Carpet Care With A Professional Touch

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Carpet Care With A Professional Touch

Carpet Care With A Professional Touch

Did you know that a whole pound of soiling can hide in just a square foot of your carpet? The vacuuming process, while important, does not remove a bulk of the dirt, as it is adhered to the fibres of the material. Professional carpet cleaning comes in to flush out the gunk, giving your unit a thorough, in-depth wash. Processes like hot water extraction are used. Here, the particulates that are stuck to the carpet’s fibres are loosened and suspended in the hot water, and the contents suctioned out of the material. The temperatures and pressures that are involved enable the gunk to be literally yanked out of the carpet. High-efficacy products can also be used to pre-treat the stubborn dirt spots and stains, reducing the amount of time spent on the process. Different methods can be employed for the various types of carpets, and our personnel have the skills and experience needed to identify the most appropriate approach for your particular unit.

Stain Problems On The Carpet

They are inevitable. A coffee spill here, a nail polish accident there, and the occasional pet diddle right in the middle of the carpet- they ruin its appeal. Do you have kids? Chances of spills occurring increase. No doubt they love bright-coloured and flavoured drinks, including juice and soft drinks. While these are pleasant to the palate, it’s a whole different issue when the coloured drinks wind up on the carpet. What of chocolate? It’s a favourite for the little ones, and who are we to deny them? It’s all fun up until a piece of chocolate is dropped and melts into the carpet, forming an unsightly mess. Blood spots too are a problem. It can be a case of a simple cut or nick- especially when someone in the household injuries themselves with sharp objects. Certainly, the first issue is helping your loved ones to attend to the wound, applying the appropriate first aid measures. The carpet will thereafter need to be attended to. Kids who enjoy showcasing their artistic prowess with their crayons have good intentions no doubt, but when this is done on the expensive carpet, it can send you into a frenzy. What of inkblots? They can be as a result of faulty pens, or the toddler decided to spell his or her first letter onto the carpet, spilling the ink all over. Coffee drink spills are also common, given the occasional rush in the morning as you prepare to leave for work, or on those quiet evenings when you are so engrossed in the novel, that you loosened your grip on the coffee mug, or slightly tilted it, and spilled its contents. Then there are those occasional cases were the rowdy kids decide to play around by throwing eggs at each other, the results of which can be unnerving. Cosmetic products, from makeup to acne medication- when they are accidentally wind up on the carpet- perhaps as a result of squeezing their tubes too much, will form a mess. The wide range of stains come with varying degrees of difficulty when removing them. Different formulations are required, and you want to ensure that it gets done right. Call in our carpet cleaning crew to take care of the task for you.

Factors Affecting The Carpet Cleaning Costs

Every situation is different, and is treated as such. Our carpet cleaning services are available for residential setups, from private homes to retail properties, the multi-unit buildings, commercial establishments ranging from office buildings, entertainment centres, hotels, to music studios. Depending on the type of carpet, different cleaning situations can be used, from hot water extraction to dry cleaning and other techniques which will be deemed suitable. Issues that are taken into consideration include:

Size of the carpet
This looks at the square footage of the carpet, and has a huge impact on the overall cost. You can also choose to have your upholstery cleaned as well, getting a deal that is convenient to your situation.

Number of rooms
Here, the focus is on the layout of the home or commercial space. For high-rise setups where the area is on the upper floors, then the cost will be different than the homes that are at the ground level, due to the additional time and effort that will be required when transporting the carpet cleaning equipment.

Do you have carpeted stairs? These require special cleaning tools, which may affect the quotation.

Type of carpet
From the natural fibres to the carpets with synthetic material, they each require their different cleaning measures. For instance, some are more resistant to staining than others, hence take up less time and effort. On the other hand, materials like wool are highly sensitive to synthetic material like nylon, and will require specialised care with the products and systems that will be used.


These vary. The effect of stains on pricing comes in especially when dealing with the really stubborn spots, such as pet stains which will require special chemicals and tools to effectively remove them.

Get In Touch With Us Today

Are you a home or business owner looking to have your carpets cleaned? We’re here for you. We have a qualified team ready to handle the carpet cleaning task, delivering quality results and meeting industry standards of professionalism. They will arrive at your premises at the scheduled time, with the equipment that is needed to carry out their mandate. Our crew are specially trained, and also come with years of experience having been attending to our residential and commercial clients across the board. They will be courteous while on your property, and will be sure to address any concern and queries that you may have about the process. After all, our end-goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with the entire spectrum of our carpet cleaning services. We are also licensed and fully insured, for your protection, and that of our crew and the equipment that is used. As such, you won’t have to worry about any liabilities in case of an unfortunate incidence occurring. What’s more, to prevent this in the first place, our carpet cleaning crew put in place the required safety measures while carrying out the job.

Carpet Care With A Professional Touch

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