Boosting Your Business With Clean Carpets

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Boosting Your Business With Clean Carpets

Boosting Your Business With Clean Carpets

While cleaning seems like a trivial task, it is a key factor for operations in your business premises to run normally. The condition of the environment in which you provide your products and services will have a major impact on your employees and your business as a whole, thus necessitating the need for proper maintenance. Here are 4 ways how clean carpets can benefit your business.


  • Enhance employee health


With the average person spending over 13 years of their life at work, the environment in which this is done will have a direct impact on their overall health. You want your employees to happily go about their duties, but that will be difficult when the place is in a mess. Soiled and stained carpets, odours emanating from the material, to allergens that trigger reactions – these negatively affect your employees. The carpet is one of the main grime havens in the office space, hoarding everything from pathogens to contaminants and pollutants. Routine carpet cleaning is needed to improve the air quality of the facility and boost the health standards of the premises, in order to avoid cases of respiratory illnesses, or even disease outbreaks. 


  • Increase employee productivity


Are your employees excited about coming to work, or do they dread showing up at the office? The last thing you want is your staff dragging their feet all through the day, constantly checking the clock as they wait for the hand to strike 5 pm. In such a scenario, they’ll be doing the bare minimum, without the push to better their turnover and showcase their skills. 

Your employees are the engine of your business, and unless properly taken care of will not perform optimally. When they feel neglected, their productivity decreases, such as when management fails to put effort in maintaining a clean and healthy workspace. On the other hand, having a clean working environment will bode well for your business. 

When you have a workspace that employees are happy, in, they will be more likely to meet their goals – and even exceed them. What’s more, more of your employees will stick around for longer, so you won’t have to spend too much resources on interviewing and replacing the employees.


  • Boost client confidence 


Whether consciously or subconsciously, the clients walking into the building premises will take note of the state of cleanliness of the space. You don’t want to be in a situation they feel turned off because of the grime and odours that are on the carpets. The carpets are some of the largest furnishing items in the room, and their state is bound to reflect on the surrounding décor. When a place appears poorly taken care of, it will be interrupted as the business not being keen in its product or service delivery. After all, how will the clients be expected to trust a business’s claim to professionalism, yet the environment in which the business operates in is in a messy state? For establishments like restaurants and hotels, the consequences of soiled carpets will be more immediate, since patrons will be more likely to walk out and give scathing reviews about the low cleanliness standard of the space. 

On the other hand, maintaining a clean environment will enable your customers to be more comfortable in your premises. A happy customer will be more willing to engage you and follow through with a purchase, which is what you need for your business to grow. Additional benefits like the clients taking note of green carpet cleaning measures that are put in place will serve to show them your commitment to environmental care. It’s all about image. A positive image will translate into more sales, increasing your profit margins – which makes the routine cleaning services a worthy investment. 


  • Cut down maintenance costs


Skipping out on the carpet cleaning will cause it to deteriorate fast. The soiling that is within the material is abrasive, causing the fibres to wear down as people walk on it. Spills that soak into the absorbent carpet can chemically attack the unit, further weakening its structural integrity. This is in addition to the unsightly stains that are formed, that clash with the rest of the colours and patterns on the carpet – and since you don’t want to remain in such an environment, you end up being forced to dig into your budget and replace the carpet much earlier than had been anticipated. All this can be avoided by having a routine carpet cleaning program in place. It will prolong the life of your carpet, and keep it looking elegant all through. 

Turn To Our Professional Team For Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs

Our team is on standby to give the carpets in your premises a deep and thorough clean, restoring them their elegance and protecting them from wear and tear. Our goal is to win your loyalty as our client, so we pull out all the stops to ensure that you’re satisfied with the process – which includes the results that are delivered, and your experience when engaging with our personnel. 

We use green cleaning processes, for the safety of the occupants in the building and the environment as a whole. Here, products that have been certified to be eco-friendly, and equipment with a low carbon footprint, are used for the task. This is without compromising on the expected quality of the services. Coupled with safety measures being put in place to protect the client and employees from accidents while the carpet cleaning is being done, all this is encompassed in the project. 

Every business is unique, and we take this into account when setting the rates of the commercial carpet cleaning services. The pricing will be tailored to account for factors such as the types of carpets in your premises, the level of soiling involved, to the frequency that the services are being scheduled with. Even the time at which you want to schedule the service provided comes into focus since we can arrange for you to have the carpets cleaned after office hours, in order to minimise the disruption to your business activities.

Boosting Your Business With Clean Carpets

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