Carpet Cleaning Bray

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Carpet Cleaning Bray

Carpet Cleaning Bray


If you live in Bray are you have most likely used our carpet cleaning services at some point. Dublin Carpet Cleaning does a lot of carpet cleaning jobs in Bray and the surrounding area. We have a well established relationship with a huge number of property owners. We work with a huge number of estate agents, property management companies, landlords, tenants etc. Our carpet cleaning services are well appreciated by all our customers. We are a professional carpet cleaning company that respects our customers and appreciates your business. If you are a regular carpet cleaning customer you will receive better deals and faster booking times.


Carpet Cleaning Bray – Our carpet cleaning specialists


For us to deliver such high quality carpet cleaning services we need to have the best, most highly trained staff and we do, our carpet cleaning specialists are with us for many years and are experts at their trade. We have completed thousands of carpet cleaning jobs with a rate of complaint close to 0. Dealing with our carpet cleaning staff will prove to be a pleasant experience. Our carpet cleaning specialists can price extra work if needed.


Carpet Cleaning Bray – Insurance


Yes, we are insured for any type of accidental damage caused by us. It hasn’t happened yet but if the worst does happen you need to know that you are fully protected. For the commercial carpet cleaning market we can provide safety statements and risk assessments. If you need more information about our carpet cleaning insurance please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with whatever you might need.


Carpet Cleaning Bray – Our carpet cleaning machines


Have you heard of Airflex Storm Carpet Cleaner? We have it. These carpet cleaning machines are about 4 times more powerful than the usual carpet cleaning machines used by most carpet cleaning contractors. We will power wash your carpets with hot steam. The average carpet cleaning machine provides about 200 psi of pressure. That means that the water with the solution will be injected into your carpets at 200 psi. Our carpet cleaning machines will inject hot water and detergent at 800 psi. It will smash all the dirt in small particles and it will leave your carpet germ and stain free. We will have your carpet dry within 1 hour. Our carpet cleaning machines make all the difference, the latest and best technology. Your carpet will look even better than it used to.


Carpet Cleaning Bray – Our shampoo


Even if our carpet cleaning machines are so powerful we still need to use some carpet cleaning shampoo. Our carpet cleaning shampoo is eco friendly and safe for everyone including pregnant women, kids and pets. A deep carpet cleaning job wouldn’t be perfect without the use of a disinfectant. When we clean your carpets we will add an anti bacterial agent to the solution tank to make sure that all types of infections and germs that could be hiding within your carpets are destroyed. If the carpet has an unpleasant odour we can add an odour neutraliser and the source of the odour will be killed. Not only will you have clean carpets free of bacteria and germs but it will also be fresh and odour free.


Carpet Cleaning Bray – Types of carpet cleaning we do


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Bray – we specialise in deep carpet cleaning services in the retail sector, offices, industrial and hospitality. Our 1 hour dry deep carpet cleaning services are very attractive for many commercial customers. We can remove most type of carpet cleaning stains and we can guarantee you great results every time. If some carpets are too badly stained we will let you know in good time and we will inform you what can be done. We charge per square meter for most of our commercial carpet cleaning jobs but if the job is very big we can also charge per job. Call us today with your carpet cleaning requirements and let us price your job. You will be happy that you have contacted Dublin Carpet Cleaning.


Domestic Carpet Cleaning Bray- about half of our carpet cleaning work comes from the domestic market. Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides very attractive pricing for domestic carpet cleaning jobs. Efficient, reliable, excellent quality and decent prices. No wonder we are so popular with the domestic carpet cleaning market. Need a free estimate? Call 014440146 now and let us deal with your carpet cleaning job.

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