5 Health Benefits Of Quality Carpet Cleaning

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5 Health Benefits Of Quality Carpet Cleaning

5 Health Benefits Of Quality Carpet Cleaning

Carpet maintenance is more than just getting rid of the stains and odours. In addition to giving it an elegant look, it is important to protect the health of the household members. From increased allergens, sleep apnoea, asthma attacks, and lung complications, these are exacerbated when the carpet is soiled. Here is a look at the grime that needs to be got rid of with the routine carpet cleaning:


  • Removing dust mites


While they are too small for the naked eye to see, their impact will still be felt, especially when there are high dust concentrations in the carpet. The mites, crawling in the carpet in huge numbers, feed on the dead skin that is shed by the persons in the residence. The problem lies in the faecal residue which they produce, which is one of the main causes of allergic rhinitis. Carpet cleaning processes like hot water extraction involve high temperatures and pressure that flush out the organic residue from the carpet and kill the mites in the process, with all this being removed together with the rest of the soiling, enabling your loved ones to breathe easier.


  • Clearing the fur and dander


For those with pets, then these bits of organic residue will be strewn all over the fibres of the carpet. They trigger allergic reactions once they are inhaled. With pets around, the vacuuming and carpet cleaning needs to be frequent. 


  • Eliminating pollutants trapped in the carpet


This ranges from smoke particles – such as in households where there is a family member who smokes, leading to the particles getting trapped by the carpet, all through to traces of lead that wind up in the carpet material. You don’t want to live with these substances in your home. Speaking of pollutants, even during the carpet cleaning itself, the products that will be used should not produce toxic fumes, as this would simply be worsening the situation. You want formulations that will be safe for your family members.


  • Preventing mould growth


Basically, if the carpet is wet for long, then mould will get a chance to grow. There are already spores in the carpet – which form part of the allergen concentration. However, when the carpet is dry, they won’t have a chance to sprout, and frequent vacuuming will keep their levels low. When spills are allowed to dwell in the carpet, or in cases of mistakes like overwetting as is seen with the DIY carpet cleaning, the carpet ends up taking too long to dry, which encourages the fungal growth. The mould produces more spores, adding to the allergen problem, and there are also those strains that produce mycotoxins, which can affect body organs like the liver. This is why professional carpet cleaning companies follow through with drying systems to extract that bulk of the moisture from the carpet pile, and cut short the drying time. 



Can you really put a price tag on peace of mind? When the carpet is all soiled up, the setting is chaotic, making you feel uncomfortable. The nagging thoughts about the pending carpet cleaning jobs that need to be taken care of, embarrassing moments when the guests you’ve invited over start asking about the source of the odours lingering in the airspace, to the frustration that comes when you watch the carpet that you had invested in become a pale shadow of its former self – these are not situations that you want to remain in. The carpet cleaning itself may have simply been postponed due to your hectic works schedule, where you don’t have enough time to work on it. Don’t fret. Simply call in the carpet cleaning experts to take his workload off your back, and restore the charm to your unit.  

Deal With The Pros When You Want Your Carpet Cleaned

For fast and safe carpet cleaning, it’s recommended that you bring in the professionals to handle the tasks. Here is how you stand to benefit:



When handling the carpet cleaning yourself, there’s lots of time and effort that is taken. The research that goes into determining the appropriate products to use, incessantly scrubbing at those stubborn stains and dirt spots, those who choose to rent the carpet cleaning machinery and have to wait in line at the dealership stores, to the frustrations that come with working with the low capacity machinery – including issues like grime not being effectively removed from the carpet or the drying process still leaving behind a load of moisture in the material – it can all be frustrating. On the other hand, the carpet cleaning professionals come with industrial- grade machinery, that gets to the grime buried deep within that lush pile, flushing it out to the surfaces and getting rid of it with ease. The skill level of the cleaners themselves, coupled with the higher capacity of the machinery, enables the carpet cleaning to take a fraction of the time that you would have experienced when dealing with it as a DIY job. 



This is particularly key in preventing the growth of mould and mildew, and reducing the disruption to the activities in your home. The drying systems that are used by the specialist carpet cleaning team, from the powerful wet vacuums to the air movers, lead to most of the moisture being removed from the carpet. The little that remains will have dried off naturally in as little as three hours, meaning you get to resume using your carpet fast. This is as opposed to the days that it would have taken when relying on the rookie carpet cleaning teams. 



The grime abrading the carpet’s fibres reducing its structural integrity. Those dull spots and worm out sections take away the appeal of the carpet, and prevent it from feeling cosy underfoot. The rate at which this happens will accelerate the longer that the carpet cleaning is neglected, and more resources will end up being used to replace the unit. All this while you will be forced to deal with a deteriorating décor that prevents you from being comfortable in your own home. This does not have to be your reality. Protect your carpet and prolong its life by having a routine carpet cleaning schedule in place. 

5 Health Benefits Of Quality Carpet Cleaning

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