Carpet Cleaning Blackrock

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Carpet Cleaning Blackrock

Carpet Cleaning Blackrock

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Dublin Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company that specialises in deep carpet cleaning services and spot removal treatments. Our system is much better than our competition and we can guarantee outstanding results. Our company deals with hundreds of regular domestic carpet cleaning customers and hundreds of commercial carpet cleaning customers. We are interested in any size jobs but we have a minimum order of 50€ per job to cover our costs. We are reliable and nice to deal with and we are sure that you will find our prices very affordable.


Carpet Cleaning Blackrock – About us


Dublin Carpet Cleaning is in business for over 10 years and over the years we have built up a huge list of regular carpet cleaning customers who repeatedly use our services. Our carpet cleaning team is young, energetic and very professional. All our carpet cleaning specialists are fully trained and have many years of experience within the trade. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is a different type of carpet cleaning company than the ones you used to deal with. We are reliable. In fact, we are never late and if the traffic is bad we will call in good time. We use better technology. We are a team, not a one man company. We can do commercial and domestic carpet cleaning jobs. We are affordable. We are nice to deal with.


Carpet Cleaning Blackrock – Our system


Our carpet cleaning system works more or less like your washing machine, same principal. Water, detergent, heat and pressure will be used to remove the dirt. Our carpet cleaning system is a hot water extraction system with high water lift technology and from our experience we have found it to be the most efficient. Hot water under high pressure will be injected into your carpets. The heat will soften the dirt, the pressure will break it and our twin motor carpet cleaning machines will extract about 98% of the moisture mixed with the dirt. To sanitise the carpet we will use an eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoo. The carpet will usually dry within 1 hour but the drying time can vary from one house to another. No other carpet cleaning system can get better results and no other carpet cleaning system can remove as much dirt as the wet carpet cleaning system. It is recommended by most carpet manufacturers.


Carpet Cleaning Blackrock – Our shampoo


Many people have had bad experiences with amateur carpet cleaning companies and many people ask us not to use any carpet cleaning shampoo. We can do that, but washing your carpets without a shampoo is like washing your clothes with water only. The dirt might come out but the bacteria that are hiding inside the carpet will not be removed. This is why you have to hire a decent carpet cleaning company and expect to pay a fair price. Less money you pay for the job, more corners will be cut. Dublin Carpet Cleaning uses only Evans, Prochem & Craftex carpet cleaning shampoos. These three brands are the most well known carpet cleaning shampoos in the world and will deep clean your carpets without filling your home with dangerous chemicals. A good carpet cleaning shampoo needs to be capable of cleaning fast, cleaning good and cleaning eco friendly. This is why you hire Dublin Carpet Cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning Blackrock – Our prices


Our carpet cleaning prices are reasonable and our work quality is outstanding. The prices quoted within the website are informative only and can change from property to property. A very dirty carpet will require special treatments and spot removing operations. A very big carpet will cost less per square meter. We will provide you with a list of prices for your information but as we said, these prices are informative only and the actual price will depend on size, condition, location & access.


1 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning – 100€

2 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning – 120€

3 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning – 140€

4 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning – 160€


Bigger houses will cost more. Included in this price: the bedrooms, the corridors, the living room (1), the stairs & landing and the hall. Attic conversions, extensions, dining rooms, etc, will cost extra. If you have more properties to be cleaned we can give great deals & discounts.


Our minimum order for any carpet cleaning job is 50€. We do not take jobs under this price. We charge 30€ per bedroom, 45€ per stairs & landing and 45€ for living room.


Carpet Cleaning Blackrock – Opening times


We are one of the most flexible carpet cleaning companies in Blackrock. We are always open for business but for after hours appointments we will require notice. We can do carpet cleaning jobs over night, over weekends, bank holidays, etc. Call us at least 24 hours before and we can adapt. Our office is open normal office hours but if you need to contact us after hours you can either email us or call our mobile phone number



Carpet Cleaning Blackrock – Insurance


Dealing with an insured carpet cleaning company should be number one priority. Cheap prices are great but what will you do when you come home to see all your carpets stained and damaged? Dublin Carpet Cleaning is fully insured, VAT registered and complies with all Irish regulation. We can provide any interested party with a copy of our signed insurance cert, safety statements and risk assessment. Please email our office and we will supply all the information required.


Carpet Cleaning Blackrock – Commercial Carpet Cleaning


We deal with a huge number of commercial carpet cleaning customers and we understand that commercial carpet cleaning is different than domestic. Our commercial customers cannot be let down. Businesses only close down at certain times and punctuality from our side is a must. This is the reason why we have more or less the same customers for years. Fair prices. When dealing with Dublin Carpet Cleaning you just know that the best prices will be provided to you. Bigger the area you need done less it will cost per square meter. Capability of doing big areas in little time. We own state of the art carpet cleaning equipment and we contract any size job. If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning company in Blackrock you should give us a call. Our free line is available 24/7.


Carpet Cleaning Blackrock – Payments


We offer a wide range of payment possibilities so you can pay us whatever way you want. Over the phone payments, EFT payments, card payments, cash payments, cheque payments. All our carpet cleaning jobs need to be paid on the spot unless agreed otherwise. We can provide 30 days credit to some commercial customers but this has to be agreed before the job take place.


Regardless of the size or the condition of your carpets, you can contact us. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is here to deal with your enquires 24/7. We will treat you with respect and we will make sure that only the best prices will be provided.


Carpet Cleaning Blackrock – experience, quality & performance from Dublin Carpet Cleaning!


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