Dealing With The Smell Coming From The Carpet

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Dealing With The Smell Coming From The Carpet

Dealing With The Smell Coming From The Carpet

Odours lingering in your home or business premises can be embarrassing. When you have guests over at your residence, and when there are clients streaming into your office building, you don’t want to watch them cringing their noses due to the odours that are fouling up the place. Then of course there is that dreaded question “What’s that smell?” You find yourself mumbling through excuses, trying to salvage the situation. Unlike stains that can be covered up by rearranging the furniture or placing a mat on the affected spot until the next carpet cleaning session, odours cannot be hidden. The sense of smell worsens things, since it is one of the most sensitive, and the persons in the building will be sure to notice if there are odours emanating from your carpet. It will be difficult to focus on anything else, be it work or a simple conversation, when your nostrils are being pervaded by foul odours. There are common causes of the foul smells:


  • Food residue


Those food crumbs that wind up on the carpet as your family members enjoy those tasty snacks, the spills in the employee lounge of your business premises that are made as the staff make merry during their breaks, the mess under the pet bowl caused by the cat or dog- these will begin decomposing under microbial action, which causes odours to develop. A thorough carpet cleaning where the processes used flush out this gunk from your unit is key, instead of simply using products that will mask the odours without dealing with the underlying cause. 


  • Body waste


Sure, it may not by large and conspicuous, but it still contributes to the increasing amount of organic matter that is building up within the carpet. This ranges from the dead skin that is being shed by persons in the building, the faecal waste from the dust mites feeding on these skin cells, all through to the residue left behind by insects and rodents that strut around feasting on the food crumbs strewn all over the carpet. This needs to be got rid of together with the rest of the grime during the carpet cleaning.


  • Smoke


This particularly affects the establishments where there are smokers on the premises. The carpet is an absorbent material, and it is bound to trap smoke particles within its structure, contributing the odour problems in the building. There are also issues like fire incidences that occur. The carpet will be adversely affected, readily absorbing the smoke fumes that are choking up the different rooms. These odours linger for long after the fire has been put off, which ruins the ambience of the interior space. Restore things to normal be scheduling a professional carpet cleaning session. 


  • Water damage


The scale of water damage determines how much will be needed to resolve the situation. It can be anything from cases of spills that were left to dwell for too long on the carpet, overwetting during the DIY carpet cleaning where the unit was soaked in too much water, to all-out flooding due to plumbing incidences. When the carpet takes long to dry, mould and mildew get a chance to develop. These bring with them musky odours, and not to mention the health risks involved due to the spores that they produce, increasing the allergen concentration in the interior space. 



With the furry members of the family playing and sleeping around on the carpet, there are bound to be lingering odours that are caused by the dander that they leave behind. Just like humans, they also produce body secretions, and the material will be rubbed onto the carpet as the cats and dogs enjoy themselves on that plush pile. Things are exacerbated when the pets are not given regular baths by the owner, and the concentration of the odours- especially at the resting spot on the carpet, will be much stronger. 

With urine stains, it’s a pungent odour that can be strong enough to chase anyone out of the room. Pets get urine accidents for different reasons. It may be a simple case of your furry friend not having fully grasped its training, thus it relieves itself on sections of the carpet. If this is not taken care of immediately, the pet will designate that particular spot to be its section of relieving itself, worsening the situation. Then there are those cases where the pet is ill. The pet will need to be taken to the vet to receive the required medication and the carpet cleaning professionals will come in to resolve the mess that had been formed on your unit. Behavioural problems also feature. For instance, when you bring a new pet into the household, the current one may feel threatened, and go about marking its spot all over the carpet. Pets have also been reported to have cases of anxiety, and you can find your pet passing urine whenever they feel abandoned – even if it is simply the owner leaving the house for work, or when one stands over them to assert authority, and the pet ends up feeling frightened- perhaps as a result of past traumatic events in its life. Age can also be a factor. This is straightforward: as the pets get older, their control over their bladder reduces. Whichever the case, you want those urine stains that have been formed on the carpet to be got rid of as soon as possible. You can get that taken care of with our professional carpet cleaning services. 

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Dealing With The Smell Coming From The Carpet

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