Carpet & Sofa Cleaning Kilmacud

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Carpet & Sofa Cleaning Kilmacud

Carpet Cleaning Kilmacud

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro


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Quality Carpet Stain Removal Services

Plenty of things can go wrong with a DIY carpet cleaning. For instance, using too much cleaning solution results in overwetting, which can have varying consequences. The carpet will take too long to dry- and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Overwetting may result in shrinkage of the carpet, and it may pull up from the floor, getting torn in the process. Colour bleeding may also occur, in which case the carpet ends up in a much worse state than before. There are also cases of overshampooing, where excess product is used- perhaps in the process of attempting to remove those stubborn stains. Too much shampoo means that there’ll be loads of soapy residue left behind in the carpet, causing it to get resoiled rapidly. Avoid the frustrations involved by hiring professional carpet care services. Carpet Cleaning Kilmacud


  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Kilmacud


Keeping the carpets in your business premises clean will boost the overall appearance of the establishment. When clients and other visitors come to your office, you want them to be impressed by the state of affairs. Your employees too will be more motivated in their specific duties when the environment they are working in is clean. Turn to our abled crew, who will carry out the job to quality standards. They will arrive at your business premise at the scheduled time, fully equipped to deliver on their mandate. They will also get rid of the odours permeating from the carpet, accentuating the indoor decor, making you proud of your workplace. Carpet Cleaning Kilmacud


  • Domestic Carpet Cleaning Kilmacud


You want your carpet to look good for years. After all, you spend loads of funds getting it. Since it’s one of the largest furnishing items within the household, it has a huge impact on the rest of the decor. Getting rid of the dirt spots and stains, plus the odours that are reeking from it, accentuates the interior space. It also prolongs the life of your installation, enabling you to avoid costly repairs and replacements that would have needed to be done. Carpet Cleaning Kilmacud


  • Eco Carpet Cleaning Services


The hot water extraction technique used by our crew delivers a thorough and deeper cleaning compared to conventional methods. This is because, while others tend to the surface dirt and just skim it off, the hot water extraction gets to the soiling that is buried deep within the carpet, flushing it out for powerful vacuum systems to whisk it away. This leaves the carpet free of any grime and residue. Through this approach, the reliance on chemicals is also reduced. The water has been heated to a high temperature, and is pumped into the carpet at high pressures. Gentle formulations that are compatible with your particular type of carpet are used, which pose no risk to the material, kids, pets and general biodiversity around you. Carpet Cleaning Kilmacud


  • Quick Drying Time


Time is also an important factor. You don’t want to be prevented from using your carpet for days because it was left too wet. In order to prevent mould growth, and allow normalcy to resume in your premises fast, our crew use specialised drying systems at the end of the cleaning. These annihilate the moisture, cutting down the expected dying time from over a day to a mere 4 hours. Carpet Cleaning Kilmacud


Carpet Cleaning Kilmacud

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