Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

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Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

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If you are looking for a reliable carpet cleaning in Clontarf area you should consider Dublin Carpet Cleaning. With hundreds of jobs completed and a long list of regular carpet cleaning customers, we are one of the most requested carpet cleaning companies in Clontarf. We own top of the range carpet cleaning equipment and we can guarantee you highly competitive pricing. One hour drying time and very easy payment options. Al our staff is fully trained and highly recommended. We provide free estimates and we are open 24/7. Join our regular customers list and enjoy faster bookings & best rates. All our carpet cleaning services are fully insured. Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

Value Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet needs regular cleaning. It’s not just about the visible soiling and stains. In fact, up to 85% of the dirt in your carpet is buried deep within the fibres. In the long run, the carpet can hold its own weight, or more in dirt. That’s a lot of gunk. As it accumulates, it gets more gritty and abrasive, which wears down the fibres. This reduces the life of the carpet. Vacuuming will just remove the loose dust and debris. The nasty germs and deeply ingrained dirt will require a professional clean. Professional carpet cleaning also removes the unsightly spots and stains, plus the dried-in spillages, improving the appearance of your carpet. You also don’t want to spend your weekends hauling around furniture and working the soiling off your carpet. We’ll take the load off your back. We come with the skills and tools necessary for an effective and timely carpet cleaning job. Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

Each time people walk on the carpet, the particles held in it are agitated and released into the air. Your carpet ends up ruining your indoor air space. If you’re in a commercial building that sees a lot of foot traffic, it puts your employees and clients health at risk. At home, your kids and pets spend a lot of time on the carpet, and may end up inhaling the grime and dander that it holds. Food and drink spills create great breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, wherever there’s dust and nourishment from organic material like food residue and skin cells, there’s bound to be colonies of dust mites. Your carpet can be infested with millions of pests and pathogens. Carpet cleaning will enhance the health and hygiene of the establishment. Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

Benefits Of Using Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

1. High quality equipment

For effective carpet cleaning, one has to have the right products and machines for the job. That’s what we come with. We have invested heavily in modern state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all the dirt and soiling is eliminated from the carpet. We employ processes like hot water extraction to get deep within the carpet’s fibres, to remove the ingrained dirt and grime. The carpet cleaning gets rid of everything, from the dust and pollen, to mud tracked in under shoes, rodent residue, dust mites and their body waste, pet dander, shed skin and fur, and even the stains from food and drink spills. Removing the dust mites and bacteria reduces the risk of allergies and other health problems. Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

2. Speed and convenience

You don’t want lengthy interruptions at home, or to seal off sections of your premises for prolonged periods. The carpet cleaning process is quick and thorough. Most of the moisture will be sucked out of your carpet, and the remainder will take just 1 hour to dry. You will be able to resume your normal routine as soon as possible. The fast dry time has the added benefit of reducing the rate of resoiling, and preventing water damage, plus growth of mould and mildew. Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

3. Environmental awareness

In today’s world, everyone has to play their role in protecting Mother Nature. We acknowledge and join global concerted efforts geared at preserving the environment, which is why we use eco-friendly products that pose no risk to the ecosystem. No toxic fumes are generated, and the carpet cleaning processes ensure the indoor air quality of your establishment is maintained. Carpet Cleaning Clontarf


4. All-round carpet cleaning

We cater for both residential and commercial carpet cleaning- from your bedroom, dining room, living room, stairs and hallway carpets at home, to high-traffic classroom carpets in schools, universities and colleges, shops, departmental stores and retail environments, luxury carpets in hotels and restaurants, to hygiene-sensitive areas like nursing homes and hospitals. The services leave you with a clean and fresh carpet. Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

5. Great prices

You get to have your carpet cleaned at competitive prices. The cost will be suited to your particular needs, and is determined by factors like the carpet size. Carpet Cleaning Clontarf

6. Customer service

As our customer, you are our main priority. That’s why we’ve designed our systems to make things easy for you, and ensure that you’re satisfied. Our free phone line is always open to address your needs. Our systems are also online, from the booking all through to the payment system. You can set up your carpet cleaning schedule from the comfort of your home, or your desk at the office. Carpet Cleaning Clontarf


Carpet Cleaning Clontarf – Affordable carpet cleaning prices & high quality services!

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