6 Nightmare Carpet Stains You Definitely Do Not Want To Have To Deal With

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6 Nightmare Carpet Stains You Definitely Do Not Want To Have To Deal With

6 Nightmare Carpet Stains You Definitely Do Not Want To Have To Deal With

Imagine this scenario for a moment.

You walk into your home after work or errands and you are greeted by your pristine carpet. You have worked so hard to keep it clean with the professional carpet cleaning services and regular vacuuming. Then as you get closer to the space you notice this enormous eyesore of a stain smack in the middle of the carpet. It might not even be that big. And it might not be in the middle. But I bet you it will seem like the largest and most focal point of the room.

No one likes carpet stains. However, they are an unfortunate reality in any home that is lived in. It doesn’t matter whether you have 5 kids and 3 dogs or you live all by yourself. What’s worse is that some stains are actual nightmares that are super difficult to deal with. Below are 6 of these and advice on what you should do about stains in general. 

6 of the most stubborn carpet stains


  • Wine stains


Red wine and rosé are the main culprits here. Their rich dark pigments will stain any absorbent fabric they get into contact with. And what you will be left with is a large conspicuous stain that draws away from the beauty of your carpet. The good news is that with quick action they are not that hard to get out.


  • Pet stains


This could be any number of things from poop to dirt from their little paws. However, the most annoying to get out of all pet stains is pee especially on light-coloured carpets. It also really doesn’t help that these stains stink. 


  • Blood


Blood is one of the most annoying stains to clean out of fabrics including your carpet. So that paper cut or bleeding carpet burn on your knees could cause you a lot of trouble. In this case, one of the most important things to do is to soak up as much of the blood as you can then get a professional to take care of the rest.


  • Coffee


We all love our coffee. And whether you like yours strong and dark or nice and creamy the last thing you want is any of it spilling onto your carpet. This can be a real nightmare to get rid of even with professional cleaning. the best thing you can do is get a professional on it as soon as you possibly can. 


  • Makeup


This happens a lot to carpets in bathrooms and rugs near vanity spaces. Anything from a drop of mascara to shedding from eye shadow could leave you with an annoying stain. While vacuuming may help prevent staining from powders, you might have to get professional carpet cleaning for the rest of the stains. 


  • Food spills


Food spills, for the most part, are easy to deal with. However, if you have heavily pigmented ingredients like tomato paste, beetroot or even turmeric then you might have a little (or big) problem. With these, there is no home remedy that could help so get a pro on it as soon as possible. 

Oops! I spilled. Now what?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into preventing stains.  You could use all the fibre protectors, pet mats and coffee tables you want. But if it is your unlucky day you will just have to play the cards you have been dealt. So you have spilt; it’s ok. Don’t panic. Here are 4 things you should do to make sure that you get your carpet back to its flawless state as soon as possible.


  • Blot up as much as you can


This works for liquid spills like wine, coffee, ink or even food. Get some paper towels and just gently blot them to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. This helps reduce the intensity as well as the scope of the stain on the carpet. However, it is important to note that blotting does not mean rubbing. Trying to rub the liquid off the carpet might actually cause it to spread doing more harm than good. So just be gentle and you will get a lot more done. 


  • Try some home remedy carpet first aid


There are a lot of old wives’ tales on different home remedies for different stains. From baking soda to vinegar, a lot of these could actually help. So depending on what you spilled you could try one of these concoctions. However, this does not mean that you are home and dry and that the problem is completely solved. These are quick fixes that may help reduce the intensity of the stain but you will still have to get it removed. 


  • Avoid strong chemicals like bleach


While some home remedies do offer help, it is important to avoid strong chemicals like bleach and other strong acids. This might remove the stain but they will also remove the dye from your carpet. So in place of that dark coffee stain you will end up with an awkward light patch that is every bit as annoying. 


  • Get it professionally cleaned as soon as possible


This is by far the most important step that you will take to ensure that your nightmare stain does not end up being a permanent addition to your interior décor. Well-equipped and experienced teams are the best to handle these emergencies. You will definitely benefit from their wealth of knowledge for effective removal or at the very least significant reduction of carpet stains. 


Stains suck; there is no arguing there. However, there is a lot that you as the homeowner can do to fix things. The most important step, of course, is reaching out to professionals for a proper carpet cleaning. So, whether you spilled wine during your girl’s book club meeting or your furry bestie decided to turn your rug into a toilet you know your beloved rug will be in safe hands. So really, there is no reason to fear the nightmare stains highlighted above if you have the number of a good pro team. 

 6 Nightmare Carpet Stains You Definitely Do Not Want To Have To Deal With

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