Carpet Cleaning Inchicore

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Carpet Cleaning Inchicore

Carpet Cleaning Inchicore

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Specialist Carpet Cleaning Team To Take Care Of Your Investment


Did you know that early vacuum cleaners were tough to sell because home owners refused to believe that their carpets could be as dirty as they were being told? The fact is that there can be over a pound of dirt on every square foot of carpet even before it begins getting visible. The carpet can even hold over 4 times its own weight in grime. Constantly filtering the air and scrapping off whatever gunk is at the bottom of peoples shoes, catching the food and drink spills that are occasionally dropped ion it, pet fur and dander from your furry friend, allergens like pollen, to colonies of dust mites, pests such as fleas, and even pollutants like cigarette smoke particles- the carpet gradually builds up the dirt, till it begins changing colour and odours start permeating from it. Some properly owners even forget the original look of the carpet after some time, and are shocked by the drastic change when a thorough carpet cleaning is carried out. With a person shedding close to 1.5 million skin flakes every hour, this provides nourishment to hordes of dust mites, which in turn deposit their faecal residue which becomes embedded in the fibres. Those food crumbs are a magnet for insects and rodents, whose body waste adds to the gunk piling up. Add to this the pathogens that are residing the fibres, from those in the faecal waste such as E. Coli, those spread by persons who are infected, such as the Norovirus and MRSA, all through to pests brought into the building by pets, and the fungi that develops in the carpet, releasing spores, irritants and mycotoxins- it’s a cocktail of health hazards. Scheduling regular carpet cleaning will enable you to protect the persons on the premises. Carpet Cleaning Inchicore


How The Professional Carpet Cleaning Crew Take Care Of Your Investment


-Hot water extraction systems You want a deep and effective clean. The hot water extraction systems employed by our carpet cleaning do a thorough job of getting rid of the dirt and grime that’s even hidden deep within the fibres of the material. Hot water mixed with cleaning agents is propelled into the carpet at high pressure, breaking down the soiling, loosening it and flushing it to the surface. A high-powered vacuum then sucks up the contents from the carpet, leaving it clean and freshened up. The cleaning agents used come with a high efficiency of dissolving even the stubborn stains, restoring the elegance to your carpet. The power needed for the task is provided for by the truck-mounted units. These have higher capacity compared to the equipment rented from hardware stores for use in a DIY project, hence you can be sure of high pressures being used, and deeper cleaned being achieved. The high efficiency means you get quality results in a fraction of the time that you would have taken with a DIY job. The suction from the vacuum system does a superb job of removing the mixture of dirt and cleaning agents and the moisture, which speeds up the drying time. In addition to allowing you to resume using the carpet in moments, this also helps prevent mould and mildew from growing. Carpet Cleaning Inchicore


-Avoid the mistakes of DIY carpet cleaning


Those who have attempted going the DIY route with carpet cleaning can attest to the hurdles involved in the process. Plenty of factors come into play, from the types of cleaning products that are used, the equipment involved, the skills needed to operate it, all through to the time and resources spent on the task. Taking the wrong steps can lead to costly ramifications. For instance, overwetting the carpet means that it will take longer to dry, which allows mould and mildew to grow. When it has been soaked right through to the padding, then colour bleeding and separation of the carpet from its backing are a real concern. It can even shrink, causing it to tear from the surface. Going for the wrong cleaning products such as those that are too acidic or alkaline, can lead to anything from discolouration of the carpet, to corrosion of its material. it is such scenarios that make manufacturers insist on carpet owners to have them cleaned by the professionals, otherwise the warranty gets invalidated. Overshampooing on the other hand leaves too much residue in the carpet, which attracts soiling, causing it to get dirty faster. There are also those cases when low quality machines and cleaning products are used such that the stains, dirt spots and odours are not thoroughly got rid of. Avoid going through this unfortunate turn of events by letting our carpet cleaning professionals handle the task for you. Carpet Cleaning Inchicore


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Carpet Cleaning Inchicore


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