Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

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Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

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If you are looking for a professional and affordable carpet cleaning company in Cabinteely you should consider Dublin Carpet Cleaning. A team of professional carpet cleaners with years of experience with be with you in no time. Our carpet cleaning services are fully insured and superb quality is guaranteed. We are also open 24/7 with pre booking. Our high lift water technology is sure to impress you and your carpets will look like new again. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets bring elegance, sophistication and luxury to both domestic and commercial establishments. You invested in one to accent your style, and add to the warmth and comfort of the premises. Everyone likes the feel of the soft and turf-like material under their feet. They even absorb sound, which is why high end hotel and sales rooms have wall-to-wall carpeting. They also increase the value of your home, and make you feel relaxed each time you walk in after a busy day at the office. Despite their original beauty, the carpets will harbour dirt and soiling, which will make them look dull and unkempt. You don’t want your clients to walk into your office and find stains. It will ruin the image of your business. At home, stubborn discolourations in the carpet can irk and frustrate you. Fix all these by hiring professional carpet cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

It’s not just about the aesthetics. There can be billions of bacteria strewn all over the carpet. They bring about all kinds of health risks. The dust and pollutant particles in the fibres could trigger allergies. Even the dust mites cause irritation, when their excrement becomes airborne, or gets onto people’s skin. With a single yard of carpet having over 100,000 dust mites, you’ll need thorough carpet cleaning to get rid of them. Call in the experts. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

Benefits Of Hiring Carpet Cleaning Experts

1. High quality equipment

We come with state-of-the-art tools for the job. Our team has a variety of industrial strength equipment, which has the power to dislodge even the most stubborn soiling. For instance, our hot water extraction machines drive heated water mixed with cleansing agents through the fibres of your carpet. The spray jets come out at a high velocity, forcing out the deeply ingrained dirt to the surface, where it is then removed using powerful suction. Most of the moisture is also removed, which leads to faster drying. In fact, the carpet will dry in as little as 1 hour. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

2. Remove stubborn stains

Food and drink spills are inevitable, in spite of your most stringent efforts at being careful. Perhaps it was a coffee mug that slipped out of your hands one morning as you were hurriedly preparing to rush to work, or your kids spilled soup at the dinner table, which ended up creating an unsightly spot on your carpet. In case you have a pet, it may have caused a urine stain, that ruined the colour of the carpet, and ended up creating a stench that swept through the entire house. In commercial settings where human traffic is high, stains can be caused by a myriad of things, from food spills as people snack at their desks, to ink blots caused by accidents at the printer. Eliminate all this stains by hiring domestic or commercial carpet cleaning services. Our team has the solutions for those stubborn stains that are frustrating you. We’ll eliminate them, and enable you to be comfortable in your own home or office.  Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

3. Experienced personnel

Our carpet cleaning team comes with knowledge and expertise needed to handle different carpet’s needs. There are diverse carpet materials and colour, each of them requiring unique treatment procedures. The personnel know the right cleaning product to use, thus ensuring quality results. They will assess the condition of your carpet and employ solutions that will get rid of the dirt and stains, while protecting the carpet’s material at the same time. They’ll get the job done quickly without compromising on the cleaning standards required, and save your time. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

4. Enhanced health and hygiene

The carpet cleaning services restores a health environment in your establishment. Your kids and pets can safely play on the carpet, and you won’t have to worry about inhaling pollutants in your own home. Your employees at your workplace will be more productive, having been motivated by the clean and fresh environment. There’ll be less sick-days being given out, thus increasing the efficiency of our enterprise. Your clients will also be impressed. In addition, we use eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions, which pose no risk to the persons in the premises, or the ecosystem around you. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

5. Affordable services

Our rates are competitive, and are geared towards enabling you to make savings on your carpet cleaning requirements. The overall cost is determined by your particular situation, including factors such as carpet type and size. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

Book Your Domestic Or Commercial Carpet Cleaning Today

You can do it online, from the comfort of your home or office. The payment system is also online. We want to hear from you. Get in touch with us via our free phone line, and let as take care of your carpet cleaning needs. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely

Dublin Carpet Cleaning specialise in commercial carpet cleaning as well. We can contract any size carpet cleaning jobs and we can adapt our opening hours to whatever special requirements. We can guarantee you 1 hour drying time. Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely


Carpet Cleaning Cabinteely – dont pay more than you havev to for carpet cleaning!leaning

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