Caring For Baby Room Carpets

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Caring For Baby Room Carpets

Caring For Baby Room Carpets

Carpets are one of the most popular choice for nursery floor covers. For starters they are a soft flooring material – which is vital when you have a baby crawling around the room. You get to protect the little ones’ knees, and also cushion the falls as the growing toddler learns how to walk. Carpets are also special air filters, trapping dust and other allergens in the fibres of the material, preventing them from getting airborne. This helps the baby breathe easier. 

Different factors go into selecting the ideal carpet for your baby’s room. First definitely is the softness, where going for the carpets with finer fibres and higher densities will be more effective in providing the cushioning effect desired. Getting carpets that have low VOC levels, especially those sourced from natural materials, is also recommended. Also, when it comes to the installation, this should ideally be done before the baby is born – or when the baby sleeps in a different room. Basically, the goal is to allow a couple of days to pass after the installation, keeping the door of the room closed and the windows open, to allow the carpet to get aired out before the little one takes up residence in the room. 

Cleaning Carpets In Baby Rooms

When dealing with babies, things will inevitably become messy. From diaper mishaps, to spilled milk – there are very high chances that you will find yourself encountering different types of stains. This is why it is usually insisted on the parent getting a carpet with a high stain-resistance from the get-go. 

Routine measures – like spot cleaning and vacuuming, are imperative. Remember that functionality of the carpet being an air-filter? This will progressively decrease as the soiling in the material increases. The higher build-up causes the particles to easily get dislodged from the fibres and released back into the indoor airspace, ruining the air quality and triggering respiratory issues. Vacuuming helps in reducing the build-up, and this is also beneficial in protecting the carpet since the dirt particles tend to be abrasive. Spot cleaning is also necessary especially for the cases of spills, since the longer that you allow them to dwell on the carpet the harder they will be to remove. But with everything involved in raising a baby, you need all the help you can get – and that’s where our carpet cleaning team comes in. 

Focus on the little one – We’ll clean your carpet

We have a team of highly trained experts, who have been providing the carpet cleaning services for years. We have invested in high-capacity machinery and the professional development of our personnel, to ensure that they deliver the desired results each time. Our staff will put in place the required safety measures while carrying out the task, and also use safe products that will not put the health of the household members – especially the growing bundle of joy, at risk. 


  • Timely services


You have a lot on your plate, with all that goes into managing the affairs of the little one. We understand that you want services provided on schedule. We are keen on timing, and our crew will arrive at your residence at the scheduled time. They will be fully equipped, ready to hit the ground running. The high capacity of the machinery, plus the skill level of our crew, enables them to expedite the process without compromising on the quality of the results. As such, the carpet is worked on within a fraction of the time that it would take were you to handle it as a DIY job, while still ensuring that it has received a deep and thorough clean. 

In addition to keeping your child safe, carpet cleaning also comes with a myriad of benefits to your budget and home maintenance program. For starters, by getting rid of the grime that is accumulating within the unit, the life of the carpet is prolonged. Remember that the dirt and spills that wind up in the carpet are contributors to its eventual deterioration. The dirt particles are abrasive, while the spills are soaked into the carpet – and depending on their chemical set up, will have varying effects on the unit. Substances like food crumbs that are left strewn all over the carpet will be a magnet for roaches and other pests. As they come in their numbers to feed on the organic residue, they will also chew damage the material, with some insects and rodents even chewing through the fibres of the carpet themselves. 

One of the advantages of hiring professionals for the carpet cleaning is that you get to avoid the risks of the DIY process. Due to the different kinds of stains involved, one may be at a loss about which chemicals to use to remove the spots, especially the stubborn stains. This usually sees DIYers going for potent solutions, such as ammonia and vinegar that works on other surfaces around the household. However, these may damage the carpet material, especially the sensitive units. Note that the different natural and synthetic carpets have their cleaning requirements, and just because one approach works on a range of carpets, doesn’t mean that it will be suitable for all. Professional carpet cleaning personnel who have been the industry for long will have the skills needed to identify the appropriate approach when dealing with your specific unit. That way, the dirt spots and stains can be got rid of without putting its structural integrity at risk. 


  • Pocket-friendly rates


With us, you also get affordable services. Our carpet cleaning pricing structure has been designed into account factors that affect your particular situation. From the type and size of the carpets being worked on the number of rooms involved, the stains being dealt with and the level of soiling, all through to the frequency with which the cleaning sessions are being scheduled – all these will be considered when settling on the final price. Our industrial-grade machinery and quick turnaround enables us to reduce operational costs, and this translates into more attractive rates for the service on your end. 

Caring For Baby Room Carpets

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