Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge

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Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge

Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge 


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Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides deep carpet cleaning services in Ballsbridge. We are not just doing light surface carpet cleaning services . We will remove dirt and bacteria from right inside your carpet. Our company provides resonable pricing and professional quality. All our carpet cleaning specialists are fully insured and fully trained. We provide free estimates to all our customers.

Dublin Carpet Cleaning deep cleans fabric sofas and leather sofas. We deal with hundreds of domestic and commercial customers in Ballsbridge each year.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Expert Carpet Cleaning Crew To Take Care Of Your Investment


Carpeting is a popular flooring option for a wide array of reasons. For starters, there’s the beauty. It comes in numerous styles, colours, patterns and designs for property owners to choose from. Whether you want a simple and uniform tone that sets a soothing ambience, or bold patterns intended to make an amplified statement, you’re spoilt for choice. The very structure itself varies, from the synthetic to the natural fibre material used. That way you can get the carpeting that meets the unique needs of your establishment. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, there’s the increased traction. The risk of slip and fall accidents is greatly reduced when carpets are used. This makes them particularly beneficial in establishments with kids and vulnerable person such as the elderly. In fact, in case of a fall, the impact is reduced since the person gets cushioned by the carpet, further enhancing its safety attributes. Then there’s the noise reduction attributes. The fibres of the carpets dampen sounds, reducing reverberation and preventing echoes from bouncing around the room. This makes for conducive living and working conditions, allowing you to relax at home and enabling your employees at your workplace to focus on their tasks. What’s more, the carpeting is basically the largest air filter in the interior environment, with its fibres absorbing the allergens and particles floating about the air space. This enables you to have improved indoor air quality. However, this is not limitless. The grime reaches a point that the particles are easily dislodged from the carpet when people walk on it. This leads to the very problem that was being avoided. Regular carpet cleaning is vital in order to retain the beauty of your investment and keep it performing optimally.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – What You Get When You Hire Specialist Carpet Care Services


  • State-of-the-art carpet cleaning technology


We use industrial grade machinery to bring back the elegance to your carpet. Investing in the expensive machinery enables our crew to deliver quality results each time. Highly powered, the equipment forces out the soiling that is deep in the carpet, through hot water extraction. The water has been heated to just below boiling point, and is highly pressurised. This enables it to easily dislodge the dirt that has coagulated and struck to the fibres of the carpet, literally flushing it out to the surface. This also increases the efficacy of the process, since less agitation is required, and the carpet gets cleaned faster. Cleaning agents too are incorporated into the process. You don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals being used that corrode the fibres or cause issues such as discolouration. Our crew is highly trained and experienced in carpet care, and use products that are safe for the carpet. Odours that are in the carpet are got rid of. The source itself is removed during the extraction process, and the cleaning agents used leave a pleasant fragrance in their wake, allowing you to enjoy your newly clean carpet. Our services are personalised to offer you both value and satisfaction. After all, both are key in winning your loyalty, and our team pulls out all the stops to ensure that they leave you with a smile.


  • Green processes


Cleaning and environmental safety go hand in hand. Traditional carpet cleaning methods involved use of harsh chemicals, that strip away the stains and easily cut through the greasy residue. However, they would leave behind chemicals that posed risks to persons in the premises, and the environment as a whole. Moreover, without proper extraction, residue left behind could easily be picked up by kids and pets playing on the carpet, putting them in greater danger. Waste disposal was also a concern, given the amount of product and resources that are used up during the process. With our carpet cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about any of that. The cleaning agents that are used have been certified to be safe, having undergone various tests to ascertain their biodegradability and environmental sustainability. No toxins are generated during the premises, preserving the quality of the indoor air. The green products are highly effective, retaining their cleaning power when it comes to tackling the dirt and grime, and neutralising the odours. However, they achieve the quality results without putting the biodiversity around you at risk. What’s more, when it comes to the waste disposal, we use different recycling programs that enable us to play our role in reducing the build up of landfills. Thus, with our carpet cleaning services, you get to restore the glamour to your installation, and join concerted efforts aimed at protecting the planet.


Need more information about our carpet cleaning services in Ballsbridge? Call us for free on 1800 848 700
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Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Professional carpet cleaning results for less!

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