, to ensure that your business is not disrupted by our presence in your premises. All types of mattresses are covered, from Crib, Twin, Full, Queen, and King size mattresses, to Memory Foam and Pillow-top. Having been in the industry for years and servicing clients from numerous walks of life with different demands, our personnel have the skills and experience needed to take care of your investment. The appropriate measures are put in place for your particular type of mattress, and you can rest assured that it is in safe hands. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

6. Save your time

Your weekends and days off from work are precious. Certainly you don’t want to spend them hunched over soiled mattresses from your household, scrubbing them for hours, and ending up with poor results. Processes like using a beater won’t be effective in the first place. You want to spend those moments doing things you love, from throwing a picnic lunch together and finding a spot to enjoy it with your friends, heading out to the park with your family and having some fun on the swings, playing board games like Monopoly or Scrabble, heading out to a road rally with your close buddies, inviting a few friends over for some card games, planning a romantic afternoon with your spouse or trying out a new grilling recipe, heading out to the beach or local library, or staying at home to binge watch the TV episodes that you missed all through the week, to picking one of the activities on your bucket list and trying it out, cleaning out your closet and rearranging your home, taking some free online classes to enhance your skills, putting on your dancing shoes and hitting the local club, or getting down to work on a project that you brought home with you from the office. In commercial establishments, from hotels to student housing and even nursing homes, you already have plenty on your plate, serving clients and ensuring their needs are met. When you’re juggling guests and tenants, and attending to your residents in high-occupancy facilities, efficiency in service delivery is key. You don’t want to destabilise your programs by shaving off hours to deal with the huge numbers of mattresses in your premises. Leave the mattress cleaning to our qualified team of professionals, who will get the task done in moments, while delivering high quality results. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about hauling off you mattress somewhere to be cleaned. We’ll come to you. Once you schedule your mattress cleaning session, our personnel will arrive at your premises at the set time, and even notify you beforehand to inform you that we’re en route to your establishment. That way you can be able to accurately make your plans. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

7. Improve your quality of life

You can’t really put a price tag on good sleep. A little more shut-eye and relaxing nights can help you improve your memory, have a healthy metabolism, energise you to handle more workloads, and set you up for a fresh and exciting day. Quality sleep goes a long way in reducing stress levels based on factors such as worrying, racing thoughts, nervousness, irritability and even headaches. You don’t want to spend your night tossing and turning looking for the right position to sleep without your nostrils being blocked and your skin feeling all itchy. Odours in your bedroom are a turn-off the moment you walk into it. In addition, they will distract you through the night. There’ll also be nagging thoughts at the back of your mind that prevent you from easily falling asleep,, with you knowing that there’s plenty that is amiss, and needs to be attended to. You don’t want irritants affecting your eyes or causing incessant coughing and sneezing, ruining your night and making you wake up tired. That will make you go about your day snapping at every little thing that goes wrong, feeling worked up and not even participating in healthy conversations with your family and workmates- all because you had a poor night caused by a dirty mattress ruining it. You want a mattress that will lull and soothe you to sleep. Everyone looks forward to climbing into a clean and fresh bed after a long day at work, plus dealing with kids and assignments. Make this possible by scheduling regular mattress cleaning services. They will enable you to enhance the quality of your sleep, which will have a positive impact of other aspects of your life, from how you get things done at home and at work, to how you associate with other people around you. In service industries such as hotels, image is everything. Guests will judge the quality of their hotel experience based on the quality of its environment, and the state of the bedding is a key factor in this. How will they view your mattresses? Our specialist mattress cleaning services enable hospitality companies to give their business the edge, impressing your customers and providing services that ensure they are comfortable with the accommodation. This increases their confidence in your business, boosts your sales, and also attracts positive feedback to your brand. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Our professional mattress cleaning services come at budget-friendly prices, without compromising on the expected quality of the results. This is to enable you meet the cleaning and maintenance needs of your residential or commercial establishment without straining your finances. What’s more, the costs are tailored to your specific situation. After all, everyone has unique needs, and each establishment is different from the next. Aspects such as standard mattress cleaning where the focus is regular care to remove the contaminants that build up over time, deep cleaning where there are issues like spills, stains and odours,, working on mattress bags, the type of mattresses- be it full or twin, king and queen sizes, and even box springs- they are taken into consideration when coming up with the final quote. There are no hidden costs to worry about, and you’ll know the full price of your particular mattress cleaning session beforehand. Emergency services are also provided, allowing you to take care of issues that pop up and restore your mattress to optimal condition in minimal time. Properly maintaining the mattresses also protects them from damage, and enhances their life, which has more benefits for you in terms of reducing costs that you would have incurred making expensive repairs, or outrightly replacing them. This gives you more usage of your unit, enabling you to derive maximum value from your investment. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Professional Mattress Cleaning Services In Dublin

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