Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

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Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning is not your ordinary chore. Using improper cleaning solutions and techniques will ruin the carpet, shorten its life, and even void its warranty. Common mistakes lead to everything from delamination (the carpet separating from its secondary backing), to fading and discolouration. Using the wrong formulation or solutions that are not intended for your carpet can even strip off its stain resistance. Over-wetting is another problem, and increases the drying time, which results in growth or mould and fungi. The moisture can also seep into the subfloor and damage the material. Excessive moisture can also cause the carpet to shrink and pull away from the wall. Avoid the risk and hassle. Turn to professional carpet cleaning services to protect your investment. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

Carpet cleaning is also a lot of work if you don’t have the right equipment. Since you’ll only be giving your carpet at home a thorough clean only twice a year, it may not be visible to buy the equipment. You also need to figure out how much of the cleaning products to use, and how long to leave the carpet cleaning machines in position. Using too much cleaning detergents or shampoo on the carpet can cause it to leave residue, which increases the speed of resoiling. Hiring professional carpet cleaning services will deliver superior results, while enabling you to cut down your cleaning costs. The personnel come with the experience and expertise necessary to handle your carpet cleaning needs. They know which treatments are safe, and exactly how much to use. Plus, calling in the carpet cleaning services saves you the loads of time and energy you’d have spent working on your carpet. It can take you 3 or even 4 run-throughs before you see results that come close to those of professional carpet cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

Just How Dirty Is Your Carpet?

People are always tracking dirt and mud onto the carpet from the outside. There are all kinds of food and beverage spills. Don’t forget the occasional urine stain from your cat or dog. Do you accidentally drop food onto the carpet, and immediately pick it and shove it into your mouth, without a care in the world? The 5-second rule is a myth. Bacteria can live on your carpet for over a month, and will quickly cling onto the food items that you drop and happily consume. The carpet catches everything, from the floating pollen and dust in the air, to shed skin, pet hair and dander. The average person sheds about 1.5 million skin flakes every hour, and most of this gets embedded in the carpet. How many people are in your household? How many customers and employees walk around your business premises on a daily basis? The higher the traffic, the more frequent carpet cleaning services you’ll need. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

In addition, indoor air usually contains up to twice the amount of dust in the air outside, as more usually gets trapped in the building. Those are about a million dust particles floating around in a cubic inch of air. Eventually some of it gets deposited in the carpet, and trapped within the fibres. You can find about 2000 dust mites living in just 1 ounce (about 0.03kg) of carpet dust. The dust mites will thrive, happily getting nourished by the dead skin cells. Their faecal matter is a common cause for skin irritation, and it can also dry, mix with dust, and get airborne as people walk over the carpet- which can lead to allergies. Hiring professional carpet cleaning services will get these pathogens off your environment. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

In case someone in the establishment or home smokes, the carcinogens from the cigarettes can accumulate in the carpet. Since children and infants, plus your pets, spend a great deal of time on the floor, this exposes them to cancer risks. The carpet can even have mites. For these organisms, killing them is not enough. The carcasses of dead mites can still cause allergic reactions. The carpet cleaning services will completely remove them. Residences with pets have the additional risks of pests like fleas hopping around. The fleas thrive in the carpet’s dry temperature, and damp carpets are great for the flea eggs. You need professional carpet cleaning services that can eliminate the pesky organisms, and ensure that the carpet dries as fast as possible. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

10 Benefits Of Using Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

1. Effective cleaning

The personnel offering the carpet cleaning services use machines that spray hot water, combined with the suitable carpet cleaning product, deep into the padding of your carpet. The machines blast the solution through the carpet fibres, dislodging the dirt and grime. A high powered vacuum is then used to suck up all the cleaning solution, along with the gunk and stains. This leaves your carpet thoroughly clean and freshened. The carpet cleaning services personnel get rid of the mud and soiling tracked into your home or office, the pet hair and dander strewn all over the floor, all through to the set-in stains caused by food and beverage spills. This also prolongs the life of your carpet. The dirt, debris and dirt particles cut, tear and break down the fibre elements. It causes them to become dull and dingy, and appear worn out and abused. The carpet cleaning services will make the carpet look elegant, and feel great under your feet. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

2. Enhance the health and hygiene of your establishment

With the amount of dirt and bacteria being trapped in the carpet fibres, and the dust and allergens like pollen being filtered out of the air, you’ll want carpet cleaning services to restore the health of your premises. You spend plenty of time on the carpet, from the usual walking and the random wrestling matches with your buddies, to the video games as you relax during the weekends. Your kids love crawling on the carpet, and your furry friend spends the afternoons lazing and sleeping on it. You’ll want protection from the pathogens strewn all over the carpet. The carpet cleaning services use products that eliminate dust mites, and also bacteria and viruses such as:

· Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) – a bacteria that’s resistant to penicillin, and usually brought into homes from the track, gyms or locker rooms. It’s common where people love working out, jogging, and especially in houses where there are athletes.

· Campylobacter- This little bugger is responsible for campylobacteriosis, which compromises the immune system and causes everything from fever and cramping, to abdominal pains and bloody diarrhoea. It’s particularly very harmful to children and the elderly, and thrives in dirty and damp carpets.

