Addressing Worries About Carpet Cleaning

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Addressing Worries About Carpet Cleaning

Addressing Worries About Carpet Cleaning

What’s making you put off the carpet cleaning? There are plenty of myths out there, and many of these make people edgy about the process. Let’s delve into them, clearing the air to help you make an informed choice. 

Carpet Cleaning Myths And Concerns

– My carpet is just a year old. It doesn’t need to be cleaned

If you keep procrastinating, that new carpet will deteriorate quickly, and reducing its lifespan. People often make the mistake of waiting until the carpet gets visibly dirty before they can schedule the cleaning. However, it is actually the soiling that is buried deep in the carpet – away from sight, that causes a greater extent of damage. The dirt and debris abrade the fibres, wearing down the material. By the time the carpet actually looks dirty, then the cleaning will have long been overdue, given that the material can hold even up to four times its weight in dirt. Vacuuming alone is not enough to extract this grime, and deep carpet cleaning processes are required. 

– The cleaning will make my carpet shrink

This only happens when the wrong processes are used. The different carpet materials, from the natural to the synthetic fibres, have their varying cleaning requirements. One would assume that water is a safe cleaning agent, but there are cases where it will cause the fabric to shrink, especially when dealing with delicate carpets. This can also result from overwetting, a common mistake witnessed during DIY carpet cleaning processes. This is why it’s important to get a professional who is well versed with the different types of carpet, and the suitable cleaning processes for them, in order to ensure that the task is carried out without posing a risk to your unit. 

– Eco-friendly carpet cleaning products are not highly effective

Natural processes tend to get that ‘simple effect’ perception, since they are safe and gentle to the carpet. However, the formulations are actually tough on grime, having been developed to break down the stubborn dirt spots and stains. From carpet cleaning formulations that use biodegradable plant-based ingredients, to processes like hot water extraction where the need for chemicals is minimised – different measures work together to get rid of the dirt safely. The carpet cleaning crew will assess the condition of your carpet, in order to set the most optimal approach. When you hire the professionals, you get to have this done properly from the word go.

Deodorants are enough to keep my carpet fresh

This is simply a temporary fix. With many of the store-bought products coming with talcum powder, it accumulates within the carpet fibres over time. This is not easily removed by vacuuming. Deep carpet cleaning processes will be required to get rid of it to prevent residue from building up within the material.

Carpet cleaning makes the carpet get dirtier faster

This comes down to improper cleaning processes, especially when one leaves behind residue in the carpet. It’s commonly witnessed when processes like shampooing are being carried out, especially when the equipment used to vacuum up the contents doesn’t have sufficient suction power. This is another reason why it is recommended that you get the carpet cleaning handled by a professional company, that has trained and skilled personnel to make the right choice of the method to use, and who have the resources needed to properly complete the task. 

I don’t have to get my carpet cleaned after a flood

Many assume that when it comes to flooding and other water damage incidences, that you just need to dry the carpet and this will get back to normal. This is a misconception. First, the flood water needs to be removed. This is then followed with a thorough carpet cleaning, to get rid of any residual gunk, contaminants and pollutants that came with the flood water, together with the rest of the soiling that was in the carpet. The carpet cleaning will, in turn, be followed by drying processes to prevent mould and mildew from growing in the unit. 

Protectants are just an extra cost that carpet cleaning companies want from me

The protective treatments are part and parcel of the carpet maintenance process. Actually, more carpets come with them right for the factory, which enables them to look great and retain their structural integrity for long. However, with the daily usage of the carpet, the protectant slowly gets worn off, exposing your unit to more damage. Follow-up treatments are recommended, and can be provided as part of the carpet cleaning package. This is actually a worthwhile investment that prolongs the life of your carpet, enabling you to avoid costly repairs a later on, or being forced to make a premature replacement. 

Issues That You Should Clarify With The Carpet Cleaner

Before signing up for the carpet cleaning services, there are some issues that you should have a discussion with them about. Firstly, look into the carpet cleaning processes and chemicals used. Approaches range from hot water extraction, dry foam cleaning, shampooing, all through to carbonation. Different companies adopt different methods based on their particular resources and modes of operation, hence you need to ensure that you have had a detailed discussion the particular carpet cleaning company for a breakdown on what measures that the personnel will undertake while on your property, and how safe they are for the occupants of the building. 

Next, you want to be clear about the expected drying time. While this is affected by different variables, professional carpet cleaning systems usually use drying processes, from wet vacuums that extract the moisture from the carpet, to air movers to speed things up. These usually cut down the drying time to as low as 3 or 4 hours. However, the are companies that talk of 24 hours. For the drying cleaning processes, the carpet will be ready-to-use almost immediately after they have been worked on, but they have the disadvantage of not providing a deep clean for the unit.  Also ask if the company is insured, since you want to be protected in case of an unfortunate incidence when the carpet cleaning is being carried out. 

Addressing Worries About Carpet Cleaning

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