Extend The Life Of Your Carpet With These 8 Tips

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Extend The Life Of Your Carpet With These 8 Tips

Extend The Life Of Your Carpet With These 8 Tips

While the carpet cleaning is necessary to prolong the life of your unit, there are also additional measures that you should observe to protect your unit, and maintain that fresh and vibrant look and feel for longer. These include:


  • Regularly vacuuming the carpet


This has certainly been pointed out to you by the carpet manufacturer, and virtually every home care, health and hygiene blog that you go through. It’s with good reason. Vacuuming reduces the allergen concentration and build-up of debris on the upholstery and carpeting. Note that the quality of the vacuum is key. You want one that has more effective filters, and picks up as much debris as possible, in order to ward off the wear and tear to your carpet. This will also reduce the amount of work required when it comes to the carpet cleaning. 


  • Place walk-off mats at the entry points of your home


Immediately people walk into their house from the outdoors with shoes on, there will be dirt and debris transferred into the room. A walk-off mat comes in handy to catch most of the soiling right from the moment they make that first step into the house. That way, the results obtained from the carpet cleaning can last for longer, and the rate of deterioration of your unit can reduce. Mats for those high traffic sections are also recommended, such as the sofa, beds, and at the tables. This is to reduce the rate of the carpet pile getting crushed underfoot with the footfall witnessed in these areas. 


  • Clean up for spills immediately


You don’t want them getting absorbed deeper into the carpet pile. The longer that the drink spills remain on the carpet, the deeper they set into the fabric, and you can easily wind up with permanent stain problem. Use an absorbent cloth to blot up as much of the liquid as possible, and follow this with a spot cleaning.  Do you already have troublesome stains on your carpet? Get in touch with the professional carpet cleaning team to have a discussion about how they can be removed from your unit. 


  • Rearrange your furniture regularly


The sofas and tables are heavy, and when they remain on the same spot for long, there will be indentations forming in the carpet. Switching things up regularly will help in evening out the wear, so that you don’t have sections that have been drastically affected. This also has the welcome bonus of giving you that different look of the interior space without taking a single penny out of your wallet.


  • Getting a pet? Consider what impact it will have on your carpet


When it comes to pets, weigh the pros and cons between the short-hair and long-hair breeds, the amount of shedding that comes with the particular dog, and aspects like how quickly it can grasp the in-house training. These will all have an impact on your carpet, and the frequency of the carpet cleaning required. For instance, if you have a dog that sheds more air, certainly there will be more material winding up in the carpet. The cases of long-haired breeds trapping more debris during their outdoor trips and bringing this into the home are also common. With the house training, urine stains are the main issue. Sure, you should get the pet you prefer based on your particular needs and the desires of the family members. Just keep these factors in mind as they will be key in the long-term, and dictate how much goes in the pet maintenance and carpet cleaning. 



Given that they are some of the leading causes of soiling that will wind up on the carpet, shoes should preferably be left at the door.  Setting up a shoe rack at the entrance, and even having a couple of pairs of slippers will encourage them to make the switch. With the shoes not being used inside the house, the carpet would get soiled quickly, less vacuuming will be required and it reduces the amount of resources needed for the carpet cleaning, resulting in further savings on your end. 



The different natural and synthetic carpets come with the pros and trade-offs. From the fibre material which dictates the absorbency of the unit, the resistance of the carpet to staining, aspects like the fibre cut, to the feel of the carpet itself, you want to get the right fit for your living situation. Carpets for formal areas like that home office can be soft and delicate, but a similar situation cannot be said for carpets in living rooms with kids and pets, where there is a higher rate of spills. The type of material will also dictate the carpet cleaning methods that will be used, and you will need to hire an expert who will actually use the appropriate approach when working on your unit. This brings us to the next point.



Usually, the deep carpet cleaning is required at least twice a year. For households with higher traffic levels, kids and pets, or for those cases where there is a family member who smokes, the cleaning sessions will need to be more frequent. Getting a professional crew to handle the task will ensure that it is done appropriately. Engage with a licensed business that is has been bonded and insured, and whose track record you can independently verify. When going through its social media reviews and testimonials, check whether they are positive or negative. For the complaints that have been raised, did the carpet cleaning company address them? This is usually followed by an update to the review, and it goes to show how much care the carpet cleaning company puts on customer satisfaction. These factors will enable you to determine if it is the right business to hire to work on your carpet. 

Extend The Life Of Your Carpet With These 8 Tips

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