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Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin


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Restore The Health And Shine Of Your Carpet Using Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever paused to think about how dirty your carpet might be? Do you postpone your carpet cleaning until the carpet actually begins to change colour? Your carpet can get very dirty. It’s the filter of all kinds of stuff, from the pollen in the air, to whatever is at the bottom of your shoes. It traps everything that falls onto it, from lint, hair, thread ravelling and sewing scraps, to paper, wood shavings and even tobacco particles. Face powder, fine sand and dust in the air keep getting embedded into the carpet’s fibres. Don’t forget the heavy soiling from gravel and mud, which gets tracked onto it from the driveway or yard. The build-up of litter and gritty dirt forms lumps of carpet grease and gunk, which hold the dirt particles together, and cause them to cling tightly to the fibres. The sharp edges of these particles then press against the carpet’s fibres whenever people or pets walk on it. This causes the fibers to break. They end up destroying the fabric and dulling the colour of your carpet. Extraction carpet cleaning systems are designed to restore the shine and colour to your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

A similar scenario is witnessed in offices. Dirty carpets in the office can lead to all sorts of problems. The dust and bacteria getting trapped in the workplace carpets can lead to your clients and employees developing colds, fevers and even getting headaches. As they walk about the office, they push the allergen deeper into the carpet, and they can’t be removed by traditional vacuuming. That’s where the extraction carpet cleaning systems come in. They also remove the mould spores that tend to grow quickly on carpets, which can cause reactions in come people. People also bring their lunch to work, while some order for snacks to be brought up to their desks. As you munch away at that savoury sandwich, the crumbs falling off eventually reach the carpet. When you add spilled beverages like soda or juice to the mix, then soon your office carpet will not only look dirty, but also start smelling funky. You don’t want your clients walking into your office only to be greeted by coffee stains on your carpet. You only get one chance at a first impression, and an unsightly carpet is not something you want your customers to remember you for. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Your Carpet: A Dirt Haven That Can Make You Sick

Did you know that a carpet can hold over 4 times its weight in dirt? In fact, there are probably over 200,000 bacteria per square inch of your carpet. From the dust mites and shed skin to the insect faeces and pollutants like volatile organic compounds, your carpet handles lot of material that can land you in hospital. Do you occasionally drop your burger onto your carpet (accidentally) and still pick it up and eat it? People say that “if it’s less than 5 seconds, then it’s not contaminated”. That’s false. Bacteria can live on your carpet for weeks, so you can imagine the kind of dirt you are putting into your stomach. Then there are the people who walk all over their carpets using their outdoor shoes. This brings soiling from the yard into your home, and grinds it into the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Stains can be caused by a myriad of spills, from alcoholic beverage spills, colas, jelly, milk and even paint, to food dyes, berry smudges and ice cream drips. Cases of chocolate, coffee and tea stains on carpets are common. Sometimes you’ll be dealing with blood or vomit. In case you have kids in the house, it’s just a matter of time before candy and food crumbs end up in the carpet. There’ll be beverage spills and the occasional finger-paint artwork from your toddler. Since your pets and kids spend a lot of time playing and resting on the carpet, you want to use carpet cleaning procedures that are safe. The wrong products will leave chemical reside that can be inhaled, thus affecting the health of your little ones. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet cleaning is also needed for commercial settings. Business usually purchase and install carpets that have enhanced durability due to the high amount of human traffic. As such, the carpets may not appear dirty often, or even show signs of wear. However, they are still far from clean. The high foot traffic from employees, visitors and vendors brings all kinds of dust, debris and other germs to your carpet. You’ll need regular deep carpet cleaning to ensure the durability of your carpet, and enable you to enjoy it for longer. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Your carpet at the office also requires your attention. Since you spend 40 hours or more of each week at the workplace, the cleanliness of your carpet has a direct impact on your health, productivity and happiness. Just because there are no children or pets at work doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get dirty. Workplace carpets handle large amounts of foot traffic, and they are constant filters, trapping the dirt and grime. An extraction carpet cleaning system will get the fresh and hygienic. Here is a look at what these systems do for you:

Benefits Of The Extraction carpet Cleaning System

1. Thorough cleaning

There are a couple of things you want for your carpet cleaning. First, you want to eliminate those unsightly stains that are messing up the carpet and ruining your décor. Then there’s the issue of the heavy soiling that’s trapped within the carpet fibers, that gets raised into the air each time someone walks on the carpet, or your pet plays on it. You also want to eliminate the microbes that are forming colonies in your carpet. The extraction carpet cleaning system does all that, and more. It reaches deep down to the carpet padding and removes the hidden layers of gunk and grime. This carpet cleaning system eliminates the stains, giving your carpet the look and feel you desire. It gets rid of the bacteria, dust mites and other microbes that are crawling all over your carpet, ensuring that it’s safe for your family at home, and employees at the workplace. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

2. Enhance the life of your carpet

Dirt and grit are abrasive. They wear down the carpet fibres and cut down its lifespan. The extraction carpet cleaning system prevents this from happening. As it protects you carpet, you also get to save on costs you would have incurred in making replacements. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

