Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

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Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Getting Your Carpet Cleaned By The Expert Team – Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh


Carpets are all about the beauty and glamour. From the natural material like wool that’s warm and cosy underfoot, also radiating a luxurious look and feel, to the synthetic options such as acrylic, olefin and nylon, which have enhanced attributes such as strength and stain resistance, there are carpets to meet different budgets and décor needs. That way you get to enhance the ambience of your interior space. With carpet’s, it’s not just about the beauty. Their functional attributes are also a core reason behind their popularity. Take for instance their warmth. It’s both visual and literal. The fibre structure of the carpets makes it an insulator, preventing heat loss from the interior space. This means that it’s warm and cosy to walk on, and also reduces your monthly energy bill in your residential or commercial premises. The structure also enables carpets to absorb sounds. This is beneficial whether you’re in a busy office building or mall with hundreds of people constantly walking around and you want to muffle the sound from their footsteps, you’re in an apartment block and you don’t want noises from your residence permeating to the floors below, or you simply want to get a better experience with your home theatre and sound system. Then there’s the filtration aspect. Dust particles, allergens such as pollen, pollutants like cigarette smoke and fumes wafted into the building from the outside, are absorbed by the carpet, removing them from the indoor air space and improving its quality. In order to keep your carpet in top condition and performing optimally, quality maintenance is needed. That’s where our carpet cleaning professionals come in. Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh


Value Of Bringing In The Specialist Carpet Cleaning Team


  • Truck-mounted equipment – Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh


Our uniformed crew comes on site with branded trucks, fully equipped for the task ahead. They have all they need for the carpet cleaning, from the energy to power up the industrial-grade machinery to be used, to that of heating up the water for the deep clean. The hot water extraction process is the most recommended by carpet manufacturers around the world- for good reason. It ensures that the carpet gets a thorough in-depth wash, where the grime that’s buried in the material is actually removed, and not just pushed further in to hide it. The cleaning agents themselves are powerful, formulated to break down the stains and liquefy the soiling with ease. This speeds up the operations, without compromising on the thorough nature of the task. Vacuum systems are then used to suck up the mixture from the carpet, leaving it fresh and vibrant. Even those odours that are coming from the carpet and fouling up the interior air space are neutralised, and their source extracted with the rest of the soiling. The superb results are due to a combination of highly effective tools, and quality workmanship. The personnel sent to your establishment are our own- not subcontracted, and hence are sure to stick to our high standard of service delivery. They are professionally trained, and additionally have loads of experience stemming from years of carpet care. All this comes together to get rid of the grime and contaminants, enhancing the beauty of the carpet, and improving the health and hygiene of the interior space as a whole. Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh



Your weekends and days off from work are meant to be spent resting and hanging out with your loved ones, not sweating through hours of back-breaking tasks like DIY carpet cleaning. In your business premises, timeliness of your operations is key. You don’t want sections of the establishment being sealed off beyond-schedule, hampering your activities. Machinery that is rented from stores does not have the same capacity as the equipment used by the professionals. This is because, in a bid to make them more portable, their component parts are reduced, sacrificing on the power and efficiency. What’s more, they are usually intended for general cleaning, which becomes an issue when there are stubborn cases such as urine stains that need to be resolved. Even with the extraction, the carpet ends up being left with residue, or too wet such that its drying time gets increased. Each have their ramifications, as the residue is a dirt magnet, and the longer the carpet remains wet the easier it is for mould and mildew to grow. Hiring our crew will enable you to avoid such scenarios, providing you with quality results in moments. The commercial and residential carpet cleaning services are also available for emergency situations, allowing you to restore the elegance to your establishment in case of issues such as plumbing accidents. Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh


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