· Norovirus- It can live on yourr carpet for up to 4-6 weeks. That’s plenty of time for it to infect your household members, especially those who enjoy snacking or lying around on the carpet. The Norovirus causes symptoms resembling stomach flu or food poisoning, and is common in very dusty areas.

· Micrococcus- It causes skin infection, meningitis, septic shock, and is very risky to those with compromised immune systems.

· Enterococci- Some species are actually within your intestines and are harmless to you. However, there are other species that contaminate your carpet, and can end up causing urinary tract infections, bacterial endocarditis, bacteraemia, diverticulitis and even meningitis when they end up in your system.

There are numerous other kinds of microbes on your carpet, and carpet cleaning services get rid of them to ensure a healthy environment for you and your family, your clients and employees at the workplace, congregants at the church, or visitors to your charity. The carpet cleaning services also remove fungi and mould, which can cause serious allergic reactions to people using the premises. These include the likes of Aspergillus, Geotrichum, Alternaria, Cladosporium and Rhizopus.

3. Quick cleaning

Time is of the essence. The carpet cleaning services make use of extraction carpet cleaning, which gets rid of the dirt and soiling from your carpet in the shortest possible time. The company has invested heavily in modern cleaning products, and up-to-date technology and equipment, to ensure to provide quick and professional results. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

4. Remove odours and promote optimal living and working conditions

No one wants to come home to a soiled carpet. You can’t enjoy the ambience of your home if there are odours coming the carpet’s fibres. You don’t want guests to walk into your home and perk up their noses due to the stench hanging in the air. It’s usually caused by food particles and spills that start getting decomposed by the bacteria in the carpet. Hiring professional carpet cleaning services will eliminate the smells, including the odour from urine stains, and the colonies of dust mites. At the workplace, the carpet cleaning services promote the health of your employees and brightens up the establishment. This makes them more productive, which is good for business and profits. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

5. Fast dry time

You want as minimal interruption as possible in your business premises. You don’t want to seal off sections in your building for hours on end. That will affect your operations. Professional carpet cleaning services use techniques with high water-lift technology that remove most of the moisture from your carpet. The remainder can dry in under 1 hour. This also prevents mould from growing in the carpet. For instance, Stachybotrys chartarum is a house mould that’s commonly found on wet carpeting. It produces mycotoxins that can cause mucosal irritation, dermatitis, and immunosuppression. Using professional carpet cleaning services prevents such scenarios from occurring. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

6. Wide client base

The carpet cleaning services are offered across the scope- from residential properties to commercial settings like business, restaurants, hotels, malls, etc. They cover schools, churches, government institutions and charities. Providing quality carpet cleaning services builds customer trust. This means you can easily find referrals and testimonials from satisfied clients, and the services are highly regarded in the local business community. Homeowners, tenants, landlords, realtors and management companies all rely on professional carpet cleaning services to protect their investment. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

7. Friendly services

Professional carpet cleaning services make you, as their customer, their top priority. They acknowledge the fact that you are the source of their business, and they go out of their way to please you. It’s more than just bringing a sparkle to your carpet. It’s the whole package: friendly customer support staff, advice and tips on how you can maintain the health and hygiene of your carpet, and even chatting you up as they work on your property. The carpet cleaning services’ personnel make bring a fun and friendly atmosphere into your home or office, and ensure that you are comfortable and well-versed with all the processes they carry out. Additional bonuses such as a user friendly website with online booking facilities makes things more easy for you as a customer.

8. Insured and guaranteed

You can rest assured that you are fully covered as your carpet is cleaned. This is to provide protection for the carpet itself and the personnel working on it, in case of any mishaps or accidents that can occur during the cleaning operations. The guarantee assures you of the high level of quality carpet cleaning services to expect for your home or commercial establishment.

9. Affordable services

You want to get your carpet cleaned at a competitive cost. Professional carpet cleaning services provide exceptional results at budget-friendly prices. It’s not a one-size-fits-all regimen. The costs are tailor made according to your individual needs. They are priced per square meter, (such as 1€ – 5€ per square meter for commercial carpet cleaning) or per room, for domestic carpet cleaning. The specific price will also be determined by the type and condition of the carpet. Getting a carpet cleaning services estimate is free of charge, meaning you get to know what you’ll be paying beforehand. A site visit will give you an accurate quotation, and there will be no hidden costs down the road. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

10. Saves your energy

You want to spend your weekends resting. No one likes struggling to move furniture around, attending to stubborn stains, lifting machines, etc. Getting thorough cleaning results will require quite the amount of elbow grease. You also don’t want to spend all that time cleaning your carpet yourself, only to end up with poor results due to mistakes made in the process- whether it’s using the wrong cleaning product, too much product, or leaving the carpet too wet. You may also end up spending more resources to repair or replace the carpet. Hiring the carpet cleaning services will take the toll off your back, and alleviate the risks that come with the cleaning procedure. They get the job done in just one round of cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Services Dublin – Professional results for less!

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