Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17

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Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17

Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17

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1 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Bring Back The Beauty To Your Carpet

The carpet comes under a barrage of abuse all year round. Dirt and spills, foot traffic, pet dander all through to cases of smoke being absorbed by the material, urine spots by pets, and the occasional vomit incidence- it ruins the look and feel of the carpet, and leaves the rooms smelling grungy. Since the carpet is one of the largest pieces of furnishings on the premises, its state has an impact on the rest of the decor, and you want to ensure that it remains elegant throughout its life on your floor. This involves proper care, which includes the regular vacuuming, and scheduling cleaning sessions to remove the stains and ingrained soiling. That’s where we come in. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17


  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17


Those abrasive particles in the carpet are a threat to its structural integrity, and consequently its lifespan. They get grinded against the fibres of the material, and wear it down. In commercial establishments, where foot traffic is higher, this happens at a faster rate. As such, scheduling regular cleaning is vital to remove the source of your troubles. Impressions also factor in. After all, appearances are key when it comes to attracting customers to your business. You want them to form a positive perception about you the moment they walk through the front door. This will not be the case then there is dirt and grime all over the carpet. Get it resolved by calling in the carpet cleaning specialists. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17


  • Domestic Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17


You want a clean and healthy home, but with a busy work and social life that becomes a tall order to fulfil. You’re swamped with responsibilities from our place of business, and come home to cheery kids who have waited all day to spend time with you. Your significant other is also looking forward to those happy moments, and there are still lots of chores to take care of in the house. Do you have toddlers and elderly family members living with you? A residence with clutter becomes a safety hazard for them. Keep in mind that you also need your R&R, in order to be in an optimal state of mind, ready to tackle day-to-day duties. Free up your time by leaving the carpet cleaning to us. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17


  • Eco Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin 17


We utilise processes that reduce the amount of water and resource wastage, Hazardous chemicals are also avoided, that way you won’t have to worry about your indoor air space being filled with toxic fumes, or any runoff that leaks to water bodies and pollutes them. The products employed by our crew have met EU standards and legislation on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17



While surrounding conditions of temperature and humidity have a huge influence on how long the carpet takes to dry, it still doesn’t mean that you should be inconvenienced for days. In order to cut down the drying time, the amount of cleaning solutions used for the process is carefully controlled, and we have also invested in systems that extract most of the water from the carpet after it has been cleaned. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17


Carpet Cleaning Dublin 17

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