Carpet Cleaning For Cat Urine

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Carpet Cleaning For Cat Urine

Carpet Cleaning For Cat Urine

Potty accident nightmares

If you are a cat lover then you know better than anyone else how fantastic it can be to have one of these furry little buddies running around the home. However, it is all fun and games as a purrent until your cat has an accident on your carpet. 

Though these are rare with the fastidiously clean pets, the effects are often impossible to leave with. That is why we compiled some tips and tricks for carpet cleaning after cat potty accidents. 

How to get rid of the odour

Before we even get into how to go about the carpet cleaning, let us take a look at some measures you could take to keep the carpet from getting stinky. And if you have dealt with cat pee on a carpet you know that this is arguably the biggest priority. 


  • Baking soda


Baking soda is somewhat of a wonder cure when it comes to carpet cleaning for cat urine. One way it works is by neutralizing acidic components in the urine responsible for the odour. It also works by its antimicrobial effects which prevent germs from running over your carpet and leaving it stinky. 


  • Lemon juice


Essential oils in lemon juice are pleasantly potent and are often enough to mask the smell of cat urine on a carpet. It could therefore work as a temporary solution before you invest in deep carpet cleaning to take care of the issue on a more permanent basis. 


  • Water and vinegar


This is an old carpet cleaning trick that works with everything from food to pet accidents. It is especially important when it comes to dealing with pet urine on carpeting as it prevents bacteria that cause a lot of the odour from surviving. It also masks the smell with its equally strong scent. 


  • Air out the carpet


A little fresh air could do wonders for a carpet after your cat urinates on it. It could be anything from cracking open a window to switching out your air filter papers for a fresher breeze. However, nothing will help the carpet cleaning go smoother than actually taking the rug or mats out to air dry. Just make sure to soak up as much as possible first. 


  • Commercial deodorizers


You could also ditch the often minimally effective home remedies for a specially formulated carpet and upholstery pet deodorizer. These feature special ingredient blends meant to properly mask the odour from the cat urine. However, it is not an alternative to investing in carpet cleaning and will only work for a short while.

Carpet Cleaning Tips To Avoid Permanent Staining

In addition to carpet cleaning to get rid of the odour, you will want to work on your rugs and mats to avoid permanent staining. Cat pee is often very pigmented especially if they are not very well hydrated. As a result, potty accidents could leave both light and darker coloured carpets looking a proper mess. Here are a few carpet cleaning dos and don’ts to prevent this. 


  • Mop up as much as you can as soon as you can


Effective carpet cleaning is only as good as what you do as soon as the accident occurs. If you happen to be around when your cat urinates on the carpet, make sure to soak up as much as you can using paper or cloth towels. This will prevent the amount of pigment and fluid seeping into the fibres causing the stains and the odour. 


  • Don’t use bleach


Under no circumstances when carpet cleaning for cat urine should bleach enter the mix. It is a common reaction among pet owners and often ends up causing more troubles than it fixes. This is because much as bleach does get rid of the odour and stains, it could leave permanent discolouration spots on your carpet. 


  • No rubbing or scrubbing


One of the biggest mistakes with DIY carpet cleaning is scrubbing and rubbing at stains. This is especially so with liquid spills including your cat’s urine. The process will only spread the urine further around the carpet and deeper into the fabric making it more difficult to remove later on. 


  • Invest in professional carpet cleaning


The best way to get rid of the stain from your cat’s pee is simply by investing in the services of carpet cleaning experts. So why should you do this instead of doing a fun and “cheaper” DIY carpet cleaning project? Well, here are a few reasons to call in the big guns for all your carpet cleaning needs after your cat drops a liquid parcel on your rug. 



Carpet cleaning is not as easy as any DIY tutorial may lead you to believe. There are many considerations to make from the type of carpet fabric to the extent of the staining. Their understanding of all these variables puts them in the best position to offer you the best quality carpet cleaning



It also takes a lot of skill to work the equipment and products when carpet cleaning for cat urine. This, coupled up with their experience makes them an invaluable asset that is definitely worth investing in for your home. 



Carpet cleaning for kitty pee requires special equipment both for stain removal and elimination of odour. This equipment could be super expensive to hire or even impossible to find. By hiring a professional carpet cleaning crew you get access to state of the art tech to get your carpet back to its former glory.  



Another important reason to invest in professional carpet cleaning is the fact that these crews are very fast. It will take you a lot of time as an inexperienced and unskilled DIY enthusiast to get the whole job done. With their skill and manpower, you will have your carpet ready for use in no time. 



DIY carpet cleaning for your cat’s mess could possibly end up costing you more than it will save you. with professionals on the other hand, the guaranteed quality of service ensures that you will be getting full value for your money. 

Carpet Cleaning For Cat Urine

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