Carpet Cleaning Dublin - 1 Hour Drying Service

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Carpet Cleaning Dublin - 1 Hour Drying Service
Carpet Cleaning Dublin – 1 Hour Drying Service


Over the past 12 years, Dublin Carpet Cleaning has become one of the most popular carpet cleaning contractors in Dublin. Premium technology and highly efficient carpet cleaning shampoos have enabled us to provide outstanding carpet cleaning services to thousands of commercial and domestic customers. We can achieve impressive results where other companies have failed.


Dublin Carpet Cleaning offer fair prices and superb after service. We do not cut corners, we engage with our customers and we do our best to keep the prices low and the service unequalled. Highly qualified staff and the latest carpet cleaning technology is our main secret. Anyone who has used our services before is sure to recommend our services to everybody and is sure to use us again.


Coffee stains? Wine stains? Tea stains? Food stains? Glue stains? Ink stains? No problem. We have the right stain remover for any type of stain. Our company uses premium eco friendly carpet cleaning products from Craftex & Cleanfast range. We can refresh your carpets and remove all the bad stains without using harsh chemicals.


Our online booking system is easy to use and it allows you to pick the most suitable times. Would you like to pay with a card? No problem. We are happy to accept all credit/debit cards on the spot. You can also pay us with cash & cheques.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – 1 Hour Drying Service
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Why not book 5+ items and receive a 20% package deal discount? Call us now!


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – 1 Hour Drying Service – Sofa Cleaning Dublin


How much do you love your sofa? A lot? Then you call Dublin Carpet Cleaning and you will have your sofa cleaned with premium “safe” sofa cleaning shampoos. All our sofa cleaning products and sofa spot removers are eco friendly and safe for pregnant women, asthmatics, kids & older people. All our main shampoos are made in Ireland 100%.
Our prices for sofa cleaning start from only 20 euro for a single seat armchair and can go up to 80 euro for a standard L shape sofa. All our prices are informative only, the final price will be decided on the spot after a project inspection. Dirtier than average & bigger than average sofa cleaning projects will cost more. Book 5+ items and receive a discount of 20%.
We specialise in fabric sofa cleaning services & leather sofa cleaning services. To deep clean and soften leather we will use special leather cleaners from Prochem & Craftex. The leather will be degreased and treated with the cleaner and then we will use special oils and waxes from Prochem to soften the leather. The results are amazing all the time. We are happy to contract commercial and domestic sofa cleaning projects of all sizes and condition.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – 1 Hour Drying Service – Upholstery Cleaning Dublin


Cleaning commercial upholstery or fancy antique upholstery is not a job for starters. Our company deals with hundreds of commercial upholstery cleaning projects each year and our reputation is sky high. We focus on signing up regular customers to use us a few times per year. Our professional upholstery cleaners and upholstery sanitization products are designed to break dirt instantly without damaging sensitive fibres. We are happy to contract restaurants, pubs, sport clubs, showrooms, etc. Our company also deals with many domestic customers. Fair prices & superb quality work guaranteed.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – 1 Hour Drying Service – Rug Cleaning Dublin


Most rugs are made from very sensitive materials that can easily damage. Hot water can make it shrink, strong chemicals can make it change colour and a rough cleaning can break it in pieces. The balance has to be just right to be able to achieve premium results without negative effects. Dublin Carpet Cleaning charges about 30 euro per standard rug and 40 euro per big rugs, Our prices are pretty competitive and we never fail to provide amazing results.
We are happy to deep clean antique rugs and standard rugs (including IKEA). Book our services online and let us do our magic.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – 1 Hour Drying Service – Mattress Cleaning Dublin


Deep cleaning mattresses is a very tough job and 100% results cannot be guaranteed all the time but by using Dublin Carpet Cleaning you are sure to achieve the best possible results. Urine and blood can discolour the fibre of the mattress over time. We use some of the best mattress cleaning products and only premium stain removers but some stains are unremovable. In a case where the stains cannot be removed we can only sanitize the surface of the mattress.
Our prices start from only 30 euro for a single mattress and it can go up to 60 euro for king size mattresses. All our mattress cleaning products are 100% eco friendly.


Have your carpet, sofa, mattress, upholstery or rug cleaned by Dublin Carpet Cleaning. We are one of the very few local carpet cleaning specialists using Irish made carpet cleaning shampoos and local carpet cleaning techniques. Book our services online and receive great deals and discounts. Have your items cleaned by the masters of carpet cleaning in Dublin.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – 1 Hour Drying Service
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