Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18

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Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18

Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18

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1 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Carpet Cleaning Experts To Take Care Of Your Needs

Carpets bring plenty of value to the interior space. First, there’s the aesthetic appeal. They add to the décor with the colourations, patterns, and various pile heights, enabling you to set up the personal ambience at home or professional workspace that meets your needs. Then there is the comfortable feel underfoot, that sets up a “softer” feel to the space. After all, you can’t exactly curl up in front of your fireplace on a hard floor. With matters insulation, you get to save on your energy costs, seeing that the carpets are good insulators, reducing heat loss. Acoustics also factor in, with the carpet material and its padding absorbing sounds and reducing their reverberation. To keep your carpet at its optimal, routine and in-depth cleaning is needed. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18


  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18


Carpets are expensive installations- especially in business premises where they need to cover expansive areas. Once you have yours set up, you want to protect it from getting deteriorated, and requiring to be replaced sooner than anticipated. The dirt and grime accumulating within the material is a threat to it. As people walk around, the particles get grinded against the fibres, wearing them down. Using cheap rookie services for the cleaning exposes your carpet to more risk, with mistakes causing anything from discoloration to shrinkage and delamination. Protect your carpet, and prolong its life by turning to the professional cleaning crew. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18


  • Domestic Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18


There are various kinds of carpets. From the iconic Saxony with its cut pile and can have a textured appearance or be plush and velvety, the looped Berber carpet that gives the interior space a relaxed feel- and nowadays has anything from large and chunky loops to small tight ones, Frieze carpets where the fibres are long and tightly twisted, having a laid back feel perhaps because the fibres themselves literally lay back instead of standing up straight, and are a great option for family rooms and even look good on the stairs, to cut-and-loop styles where some fibres are cut and others are looped to make a pattern, we take care of them all. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18


  • Eco Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin 18


Advances in the carpet cleaning industry have brought forth products that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, safe for building’s occupants and the cleaners themselves, while still delivering the tough cleaning action required to dissolve the stubborn stains and deodorise the carpet. We incorporate these formulations into our processes, in order to carry out a thorough clean without increasing your carbon footprint. You get all this without straining your budget, as our services come at pocket-friendly prices. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18



You don’t want your customers being forced to endure soggy carpets for days, or your comfort at home being taken away for extended periods. We employ highly effective drying systems as part of our services, in order to reduce the waiting time for the carpet to be ready to use to less than half a day. This has the welcome benefit of preventing the growth of fungi, further protecting your installation. Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18


Carpet Cleaning Dublin 18

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