Carpet Cleaning Castleknock

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Carpet Cleaning Castleknock

Carpet Cleaning Castleknock

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 180 euro

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Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides professional carpet cleaning services in Castleknock. Our company is fully insured and highly recommended. We provide free estimates over the phone for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning jobs. Dublin Carpet Cleaning owns state of art carpet cleaning technology capable . All our specialists are fully trained and well experienced. Our minimum order for any carpet cleaning job is 50€ vat included.

Our technology is called high water lift system. We can guarantee you 1 hour drying time. We are open for business 24/7 subject to pre booking. If you require over night carpet cleaning please book in good time.


Bring In The Experts To Clean Your Carpet

Every carpet requires regular thorough cleaning. Carpets catch everything that falls to the floor, from food crumbs and drink spills, to the skin cells that persons in the premises keep shedding. There are insect body fragments, and droppings from pets and rodents that come out at night to feast on the food particles in the carpet’s fibres. In case you have a pet, then your carpet will have fur and dander strewn all over. You’ll also have to deal with the occasional urine stains. High traffic areas like commercial establishments have all kinds of soiling being tracked into the building, and the bulk of it ends up deep in the carpets fibres. Turn to the professionals to handle your domestic and commercial carpet cleaning needs.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Benefits

1. Deep cleaning

Your carpet will be given a thorough wash to remove the dirt deep within the fibres. Our carpet cleaning team employs systems such as hot water extraction, which gets into the carpet and brings out the soiling. It then removes the cleaning solution and residue using powerful suction. The systems get rid of everything, from ordinary soiling, mud and dust, pet hair, allergens like pollen and insect waste, and even pollutants like cigarette smoke and lead particles.

2. Quick cleaning

You want to be able to resume using the room at home as soon as possible. For businesses, you don’t want to seal off sections of the premises for extended periods. The carpet cleaning team comes with high quality equipment that speeds up the cleaning process, to provide professional results in the shortest time possible. After cleaning, the bulk of the moisture is also removed from the carpet, which reduces the drying time to as little as 1 hour. This also prevents mould and mildew growth.

3. Enhances the hygiene of your premises

Each time someone walks on the carpet, the pollutants get agitated and released into the atmosphere. This leads to complications ranging from infection to allergic reactions. Your children and pets enjoy playing on the carpet, and you don’t want them picking up germs. The high number of people walking in and out of your business establishment means that more particles adhered to the carpet will be released, leading to air pollution. You don’t want your employees or clients falling ill. The carpet cleaning team eliminates the problem at the source. The high temperature of the hot water extraction also kills the microbes crawling in your carpet, including dust mites and bacteria, and their residue is effectively removed. This improves the air quality in your residential or commercial property.

4. Extends the life of your carpet

You spent a lot of money getting a great looking carpet. You want to protect your investment. Dirt and soiling are gritty, and have an abrasive effect on the carpet’s fibres. Most of the grime is not even visible. Your carpet can hold up to 4 times its own weight in dirt, and most of it is deep within. Regular carpet cleaning will protect the fibres, and enable you to enjoy your carpet for longer.

5. Enhances your décor

The carpet is a magnet of dust and soiling. The spills on it will create unsightly spots. The stains, coupled with the grime, will make your place look dirty and unkempt. You want to be able to invite guests over without worrying about how to cover the stain under the dinner table. You want to create a positive impression on clients and visitors to your business premises. Carpet cleaning will bring freshness and vibrance to your interior space, and enhance the ambience.

6. Safe carpet cleaning

We have years of experience and knowledge in handling the numerous types of carpets. Our carpet cleaning team comes with the most appropriate solutions for handing your particular carpet cleaning needs. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and systems that pose no risk to Mother Nature. There are no toxic fumes, and the indoor air quality is not affected. They are also safe to use around clients and employees at the workplace, plus children and pets at home.

Give Us A Call Today

You can get in touch with us through our free phone line. Our carpet cleaning services are affordable, and the total cost is tailored to your specific carpet type and size. Our booking and payments systems are online and easily accessible from the comfort of your home or office.

Carpet Cleaning Castleknock – professional carpet cleaning specialists at affordable rates!

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