Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

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Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

Call Dublin Carpet Cleaning today and see what deal can we offer you. Carpet cleaning costs much less than it used to cost. New carpet cleaning machines and better technology have reduced carpet cleaning costs by 50% over the past 10 years. With prices starting for only 30€ for standard size bedroom & 45€ for living roos , no one c an say that carpet cleaning is not affordable. Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

Getting The Professionals To Clean Your Carpet

Carpets take up a lot of dirt and grime. Tea, coffee, wine, ketchup and mustard spills, food crumbs as you snack at your office desk or dinner table, dust from the air, cigarette smoke particles, and pollutants like lead compounds, shed hair and skin, insect droppings and body fragments, all end up trapped in the fibres. In case you have a pet, then there’ll be pet dander and fur, the occasional urine stain, plus fleas may have even been brought into the house from the outside. Then there’s the soiling that’s tracked onto the carpet under peoples shoes. High traffic areas like commercial buildings get dirtied faster. You want to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean; Impress your guests at home, and customers at your workplace. You want to be able to relax in the comfort of your home, and create a conducive environment for your employees to work at the office building. That’s where professional domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services come in. Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

You don’t want to break your back working on your carpet. The cleaning process is highly involving, and requires plenty of effort to get it done. From shifting furniture, scrubbing in the cleaning solutions, to vacuuming out the residue- it takes a lot of time and energy if you do it alone. Then there’s the additional risk of using the wrong cleaning solutions, which will end up damaging the very structure of the carpet. Over-shampooing will leave behind residue and make the carpet get soiled faster, while over-wetting increases the drying time, and risks separating the carpet from its backing. Avoid the risks and hassle. Call in the carpet cleaning professionals to tackle the job for you. Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

Benefits Of Hiring Carpet Cleaning Professionals

1. Restore the beauty and quality of your carpet

The carpet cleaning personnel get rid of the dirt and grime that’s making your carpet look dull and unkempt. They remove the unsightly stains that make you dread inviting guests over to your home, and turn away customers from your business premises. The carpet reverts to its appealing and inviting look. You get to see, smell and feel the difference with your newly cleaned carpet. Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

2. High-powered cleaning

Our carpet cleaning professionals come with high quality machines to provide you with the best results. Hot water extraction systems pump heated water and cleaning solution into the carpets fibres, and bring out even the deeply embedded dirt and soiling. Powerful suction power gets them out of your carpet, and leaves it clean and fresh. We’ll get rid of the day-to-day dirt and grease residue, to the accidental and stubborn ink and urine stains blotting up the carpet. The carpet cleaning eliminates all the grime, from shed skin and hair food and drink spills, pet fur and dander all through to the cigarette smoke particles ingrained in the fibres. Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

3. Eliminate bad odours

You don’t want to a musky smelling home. Your employees won’t be able to concentrate on their work if there are reeking odours emanating from the carpet. The carpet cleaning team will fix the problem at the source. They’ll get rid of the dirt and organic matter causing the odour, and use cleaning agents that neutralisers the odour molecules, leaving your home or office smelling fresh. Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

4. Prevents mould and mildew growth

Hiring professional carpet cleaning services ensures that the carpet doesn’t become over-saturated. Our personnel know the exact amount of cleaning solution to use for the different carpet types, and level of soiling. In addition, they come with machinery that ensures thorough extraction, reducing the drying time to 1 hour. Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

5. Enhance the life of your carpet

Buying the carpet took a huge chunk out of your wallet. You want to protect your investment. The dirt and grime is abrasive, and wears down the fibres of the carpet. High human traffic grinds the soiling against the fibres further increasing the rate of degradation. Regular carpet cleaning gets rid of the dirt and debris in your carpet, revitalising the fibres and enabling you to enjoy your carpet for longer. The eco-friendly solutions used are safe for both the environment and persons using the premises. The services also come at an affordable cost, bringing you savings in your carpet maintenance budget. Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

Get Your Carpet Cleaned

Call us today on our free phone line. We’ll take care of your carpet cleaning needs for you. Our booking and payment systems are online and easily accessible. Let us restore the health and brilliance to your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Beaumont

Commercial carpet cleaning – we price per square meter/foot. Free estimates guaranteed.


Carpet Cleaning Beaumont – Professional carpet cleaning services for less!

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