Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy

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Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy

Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy

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1 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bedroom house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro


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The Carpet Cleaning Crew You Can Trust

Carpets catch it all- dust, pet hair, dead skin cells, food particles, body waste from the insects and rodents feasting on them, volatile organic compounds, smoke particles, grease splatters, and even sustain hordes of germs, that can result in serious health problems. Vacuuming is not enough. Some of the grime is ingrained to the fibres, and needs tough cleaning measures to remove. Over time, the beauty of the carpet is eroded, which affects the rest of the décor, seeing that the carpet covers a large surface area. Our team is on standby, ready to get rid of the gunk that is accumulating in your carpet.  Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy


  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy


From small offices, retail stores and entertainment centres, to multi-story office buildings and hotel blocks, our commercial carpet cleaning services are fully staffed to cover them all. Our flexible scheduling enables you to book a session at your most convenient time, including weekends and off-hours at your business, that way there will be as minimal disruption as possible to your operations. Our goal is to restore the elegance to your carpet, and enable you to portray your business in positive light, impressing the customers who have come over. By showing them your attention to detail, it gives them more confidence to purchase your products and services. Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy


  • Domestic Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy


Our well-trained personnel, with years of experience in the task, will deliver a professional clean for the carpet in your home. They will arrive at your residence in time, and treat it with care and respect. What’s more, they will be sure to bring any issues in the building that are putting the carpet at risk to your attention, that way you can arrange to have them resolved early enough and avoid losses that would have been incurred to make repairs and replacements. Stain removal, odour control and deodorisation, restoration services- we handle them all, to bring back the glamour to your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy


  • Eco Carpet Cleaning Services


The high temperatures involved with the hot water extraction process mean that gentler solutions can be used to achieve a satisfactory clean. This takes away the need for relying on harsh chemicals, that would have resulted in health risks for both people and pets. The products that are used are safe to be applied around kids and pets, and there are also no toxic fumes generated in the process. The indoor air quality is preserved, and the products themselves have also met EU legislation standards on environmental sustainability. You also won’t have to worry about residue being left behind on the carpet, which solves the issue of rapid resoiling. Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy


  • Quick Drying Time


We clean all types of carpets, with our personnel employing the methods that are most appropriate for the particular type of material The safe and efficient methods used speed things up, from the cleaning itself, to the drying time. For instance, the powerful vacuuming after the cleaning removes most of the water content from the carpet, and it will be ready to use in just 2-4 hours. Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy


Carpet Cleaning Kinsealy

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