Carpet Cleaning Irishtown

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Carpet Cleaning Irishtown

Carpet Cleaning Irishtown

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1 bedroom house carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Restoring The Beauty To Your Carpet

From deodorising and cleaning, to the treatment of the carpet- we do it all. Cleansing agents that dissolve the grease that has stuck to the carpet material, antimicrobial treatments that destroy those colonies of pathogens residing within the warm fibres, all through to anti-static formulations whose role is to safely prevent the build-up of static- our crew will apply the appropriate measures for your particular type of carpet. They have the skills and experience needed to determine the approach that will provide the most optimal outcome for your carpet, from the aesthetic perspective to preserving its structural integrity. That way you get to ensure that a quality job has been carried out. Carpet Cleaning Irishtown



Employees who are passionate about their work are more productive. They will work even harder when they see that their workplace is cared for. No one wants to spend an entire day in an uncomfortable working environment, with a soiled carpet and odours coming from it. Hiring professional cleaning services will keep the carpets at their optimal, showing your staff that you also care about their environment. Then there’s the appearance factor. When it comes to attracting and keeping customers, image is key. A business that looks dull and unkempt will turn them away. By scheduling regular carpet cleaning services, you get to maintain a clean and beautiful interior, which boosts your operations. Carpet Cleaning Irishtown




When the carpet has been clogged with dust and dirt, the rooms in the house become unpleasant and feel stuffy. Regular vacuuming is simply not enough to restore the residence to a desirable state. In fact, as the grime accumulates, normal airflow becomes compromised, which is not the kind of setting you want to raise your family in. Having the carpet professionally cleaned will improve the look and feel of your residence. Carpet Cleaning Irishtown




Unlike other conventional methods, the hot water extraction used by our carpet cleaning crew does not use any harsh chemicals. As such, there won’t be any risks of fading, wearing or disintegration of the carpet’s fibres, and those with allergies on the premises, and even the pets themselves, will be safe. The process makes use of heated water under high pressure, and this allows for gentler cleaning agents to be used. What’s more, the products that are selected are compatible with your particular type of carpet, and have also adhered to environmental safety regulations. As such, you get a pristine carpet without threatening the biodiversity around your premises. Carpet Cleaning Irishtown



  • Quick Drying Time


Drying time is a vital factor when it comes to carpet care. When it’s too long, then it results in inconveniences to the persons on the premises. Sealing off areas and impeding traffic flow can get quite frustrating when this lasts for days. Then there is the case of mould and mildew starting to grow. This is not an outcome you want. Our high-powered drying processes prevent things from taking this route, slashing the time taken for the carpets to be ready to use, down to even 4 hours. Carpet Cleaning Irishtown


Carpet Cleaning Irishtown

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