The Benefits Of Having Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

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The Benefits Of Having Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

The Benefits Of Having Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

It’s a core part of the interior décor, and you want it to receive proper care. Due to the high traffic that area rugs handle, they end up accumulating loads of grime. Getting them clean is not just matter of splashing detergents on them and scrubbing away. All it takes is a slight oversight for one to permanently damage the piece. Seeing that it was expensive to purchase, that is not a risk that you want to take. Leaving the task to the professionals comes with benefits to you. These include:


  • The right tools for a thorough job


Different factors are considered before settling on the appropriate rug cleaning method to use. Firstly, there is the type of material. Area rugs come in various designs, from  Oriental rugs with their heavy textile, the luxurious and antique Aubusson rugs, Silk and Decorative rugs that spruce up the décor of the interior space, Persian rugs that are known for their intricate patterns and rich colouration and attend to be made with silk, wool and vegetable dye, and even Dhurrie’s that have an Indian origin. The cleaning method required also takes into account the level of soiling involved, plus the kinds of stain that are on the unit. Speed and efficiency also come into play- after all, you don’t want the rug cleaning to take hours. By hiring professional services, you get to have the rug cleaning process being optimised. We have invested heavily in the latest in rug cleaning technology. The machinery used flushes out the grime that has been accumulating in the fibres. The extraction processes that are involved ensure that a deep cleaning is provided and that there is no residue left behind. That way, you won’t have to worry about rapid resoiling. The drying time is also reduced, given that the bulk of the moisture is removed from the rug, and it’s left just slightly damp to the touch. It will have dried within a couple of hours- in fact you can resume using it within the same afternoon that it has been cleaned. 


  • Improving the indoor air quality 


The soiling that is in the rug puts the health of people on the premises at risk. Each time the rug is used, a cloud of allergens gets kicked into the indoor airspace. If inhaled, it irritates the respiratory system, resulting in a wide range of reactions. Coughs, sneezes, watery eyes- you don’t want your family members at home, or the customers access your business premises to be exposed to the allergens in the rug. Scheduling routine rug cleaning sessions enables you to protect them.


  • Long term savings


Neglecting your rug will cause accelerated wear, which reduces its lifespan. The dirt building up in it is abrasive, and each time people wipe their feet on the rug, the particles are ground against the fibres. This weakens the structure, which also negatively affects its functionality. You don’t want that cosy feeling of the rug being lost simply due to the soiling that is building up within it. An in-depth cleaning is required to flush out the dirt, in order to prolong the life of the item. By turning to the professionals, you also avoid the risks of damage that come with DIY rug cleaning. These are the likes of harsh cleaners and abrasive scrubbing tools that would ruin the rug. The professionals have the equipment that is required to deliver a thorough clean while being gentle on the rug itself. 


  • Free your time


Weekends are precious. Days off work are rare. Your free time should be spent doing activities that you love- hanging out with your family, engaging in your favourite hobby, resting and relaxing in preparation for the workdays that are to come. You already have plenty of chores to do around the house, activities to plan, friends and family who are counting on you to show up for those events they have been talking about for ages. At a personal level, you also need to lay back and take a breather, otherwise the demands of your work and social life will consume you. You don’t want to add a frustrating rug cleaning job to your list of troubles. The task, from dealing with the wide assortment of cleaning products, getting the machinery needed for the task, and spending hours scrubbing at those stubborn stains, can put a strain on you. It can get exasperating, especially when you wind up with unsatisfactory results after putting so much time and sweat equity in the process. You don’t have to endure this. Leaving the task to the rug cleaning specialists will take away the burden, allowing you to focus on other aspects around your home and family.

For business environments, having your employees leave their workstations to deal with the soiled rugs will slow down your operations. This is while still posing risks to your units. Mistakes made when cleaning the rug, from using the wrong cleaning chemicals such that they corrode the material, drenching the unit in so much water that the dyes get leached off, to working with formulations that set stains deeper into the rug fibres- these are not the outcomes you want. Bringing in the commercial rug cleaning experts, to protect your unit and ensure that the task gets carried out appropriately. This enables your employees to focus on customer service and business growth. 


  • Trained and certified


With us, you’re dealing with the rug cleaning crew that you can trust. Our personnel have undergone specialist training, and also have years of experience to boot. They’ve served clients in both residential and commercial establishments, and are also background-checked, that way you can feel secure when they are on your property. They will respect your home and business premises, and everything in it, and also put in place safety measures to protect the persons and items in the establishment. 

All this is availed at budget-friendly prices. Get in touch with us today to schedule your rug cleaning session.

The Benefits Of Having Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

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