Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh

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Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh

Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 180 euro

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Carpet Cleaning Services That You Can Rely On

You invested a lot in purchasing your carpet, and it’ll need professional maintenance to preserve its beauty and shine. The dirt and grime are gritty, and can wear down the carpet, causing it to become dull, and lose its functionality. Turn to the professions to protect your investment. We offer the perfect combination of high quality, high speed and low cost services. That way, you will have your carpet clean without sealing off your premises for hours, and without denting your bank account.  Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh


The carpet contains lots of dirt and grime. There is the everyday soiling like dust and skin flakes that get shed onto it, plus the dirt that people bring in under their shoes. If you have pets at home, then there’ll be pet dander and fur in the fibres. There are also the occasional food and drink spills that cause unsightly stains. You want to be able to invite guests over into your home without worrying about discolorations in the carpet. In business premises, the high human traffic means that more dirt and grime will be trapped in the fibres. You don’t want your customers to be greeted by dull, unkempt and stained carpets. Turn to our domestic and commercial carpet cleaning needs to restore the beauty and appeal of the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh


Benefits Of Working With Our Carpet Cleaning Services

1. We use high tech equipment and techniques

Carpet cleaning is what we do best and you can rest assured that no resource or expense is spared in the process. We use the very best in terms of technology and carpet cleaning equipment in the industry. That way, nothing is left behind from the tough stains to the stubborn particles stuck to the fabric. The techniques we use in the carpet cleaning process are also something to look forward. This is because they ensure that the cleaning is thorough without damaging the fabric. Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh


2. Fast service delivery without compromising on quality

You don’t want to seal off your living room at home of waiting area in the business premises for long. You want to resume using the areas as soon as possible. This is made possible by our unique fast cleaning and drying techniques. The hot water extraction system pumps cleaning solution and heated water into the fibres of the carpet, and the residue is brought out using powerful suction. Most of the moisture is removed, and the remainder dries in 1 hour. These ensure that the carpet cleaning work is done quickly without compromising on the quality. Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh


3. Affordable services

You would think that with all the amazing services, high quality carpet cleaning and high paced procedures we offer, you would have to spend a fortune. This could not be further from the truth. Our services come at competitive prices, and you get professional results without denting your wallet. Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh


4. Improve the health of your establishment

The loose soiling in the carpet can get raised into the air as people walk onto it. Dust, pollen, body fragments from insects, and even faecal material from dust mites, can cause illnesses or trigger allergic reactions. Since your kids and pets spend a lot of time playing or grooming on the carpet, they are exposed to higher risk. You also don’t want customers to your business catching a bug. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning system reaches deep down into the fibres to eliminate these substances, thus restoring the health and hygiene of your establishment. Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh


5. Eco-friendly solutions

DIY carpet cleaning process involves the use of a lot of chemicals and equipment that could potentially upset the ecosystem. You also don’t want to have to worry about toxic fumes being generated. With our carpet cleaning business however, all the techniques and procedures employed are designed to have no effect on the environment, and are safe to use around children and pets. Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh


6. Reliable services

Our wide client base, reviews and recommendations are testament of the quality of service we deliver. Our personnel uphold professional work ethics while serving you. The cleaning crew is also punctual, and will take good care of your property and your carpet during the cleaning. This means that you won’t keep postponing your plans because of any inconveniences. Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh


Getting In Touch Us

Book your carpet cleaning today. The booking and payment systems are online, and you can access them from the comfort of your home or office. You can also reach us through our free phone line. Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh


Carpet Cleaning Ranelagh – Professional sofa cleaning services for less!


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