Carpet Cleaning Blessington

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Carpet Cleaning Blessington

Carpet Cleaning Blessington


Innovative hot water extraction carpet cleaning technology

100% eco and organic carpet cleaning shampoos & powders

Fully insured, highly recommended, reliable and affordable

Residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning

Pet safe, child safe & allergy safe carpet care products

Open for business 6 days per week | From 7 am till 7 pm 

Quick drying times, powerful stain removers & great protectors

Over 17 years experience within the carpet cleaning industry


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Why Us


When a spillage happens you want urgent action so when you need a great carpet cleaning company, you need it now! While other carpet cleaning contractors will only contact you a few days after you have emailed, we will have your carpet cleaned and the stain removed within 24 hours. Use our free phone number (1800 848 700) or you can contact us through the online booking form. Need more information? We are in business for the past 17 years and we have completed thousands of commercial carpet cleaning projects and residential carpet cleaning projects. We can help you out with eco carpet cleaning services, eco sofa cleaning services, eco mattress cleaning services, eco rug cleaning services & eco upholstery cleaning services. We are not a one man company so you can be assured that we can contract any size carpet cleaning project in any location.


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Products


We use and sell eco-friendly and organic carpet cleaning products. Eco friendly does not mean “chemical free” shampoos. That would be impossible. Eco- friendly carpet care products means that all the chemicals contained within a particular product are gentle and not harmful to the environment. Organic or natural carpet cleaning shampoos also contain a number of chemicals that are plant based. Our shampoos & powders are all labeled eco-friendly. Our stain removers are not eco friendly but are the best available right now. So if you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning company with many years experience to deep clean your carpets with the best & safest carpet cleaning shampoos, then book Dublin Carpet Cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Protectors


Many people book Dublin Carpet Cleaning to deep clean their carpets and then to seal with a carpet protector. We use highly effective carpet protectors from Craftex. A carpet protector is an impregnator that seals the surface of the carpets and delays liquid and dirt absorption. A protector cannot prevent all stains from penetrating but it can certainly give you some time to remove the stain before it stains the fiber. Spilling a glass of red wine on an unsealed carpet, is job done. The carpet will stain instantly and removing the stain in full might not be an option. But if the carpet is sealed with a protector, the red wine will not sink in as fast and it will afford you some time to extract the spill before it is too late. Call us and ask us about our amazing sealers and carpet protectors. Remember, all our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Stain Removing


If you have carpets, you are likely to have a number of stains on it. You need to understand that not all stains can be fully removed. Some dark stains like coffee stains and tea stains are highly active and if not treated within a short period of time can permanently discolor the carpet fiber. Most types of stains are fully removable or to such extent that it makes the stain 90% less visible. We can remove some coffee & tea stains, most food stains, most wine stains, most grease stains, ink stains, some fake tans, blood & urine, vomit & others. Reasonable expectations in cases that look hopeless are advised. Some carpets are too old and badly stained to benefit from a deep carpet cleaning while some stains are just impossible to be removed. But we will let you know if we can or can’t achieve great results before we start.


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Odor Kill


All carpeted floors are likely to develop an odor after prolonged use. Poor ventilation, high traffic, a lot of cooking, pets,smoke, small kids, high humidity, etc, all these can affect the level of odors within your carpets. We can definitely help you out with this particular issue. We have a number of professional odor neutralisers, bactericidal deodorisers, urine neutralisers & deodorisers. The carpet will be deep cleaned with professional carpet cleaning shampoos. After the carpet is washed, we will assess your carpets and based on the information provided to us, we will recommend the most effective product. If you own pets, then we need to use a urine neutraliser that cancels the ureic acid. If there is damp odor within the property, then we can recommend a strong odor kill that neutralizes the smell and refreshes the carpet. If the odor is generated by some kind of active bacteria, then we will use bactericidal deodorisers that clean, disinfect and deodorize the surface. Either way, we have a solution for you. 


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Hot Water Extraction System


There are a number of carpet cleaning systems suitable for deep cleaning all kinds of carpeted floors. Dublin Carpet Cleaning uses one of the most advanced and most efficient hot water extraction systems. So how does it work? Very easy.  It is simply spraying hot water mixed up with a carpet cleaning solution and the extraction of it. The carpet cleaning solution is like any other washing machine detergent, it softens up the dirt. The minute the dirt is softened up, it will be extracted from the carpet fiber with two powerful extraction motors. The carpet will be left 90% dry. Very dirty or very stained carpets will be pre-treated with a traffic lane cleaner to help remove even more dirt. Dublin Carpet Cleaning uses a number of carpet cleaning shampoos based on the condition of your carpet, the type of carpet and the sensitivity of the material. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning system is the most effective way of deep cleaning and disinfecting carpets in our opinion. 


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Commercial Carpet Cleaning


While most carpet cleaning contractors can clean residential carpets, not all carpet cleaning contractors can deal with large commercial carpet cleaning contracts. Dublin Carpet Cleaning can deal with any size commercial carpet cleaning contract in any condition. We have the right equipment, knowledge and the experience to restore commercial carpets. We are happy to adapt to any special requirements and we can provide you with a wide range of services like stain removal, carpet disinfection, protectors & odor neutralizing services. Call us or book our commercial carpet cleaning services online. 


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Prices


What is a good price for carpet cleaning? Well, you can also ask what is a good price for a car? It all depends on the type of service expected, the condition of your carpets and of course, the size of it. Most carpet cleaning companies are likely to have a standard price list that covers stairs & landing, bedrooms, living room & the price per square meter for commercial carpet cleaning services. Standard is the keyword in this phrase. The final price can vary from job to job and location to location. The standard price for carpet cleaning covers average condition carpets without any special treatments. If your carpets require a number of washes, spot treatment, odor neutralizing or protectors, you will pay more. Our company is happy to provide free no obligation estimates over the phone assuming that the surface is in good condition but in need of refreshing. 


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Packages


One way of reducing the bill and getting more done for less is to create a package deal. Mix up a number of services to include carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning & mattress cleaning and save up to 30%. Our minimum charge applies on all online or over the phone bookings. 


Carpet Cleaning Blessington | Covered Are | Opening Times


Dublin Carpet Cleaning covers the whole County Dublin area, Co Wicklow, Co Kildare and Co Meath areas. Our standard prices only apply to Dublin. Some areas that are over 20 km from Dublin will be charged extra. We are open 6 days per week from 7 am to 7 pm. Overnight appointments or unusual times appointments are available but please book in advance. 


You are about to book one of the most highly recommended and respected carpet cleaning companies in Dublin. After over 17 years of business we can truly say that we are very good at what we do and happy to adapt to any special requirements. Our work quality, our friendly staff and our attention to detail have kept us at the top of people’s preferences when planning to book carpet cleaners. Become our regular customer and enjoy faster booking times, cheaper rates and hassle free service.


Carpet Cleaning Blessington





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