6 Common Mistakes Made During DIY Rug Cleaning

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6 Common Mistakes Made During DIY Rug Cleaning

6 Common Mistakes Made During DIY Rug Cleaning

They are decorative additions to the interior space, and having them cleaned regularly is part of the maintenance process. However, for those who attempt to go the DIY route, it often ends up in a tale of frustrations and damages. What goes wrong? Here is a look at common blunders which are made:


  • Working with the wrong detergents


Rugs are constructed with different materials, from synthetics to the natural fibre varieties. As such, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cleaning product. The chemical attributes of the cleaning agent used are key. Formulations that are used popularly for DIY hacks, including vinegar, ammonia-based solutions, and all-purpose cleaners may end up damaging your unit, or not delivering a thorough clean. This also applies to the “nifty idea” of using laundry detergents to work on the rug. If the chemical is not compatible with the material of the rug, it can end up corroding the fibres. The delicate units- such as with the silk and wool rugs, are at a higher risk.  The detergents used with the rug cleaning machinery also have their recommended formulas and dilution ratios, for the dirt to be effectively cleaned out without harming the rug itself. 


  • Using excessive water


It’s just water- what have can it do? Plenty. Dousing the rugs with too much water can exacerbate your problems. It’s not just about the water moving the dirt around and soaking it deeper into the material. Colour bleeding can also occur, where the dyes that have been used on the rug leach out of the fibres. Some of the fabrics may even shrink. Things get worse when the rented extraction machinery doesn’t have sufficient suction power to remove the water. This leaves the rug too wet, such that it takes days to dry. The longer that the rug remains damp, the higher the chances of mould and mildew growing on your unit. With the fungi, there are health risks due to the spores and mycotoxins that are produced. They also result in additional staining of the rug.


  • Abrasive cleaning


You wouldn’t want your Oriental or Persian rug fading and becoming permanently damaged. This can occur due to using harsh chemicals and hard-bristled brushes which wear down the fibres. The DIYers tend to turn to these tools when dealing with the stubborn stains that are on the rug. In an attempt to remove them, they use tough acting products that worked on other hard surfaces around the home, and get down to intense scrubbing to work the chemicals into the rug. However, it is counterproductive, as it will weaken the rug, ruining your unit. 


  • Just deodorizing


This is when dealing with odours. Here, the individual simply uses a deodoriser- and perhaps vacuums the rug as well. This does not resolve the issue. The source of the smell- that gunk that is buried within the rug, needs to be removed. This calls for a deep rug cleaning. 


  • Improper processes


This comes down to the skill level of the DIYer, and oversights that are made during the rug cleaning. Take dealing with stains for instance. Rubbing those food and drink spills on the rug can cause the stain to spread over a wide area. Vigorous scrubbing, on the other hand, can result in twisting of the rug’s fibres. Even the heat and pressures used also come in focus. For instance, excessive heat when dealing with stains can cause them to get permanently set into the rug material. These are not conditions that you want to find yourself in. With professional rug cleaning services, you get to ensure that the task is done appropriately, and in moments. 


  • Working with faulty equipment


The machinery rented from the local hardware store may also come its own set of problems. First, in a bid to make them lighter and more portable, these units have smaller component parts compared to the truck-mounted industrial gear that is used by the professionals. Aspects like the motors and pumps are affected, with their capacities being reduced. This means that, right from the word go, your efficiency will be hindered. Then there is the issue of the equipment not being properly maintained. It can be attributed to the owner of the hardware store not paying close attention to the unit, or the previous person who rented it had damaged the machine. The equipment may also come caked with dirt and debris from its previous cleaning job. This soiling will be spread all over your rugs are you go about attending to them. 

Hire Professionals For The Cleaning

You don’t need to burden yourself. We’re here for you. Our personnel have undergone stringent training on the different rug cleaning methods to use, how to handle both natural and synthetic materials, and are well adept with the wide range of cleaning chemicals that are involved in the process. What’s more, we have equipped them with state-of-the-art machinery, that enables them to deliver a thorough clean each time. This is done fast, while still delivering on the quality results that are expected. The soiling that is buried deep in the rug, those water-based and oil-based stains that have latched onto the fibres of your unit, to the odours that are being produced by it- they are all handled appropriately, leaving you with a clean and fresh rug, accentuating the décor of the premises. We’re also big on environmental safety, as will be attested to by the careful selection of chemicals used for the cleaning. Here, the products have been certified to be safe, while still delivering the punch needed for a deep clean. The entirety of the rug cleaning process, from the pre-treatments to the scrubbing action and the protective agents added to your unit, are done with environmentally sustainable systems. Customer satisfaction also entails aspects such as the timeless of the processes, how the cleaners address you, and the respect with which they treat your property. Our personnel stick to industry standards professionalism, in order to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience throughout the service delivery. We also conduct follow-ups, and you can get in touch with us at your convenience, to have any queries addressed.

6 Common Mistakes Made During DIY Rug Cleaning

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