Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16

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Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16

Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16

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1 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

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All-Round Carpet Cleaning

Coughs and sneezes triggered by the dust and dander in the carpet, asthma attacks and allergic rhinitis caused by irritation to the respiratory system when the particles are inhaled, itchy skin, rashes, eczema and even athletes foot- a dirty carpet poses lots of danger to the health of the persons using it. With the immune system already busy fighting off pathogens and toxins, living or working in a soiled environment causes it to work a lot harder. The stress and frustrations caused by this environment doesn’t help this. In fact, it worsens them as they are associated with weakening one’s immunity. Maintaining a regular carpet cleaning schedule is key to enhance the health of your establishment. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16



The build-up of soiling in the carpet doesn’t just make it look dull and dilapidated. Those particles are a threat to its structural integrity and functionality. They are abrasive underfoot, being grinded against the fibres of the carpet as people walk over them. In those areas that handle heavy foot traffic, the rate at which this happens increases. Cleaning is needed- but not just from any source. Getting rookies for the process worsens things since they will use shortcuts, or outrightly harsh chemicals that are not compatible with the material, and damage it. Professional cleaners will take the appropriate approach for your carpet, getting rid of the grime while protecting the carpet at the same time. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16


  • Domestic Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16


What happens when you invite guests over to your place? Do they admire the setup, and send a compliment your way, or is their attention fixed on the dirty carpet? It’s difficult to make them “feel at home” when there are stains riddling the surface, or odours coming up from it. Some situations can be mortifying, especially when you find yourself awkwardly answering questions from the ever-critical in-laws. Your own peace of mind, and that of your family, is on the line. A soiled environment is uncomfortable to live in, and there’s also be that nagging thought in your mind about chores that require your attention. This is not how you want things to be for your family. Call us in to give the carpet a deep clean. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16


  • Eco Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin 16


We employ cleaning products that come with powerful cleaning capacities, out-perform other traditional systems and conventional harsh formulations, while being safe to use for your family members at home and colleagues at the workplace, plus our personnel too. The processes used cause minimal environmental impact, and your carpet gets to stay cleaner longer. There will be no fumes or irritants left behind. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16


  • Quick Drying Time


The amount of solutions used for the process is controlled to prevent the dangers associated with overwetting, thus protecting the carpet. What’s more, high powered suction from state-of-the-art vacuum systems extracts the bulk of the moisture that’s within the carpet, thereby reducing the drying time from days to just a few hours. All this is at an affordable price, with packages suited to your particular situation.  Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16

Carpet Cleaning Dublin 16

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