Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot

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Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot

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1 bedroom house carpet cleaning 100 euro

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4 bedroom house carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot

Your carpets are full of stains and they make your whole home look dirty. There seems to be a fine dust all over the place that can only come from the carpets. Besides that, the whole house has an “old” odour coming from nowhere. Something has to be done fast to prevent permanent staining on your carpets and allergies developing within your family. Just call Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot and have your carpets deep cleaned with the latest Prochem technology and our famous Cleanfast Carpet Cleaning Shampoo PH13.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot – How often should you wash your carpets?

Every year. Or even a few times per year if you own pets or if you have small kids or older people within your family. A dirty carpet can be a hazard for the whole family. Even a carpet with little traffic and no visible stains has to be washed every year to disinfect it and to reduce the chance of bacteria and mites developing inside it. Do not try to save money if your carpets are in need of a deep cleaning. A dirty carpet can make you very sick.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot – Technology

There is a lot of information about different types of carpet cleaning systems and different techniques. Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot uses hot water extraction carpet cleaning equipment from Prochem. We believe that a wet wash or shampooing is the best way of removing dirt from carpets, disinfecting the carpet and reducing odours. We will pre-spray your carpets with a special traffic lane cleaner to soften up dirt, then we will agitate the dirt with a slow rotating scrubbing machine & then we will extract all the dirt with a special stainless steel wand that is fitted with special spraying nozzles.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot – Shampoos

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot has a very strict eco policy. We only use 100% eco carpet cleaning shampoos from well established brands, eco traffic pre-sprays and stain removers, eco protectors and 100% eco odour neutralisers. Your carpets will be deep cleared with fine quality shampoos that will leave no residue and will not cover your home with harsh chemicals. We actually have a carpet cleaning shampoo that is manufactured from 100% organic components. To find out more information about it please email us.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot – Prices

Of course you are looking for a great price and a fully qualified carpet cleaning contractor. That is why you are dealing with Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot. We provide clear pricing and our minimum charge starts from only 50 euro per project. Same minimum charge applies for domestic carpet cleaning services and commercial carpet cleaning services. Our prices are listed on our homepage so there is no messing around or big surprises at the end. Our standard prices only apply to average size properties in average condition without any special treatments required.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot – Drying time

We do provide a wet carpet cleaning service so a drying period is to be expected. We estimate that your carpets should be fully dry within 1-3 hours after a deep carpet cleaning job but the drying periods can be affected by cold, poor ventilation, location & the type of carpet. Always open the windows to ventilate the room and put the heating on for about 1 hour to speed up the drying process.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot – Insurance

Carpet cleaning is not a very risky trade but accidents can always happen when you use a number of cleaning products, pre-treatments, protectors & stain removers. But if you book Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot you can be sure that you are in good hands. We are fully insured to undertake any type of carpet cleaning project up to 13 million. All our commercial carpet cleaning & domestic carpet cleaning services are fully covered by our comprehensive insurance.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot – Other services

We are your one stop carpet cleaning company and general cleaning services provider. We can help you out with top of the range eco carpet cleaning services, sofa cleaning services, mattress cleaning services, rug cleaning services and upholstery cleaning services. We are happy to book you for single services or to create a package to include all of the above or some of it. We deep clean, disinfect, we remove stains, we deodorise and we apply high quality protectors.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot – Booking

The last thing you need when you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning company is to have to create accounts and fill up forms with alot of questions. We have designed our website with you in mind so booking a carpet cleaning project online should not take longer than 30 seconds. You can also pay online and receive your VAT invoice online.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot is a well established eco carpet cleaning company with over 13 years experience. We receive most of our bookings from repeat customers or referrals. Book our professional carpet cleaning services online right now and enjoy 100% friendly service, low costs and a top of the range service.

Carpet Cleaning Ballyfermot – we are one click away!


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