3. Effective spot treatments

Sometimes you only want to clean a small section of the floor. Perhaps there has been a spill, or your furry friend desired to do his business on a corner of your carpet. The extraction carpet cleaning gives you enhanced spot removing power, enabling you to fix these mishaps on the go. It also leaves your carpet free of residue. When residue is left on the carpet, it increases the chances of resoiling. The extraction carpet cleaning ensures your carpet is left spotless. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

4. Safe to use

As your carpet gets cleaned, you want to be sure that the indoor air quality of your home remains unaffected. This carpet cleaning uses products that are safe for the personnel working the carpet, and the people using the establishment. In addition, it gets the dirt and grime out of your carpet into the machine, instead of simply agitating it and raising it into the atmosphere. This ensures your air quality is not affected. The extraction carpet cleaning system is also safe to use around kids and pets. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

5. Great for Mother Nature

In today’s world, there is more emphasis on environmental awareness when it comes to carpet cleaning systems. To preserve nature, there is need to adopt environmentally sound practices both at home and at the workplace. Extraction carpet cleaning systems are eco-friendly. This is because they rely on the power of highly heated water with gentle, non-toxic carpet cleaning products. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

6. Fast dry time

You want to resume using your floor as soon as possible. You don’t want to seal off sections of your business premises for an entire day waiting for the carpet to dry. In addition, the longer the dry time, the higher the chances of resoiling. This is because a damp carpet is a magnet for loose dust and dirt particles floating around in the air. The extraction carpet cleaning system reduces the chances of resoiling occurring. Your carpet gets to dry in as little as 1 hour. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

7. Affordable

You want a clan carpet without draining out our wallet. The extraction carpet cleaning system services are budget friendly, enabling you to get a sparkling carpet at low cost. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

8. Enhance the health and hygiene of your home

Clean carpets cut down on the number of microbes and pathogens breeding and growing in your home. This makes for a more healthy environment. In addition, there won’t be dirt, dust and other allergens being raised into the atmosphere each time someone walks on the carpet, thus avoiding respiratory problems and allergic reactions. If you have kids or pets in your home, professional carpet cleaning will also protect them. They spend a lot of time crawling and playing on the floor, and can pick up dirt and germs from the carpet. There can be over 4000 times more germs in your carpet than on your toilet seat. In case there are insects, they can get bitten, which results in allergic reactions. Some of the buggers, like dust mites, are a common cause of skin irritation. If your children are always scratching themselves after spending time on the carpet, then that might be the culprit. For the pets, first, they’ll be shedding fur and dander all over the carpet, which will cling to the fibres. Secondly, as they hop around or sleep on the carpet, they’ll also pick up the germs and may get sick. Using the extraction carpet cleaning system ensures that your carpets are clean and healthy. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

How The Extraction Carpet Cleaning System Works

It works using a water-based cleaning solution. The solution is prepared using the recommended cleaning product for your carpet, plus hot water, and it held in the solution tank of the carpet cleaning machine. A stream of the heated and pressurised cleaning solution is injected into the carpet. It forces the dirt and soiling out of the carpet, and onto the surface. This is then removed using a wet vacuum. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

A carpet cleaner pre-spray can be applied to the carpet prior to cleaning. This is especially for cases where there is heavy soiling. Some level of agitation to the carpet is normally applied.

The extraction carpet cleaning is recommended by carpet manufacturers around the world, because it’s safe and effective. Other methods have the potential of damaging the fibres. In addition, this carpet cleaning method actually removes the dust and debris embedded in the carpet’s fibres, whereas the other methods only suck up portions of the dirt and push the rest deeper into your carpet. When you just clean the surface, the dirt left within it will deteriorate the fibres. Eventually, the carpet’s life will be reduced. Turn to the extraction carpet cleaning system for a thorough clean. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Tips

· Get the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to work on your carpet. Extraction carpet cleaning is effective, but it is a technique that only provides exceptional results after proper training and experience. It needs precision and skill. This will enable you to avoid mistakes like over wetting, or using the wrong chemicals for your carpet. You don’t want the fibres to get damaged, or the material to shrink or colour bleed. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

· Have your carpet cleaned regularly. It’ll make you carpet look better and last longer. The frequency depends on the amount of traffic being handled. Offices may require their carpets to be cleaned on a monthly basis. Most typical households need carpet cleaning at least once a year. If you have pets or in case someone in the house smokes, the carpet should be professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

· You can use fans or a dehumidifier to speed up the drying time after the carpet cleaning.

· Prevent your carpet from wearing out by rearranging your furniture occasionally. You can also put small rugs in areas that are more likely to receive lots of wear, such as in front of your TV-viewing chair.

· Vacuum your carpet regularly. It’s recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner that has a powerful airflow, plus high-efficiency filtration. It should also have an internally-housed vacuum bag for convenience, and correct brush height adjustment. Carpet Cleaning Dublin


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