What Is Carpet Cleaning?

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What Is Carpet Cleaning?

What Is Carpet Cleaning?

Carpeted floors are very likely to accumulate alot of dirt and dust. This dirt and dust gathers in the carpet fibres and is released into the air as you walk on the carpet, only to settle back into the carpet fibres again. This dust can cause or aggrevate allergies and other health issues. Regular hoovering is essential for the removal of dirt and dust particles however it is not enough, a thorough deep carpet clean is required periodically to clean and refresh the carpet and remove deep down dirt, dust and bacteria that cannot be removed with hoovering alone. You should hire a professional carpet cleaning company at least once per year to deep clean your carpet, depending on traffic. A carpet cleaning professional will pre-spray the surface with a softener to soften the dirt and dust particles and will then extract all the residue with a special wand. It is that simple. A standard vacuum can remove some of the dust but the fine particles of dust that can have a negative affect on your health cannot be fully removed with normal vacuums. Look after your carpets and your health and have them professionally cleaned regularly.


Carpet Cleaning – got two estimates, 20 euro and 60 euro, why? What Is Carpet Cleaning?


Well like with anything else, you get what you pay for. Some carpet cleaning companies use less efficient, dated carpet cleaning shampoos and equipment and some use highly efficient antibacterial carpet cleaning shampoos and the most up to date technology. A carpet cleaning shampoo with a low PH can wet your carpet and it can deodorise it but it might not disinfect it. The latest premium carpet cleaning shampoos contain antibacterials and virucidals. The formulas are being updated regularly to comply with new regulations, to improve their cleaning power and lessen their environmental impact. In other words, carpet cleaning companies offering their services for much cheaper prices than the market average, are not doing the job right. They may wash your carpet but they are saving money somewhere, maybe on cheap, toxic products. When you use our professional carpet cleaning services, you can be guaranteed that we are using the highest quality products from reputable brands which are non toxic and have a low environmental impact.


Carpet Cleaning – some stains are still there after cleaning, why? What Is Carpet Cleaning?


You have to be realistic. Some stains cannot be removed whatever you do. Some stains stain the carpet while others “burn” the carpet. If the fibre of your carpet is discoloured, a stain remover cannot re-colour it. The colour is gone for good. We will use a wide range of solvent and water based stain removers to attempt to remove the stain in full but there is only so much we can do.


Carpet Cleaning – does better equipment matter? What Is Carpet Cleaning?


Of course it does. 50% of the work is done by the machine & 50% is done by chemicals. To achieve premium results you have to use top of the range carpet cleaning machines and top of the range carpet cleaning chemicals. Our company uses Prochem Steampro Max – 130 psi – the biggest carpet cleaning machine from the Prochem range. This machine will blast your carpet with steam and it will extract over 90% of the moisture instantly. The carpet will dry in no time.
Companies offering cheaper carpet cleaning services have not usually invested too much in technology and use less powerful equipment which will leave your carpet semi wet for days in a row. This can create a lot of damp on the walls and windows and it can damage wood furniture. Not good for your health or your home.


Carpet Cleaning – how to find a good contractor? What Is Carpet Cleaning?


A proper carpet cleaning contractor will have a pricelist on the website and a few solid references. Use well established carpet cleaning companies with at least 5 years experience. A carpet cleaning company would not last 5+ years if they do bad quality work. Free estimates should come as standard as well. Never go for the cheap deal. For a professional carpet cleaning company to function well & use proper equipment, they have to make profit. Imagine you in work working for free. You do not want that.


Carpet Cleaning – carpet protectors, it is worth it?


Hard to say. Some people love it while other people cant see the point of it. First of all, a scotchgard or a carpet protector will not protect your carpets 100% against spillages. It will provide extra time before the stain will penetrate the carpet. A carpet with no treatment will stain instantly. A major issue with all carpet protectors is the fact that it wears off unevenly and the areas where there is no traffic or little traffic, the protector will remain intact while in the areas with high traffic, the protector will wear off and the carpet will get dirty faster. An extraction carpet cleaning system would not be able to penetrate the areas still sealed so the job can end up looking a mess. From our experience, we do not believe that  a scotchgard is a great investment but we have no problem doing it for you if you wish.


From our experience and from our customers, we have learned that people who pay a bit extra for carpet cleaning services end up using the same service provider regularly while people who are looking for very cheap carpet cleaning prices are very unlikely to become a regular customer. This is the reason we offer our regular customers more. What is more?


Well, first of all, we offer up to 40% discounts on package deals. Then we are using antibacterial carpet cleaning shampoos and odour neutralisers at no extra cost to our customers. We are also happy to adapt to any special requirements and to work with our customers to make sure that they are 100% satisfied after we leave the job.


Give us a call and let us do our magic. We are open for business 24/7



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