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Get Your Carpet Cleaned By A Specialist Team


The amount of dirt and grime in the carpet is mortifying once you start to think about it. Did you know that one square foot of carpeting can have over a pound of dirt even before it becomes visible? The material is constantly absorbing soiling from the indoor environment, holding in multiple times its own weight. In fact, by the time the carpet begins to change colour and the odours start developing, there has already been a huge build up of gunk, and a thorough carpet cleaning is long overdue. The particles are buried deep in the material, with vacuuming not being enough to sufficiently get rid of them. Dead skin cells, body waste from the dust mites that feed on them, allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander, pollutants like lead particles chipped off from the wall painting and cigarette smoke particles, food crumbs and insect body fragments, the grime continues to accumulate with each passing day. Persons walking into the building track in soiling from the outdoors, adding to the dirt. These particles are abrasive, and wear down the carpet when underfoot. There are also health concerns, with bacteria from the decaying organic matter, viruses coughed and sneezed into the indoor air space and end up settling on the carpet, pests such as fleas that are brought in by pests, all through to the allergens putting the persons in the premises at risk. These are not the conditions you want to live or work in. Kids playing on the carpet can easily pick up the pathogens and contract an infection. You don’t want people constantly getting their skin and respiratory system irritated by the particles, or have a huge medical bill caused by the illnesses. Protect the persons in your establishment by scheduling regular carpet cleaning services.


Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


-High-powered tools Powerful equipment is needed to get rid of the gunk that has accumulated in the carpet. This ranges from the ingrained soiling that got buried deeper into the fibres with each step, the grime that clings onto the material, all through to the stubborn stains that are unsightly, with others like pet urine releasing awful odours that permeate through the interior space. When it comes to the odours, you want an effective solution- one that gets rid of the source of the stench, and not just masking it so that it can return to haunt you later on. Our carpet cleaning crew come on site with truck mounted units that provide the power and efficiency needed for the task. The carpet is pre-treated with the appropriate cleaning products, then hot water is injected into it at a high pressure. After some agitation by wands, the contents, which include the cleaning solution, liquefied soiling and dissolved stains, are then sucked out with our quality vacuum systems. A welcome bonus of the truck mounted units is that you won’t have to worry about your utility bills being raised. The quality results that are obtained are also attributed to our team of professionals. After all, the equipment can only be as effective as the personnel operating it. Our team has been highly trained, have years of experience in carpet care to boot, and are all geared up to restore your carpet to its lost glory. Screened and courteous, you get to trust them on your property, and enjoy the services they deliver.


-Avoid the hustle of DIY carpet cleaning

You don’t want to make costly blunders with a DIY project. These range from the frustration that comes with the carpet being out of commission for days due to the prolonged drying time, to actual structural damage that requires you to make expensive repairs, or even to replace the entire carpet. Poor results caused by the low-powered machines rented from stores that lack the power needed to get rid of the stubborn stains and dirt spots, smells from extremely wet carpets, mould build up that is caused by the moisture conditions, separation of the carpet from its backing, shrinkage of the material , colour bleeding as the excess water leaches out the dyes of the carpet- plenty of things can go wrong. Even overshampooing, whether it’s because inaccurate ratios were used when preparing the cleaning solution, or the carpet was not properly rinsed, leads to rapid resoiling due to the high residue amounts that are left behind in the carpet. Then there’s the amount of time and energy spent researching on the types of cleaning products required, locating dealerships that have the appropriate machines for the task, to manoeuvring the heavy equipment on your carpet. You don’t want this to be how you spend hours of your weekend or days off from work, while still risking disappointing results. Bringing in our carpet cleaning professionals will ensure that you get the task done right.



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