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Call In The Specialist Carpet Cleaning Crew


A dirty carpet is a health hazard. Bacteria can live for weeks in the fibres, with the microbial adhesion enabling them to easily transfer onto food that is dropped onto it and picked up. That “5-second rule” is a myth that could see you contracting germs like Salmonella typhimurium, E. Coli, Campylobacter, and Salmonella enteritis, which lead to various conditions. Viruses too are a concern, such as the Norwalk virus (Norovirus) responsible for stomach flu- it can survive in the carpet for over a month, increasing the chances of infection. As your kids carry on with their car games on the carpet, the pathogens can easily wind up on their hands, which they proceed to touch their face with and even sometimes put in their mouths, providing the bacteria with easy passage into their body systems. Allergens also factor in. These range from dust particles, pollen, pet fur and dander, all through to the faecal residue left behind by the dust mites feeding on the millions of skin flakes that are being shed onto the carpet. They cause irritation to the skin and respiratory systems of persons who are sensitive, triggering asthma attacks, worsening conditions such as bronchitis and eczema. Add to this pollutants such as lead particles from paint that gets chipped off the wall, cigarette smoke particles in homes and business premises where there are persons who smoke, plus the spores and mycotoxins that come when there are cases of fungal growth in the carpet. These put the health of the persons in the establishment at risk, with issues ranging from coughs, sneezes and similar discomfort, to critical issues such as seizures, plus damage to entire body organs and systems. Enhance the health and hygiene of your establishment by scheduling professional carpet cleaning services.


Why Call In The Professional Carpet Cleaning Team?


-Residue-free clean The hot water extraction systems used by our carpet cleaning team get rid of the heavy soiling in your carpet with ease. Heated water, mixed with powerful cleaning agents is propelled into the carpet, flushing out the grime that’s stuck to the fibres and bringing out the gunk that was buried deep within the material. The products used have a high efficacy, allowing them to break down the stubborn stains and tough dirt spots. This feature is further enhanced by the high temperatures of the process, enabling the particles to be loosened up and even dissolved in the solution. All this mixture is then extracted using powerful suction delivered by our vacuum systems. This gets rid of the cleaning solutions themselves plus the soiling, meaning that you won’t have to worry about residue being left behind in the material and attracting more dirt. The process removes the bulk of the moisture content too, meaning that the carpet gets to dry faster. As a welcome bonus, you get to avoid fungi growing in the carpet. In addition to the quality equipment, we have a highly trained and well experienced crew to operate it. Our personnel have handled numerous projects in both residential and commercial establishments, thus you can rest assured that they will apply the most appropriate measures that are suitable for your particular type of carpet. You get to have the quality results delivered in moments.


-Fast results

Timely operations are critical. You don’t want your business activities bring grinded to a halt because sections of our establishment are placed out of commission longer than is scheduled, or have hours taken out of your weekend and day off from work due to inefficient machinery and products being used. You also don’t want the risks that come with the DIY carpet cleaning, where the structural integrity of the material, and your very peace of mind, are on the line. The prolonged waiting time that comes when the carpet is too wet does more than just inconvenience you. It allows mould and mildew to develop, which causes stains, musky odours and even leads to allergens like pores being released and infiltrating the indoor air space, putting the persons in your premises at risk. Bring in our professional team to bring back the elegance to your carpet in a fraction of the time that would have been taken by a rookie team or a DIY project. Our personnel will arrive on site at the scheduled time, putting in place the required measures to ensure things are back to the desired condition in moments. There are also those cases when you want emergency carpet cleaning services, like when there has been a plumbing accident in your establishment. Don’t fret- we’ve got you covered. Simply get in touch with us to take care of your needs. If are looking for carpet cleaning Newbridge, call us now!


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